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Winter is coming and all moms and dads need to find a shoe suitable for low temperatures, rain and wind. That's why OKAA offers a line of ankle boots for boys, an essential footwear for these months where the foot must be protected.


The autumn-winter season is perfect for combining these OKAA models with warmer outfits. However, thanks to our wide variety of products and their versatility, they can also be used in the spring months.


Choosing the perfect shoe is certainly not easy, so we want to help you as much as possible. During their first steps or during their development, footwear is essential for their feet to grow healthy and not have any problems when walking, running and discovering the world.


OKAA boys ankle boots are perfect for all kinds of occasions, precious and adorable, but they also have qualities that make them unique.






First of all, the models in our collection are very varied. We have many models, some more suitable for winter and others more focused on the spring-summer months.


In this section, you will find everything you need. If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable and durable footwear, without a doubt, the ankle boots for boys are perfect. It is a children's shoe that combines with all types of clothing, is flexible, so it adapts to the foot of the small and allows you to enjoy playing and running being light and comfortable.


This type of footwear can be used at all times. Ankle boots for boys are perfect with casual looks, to go to school, to the park or to some celebration such as birthdays, dinners or family meals, giving an elegant touch to the outfit. Precisely to go to school, we also have school shoes for boys or sneakers for boys for more casual events such as those mentioned above.


The products in this section adapt to all types of feet, so we have a wide range of sizes. If your child is growing, you will have no problem finding the perfect size on the web.


On the other hand, as we mentioned before, they have unique qualities, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they are made with high quality materials, 100% made in Spain. This guarantees a durable shoe that resists the hustle and bustle of all the kids.


As in all our website, the wide variety of models, styles and colors in booties for children allows you to choose the one you like your little one or you decide depending on the utility that you are going to give.


We have booties type English, sneakers, sport, wallabi, and many more! All of them have something that makes them unique, updated details that make this shoe a must-have. Enjoy all of them in different finishes: leather, suede, patent leather, canvas... Everything you can imagine and need we have it in our online children's footwear page.


Do you want a basic color to match everything without worrying? Velvety finishes in neutral tones such as black, brown or gray have become very popular boots for boys.


Do you prefer to take a risk with bold colors? You will fall in love with our models with pompoms, bangs, in yellow, red or blue colors.  You'll love them, but your child won't even want to take them off.


Discover in this section all the ankle boots for boys, we know that you will not be able to decide on just one. That's why we offer unbeatable prices so that, besides having quality, you can also choose that quality at an economical price.