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We know that selecting the most suitable footwear for your baby's needs is not an easy task.


There are many factors to take into account for the correct development of the foot and to be able to start walking without any kind of problem.


Baby shoes must adapt to each of the stages of the child's development, and therefore, of his or her foot. We also want your little one to have the best!


That's why at Okaa we care about you and your baby, and we want to help you choose the baby shoes that best suit your baby's needs, whatever stage of development he or she is in.


That's why we have carefully selected several collections for babies from size 16 to size 20.


The materials used in addition to offering a design that combines perfectly with each style of clothing chosen for the moment, have the best fabrics such as split leather, nappa leather, sheepskin, patent leather, linen and canvas, covering the needs whatever the season of the year. In addition, these materials are natural, soft, flexible and breathable, thus preventing the foot from sweating.


The fastening method used for baby footwear can be with hook-and-loop fasteners, laces, laces, buckles or zippers, being the hook-and-loop fasteners the most demanded for the youngest babies.


We keep in mind that in addition to providing protection and safety, our baby shoes have designs, colors and ornaments suitable for every moment, offering a wide variety of styles from the most elegant and flirty, to the most restless little ones' own battle footwear.


The first months


During the first months of life, the baby's foot goes through a series of changes that make the right choice of footwear vital to avoid foot deformities and incorrect postures.


The foot is a key point to follow closely as it undergoes many changes in a very short time and can suffer injuries and chafing if the right footwear is not selected.


Unlike adults, babies do not have flat soles, but instead have an accumulation of fatty tissue, giving them a rounded appearance, which will gradually disappear (at approximately 3 years of age).


On the other hand, the muscles and ligaments have not yet strengthened completely, and it is at this stage that the process begins.


For this reason, the footwear must be adapted to the needs of the foot so that it is free to move freely, especially the toes.


With this in mind, we have a collection of shoes for babies without rigid soles that respect the natural shape of the foot, as well as being very comfortable, lightweight and made with the best natural materials that allow the baby's foot to develop perfectly.


Among the star products for this stage of the baby, we have a wide variety of shoes and booties for babies, both winter and summer, which will allow your baby to have the foot warm and protected.


Crawling shoes for baby


During the crawling phase, the baby's shoes must protect and provide stability and security so that the baby can start without fear to propel himself forward with his toes.


The footwear selected at this stage must have certain characteristics both in the shape and in the sole so that the baby begins to move freely and without fear of falling, so many parents opt for trainers for babies with double adherent closure.


Baby shoes for the first steps


Babies begin to take their first steps around the eighth month. At this point in development, the muscles and ligaments of the foot are already beginning to be strong and the sole of the foot has already lost much of its plantar fat, allowing the baby to stand a little more upright.


At this stage, footwear should allow support without causing discomfort, in order to facilitate the baby's walking and provide security, and always respecting the natural movement of the toes.


In no case can they hurt either the ankle or the toes, and babies must feel secure in the shoe.


In this case, shoes for baby's first steps should be a little higher and should have laces or buckles, since the adherent fastener can open when walking or the baby can unfasten it. This way we avoid surprises.


Adapted to any moment


At Okaa, in addition to thinking about the beach ackles according to a baby), for the summer (baby shoes with buckles or buckles according to the age and mobility of the baby).