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Baby Shoes | New Collections

  • Espadrilles

    Espadrilles have always been one of the most classic and desired types of baby shoes on the market for all children, but especially for babies. Baby espadrilles are a very sweet model to dress babies in the most elegant and comfortable way.


    In OKAASPAIN we assure you the highest quality in our espadrilles. We have all kinds of sizes and models, thinking on that babies can go to match with moms, and all at the best price!


    This type of shoe offers a lot of versatility among the little ones because they can be used both in the day to day and on special occasions, becoming an essential closet basic.


    If you want to know what the current trends dictate in espadrilles for babies, all you have to do is enter our website and take a look at the entire OKAASPAIN collection. Our obsession is to dress babies with the latest trends.


    That's why at OKAA we have created a wide range of espadrilles for babies with a lot of different designs and colors for you to choose the one you like the most, your baby will look beautiful in them!


    Designs that adapt to the baby's feet.


    The baby espadrilles offer a good grip on the foot of the little ones, this way, they can be comfortable and, at the same time, fashionable, with a beautiful shoe. It is a practical shoe, ideal for everyday wear and for any type of ceremony or celebration.


    Our products have different closures, we have espadrilles for babies with laces, with ribbons and bows, with buckle or with adherent closure without any closure, our line adapts perfectly to the size of your baby. All of them are very easy to put on and take off.


    With a wide variety of designs, your baby will be able to take his or her first steps in beautiful baby espadrilles. Discover our entire collection, you won't be able to keep just one pair!


    These designs of our online shoe store are of the highest quality and manufactured nationally, we also have large sizes, espadrilles for women so that moms and girls can go to match ... and look at what price. And also ... in our section of footwear for babies we have baby oxford shoesand Mary Jane shoes for babies

  • Ballerinas

    During the first months of your little one, footwear is essential. Therefore, in OKAA, we have a selection of ballerinas for babies, which will bring elegance and tenderness to your daughter in her first steps.


    This type of children's footwear is widely used at any age, the indispensable garment in the closet of any girl and we are not surprised! This complement is ideal both in summer and winter and combines with any look.


    They have become a classic footwear that stand out for their comfort and practicality. In our OKAA collection we have several models so that your baby is always ideal.


    Whether for special events or for everyday wear, ballerinas for babies have become a practical and durable footwear. In OKAA we offer our collection of children's footwear of the best quality.



    Why buy ballerinas for babies?


    When we think about the feet of the little ones, we always think of comfortable footwear that supports the foot well and allows its development. Our footwear perfectly meets these characteristics.


    OKAA's baby ballerinas are made with high quality materials, with perforated leather insole so that the foot can breathe and not get hot during the worst temperature months, just like the espadrilles for babies or the sandals for babies.


    The sole of all our baby shoes is soft, which guarantees maximum comfort in every movement. In addition, within our collection of ballerinas for babies you will find different models and colors to combine them with any look.


    Without forgetting one of the main characteristics of a good shoe, in OKAA we have an adherent strip in all our models, so that it holds the foot correctly, at the same time that prevents the shoe from slipping off.

    This children's shoe is very versatile since it can be used in winter with a skirt or dress and, in summer, with tights. Your baby will look beautiful!


    Combine them as you like. All our models follow the latest trends in the fashion world, from pastel colors to patent leather ballerinas with which she will be elegant at all times.


    Baby ballerinas are a footwear that never goes out of fashion. They are always on trend. Therefore, it is very practical and wearable. In addition, we highlight the great durability of our footwear. Your baby will be able to take her first steps with beautiful patent leather or leather ballerinas.


    At OKAA we want all children to be able to enjoy comfortable, affordable, practical and durable children's footwear. That's why we bring together the best qualities to create a shoe that meets the expectations of all parents and children.


    Discover the collection of baby ballerinas in our section and see for yourself the great advantages of this type of footwear for your baby, you will fall in love!


  • Booties

    In OKAA we have children's footwear for all ages and moments. Therefore, we want to offer our customers the largest collection of new baby boots. A comfortable and perfect shoe for any time of the year just like our baby desert boots.


    The baby boots of our collection are 100% made in Spain, with the best quality materials and the latest models following all the novelties in the world of children's footwear.




    In OKAA we want to make available to all parents the best collection for babies. Our models are made with the best materials on the market, being very versatile and durable.


    It is the perfect shoe for both winter and summer, depending on the materials used. For example, baby booties made of split leather are ideal for summer because they allow the foot to perspire, without getting hot and stay cool all day long. On the other hand, if you are looking for a shoe to combat the cold, it is best to buy baby boots with sheepskin, which allow the foot to stay warm.


    Boots have become an ideal footwear for both boys and girls. They are very versatile, comfortable and flexible shoes. They adapt perfectly to the baby's foot without causing discomfort.


     In addition, they look great and combine with any type of garment, both with pants and dresses. On our website, you can find different models, styles and materials to choose the one you like the most, you will fall in love!


    Why buy in OkaaSpain?


    In this section, you can find boots for babies in patent leather, split leather, with sheepskin lining, everything you can imagine we have it in OKAA! The models in our collection are designed following the latest trends in the fashion world, with original details that will make your little one go ideal at all times. Discover the details of bows, with hair tab or pompoms, a trend that never goes out of fashion among babies.

    This children's footwear has become a hit and a must-have, a closet staple that every boy or girl should have. In our collection you can find the perfect one in a wide variety of colors, from neutral colors like black, brown or gray, to pastel colors, a very popular color in recent years.


    Create the perfect outfit with our baby boots. Its versatility stands out because it is a children's shoe that can be used for special events as well as for everyday wear. In addition, we always think of the little ones, so their closures can be loop or lace, perfectly holding their foot, preventing the shoe from coming loose while they play. Take a look also at our baby oxford shoes, you'll love them!







  • Trainers

    We know that choosing children's shoes for babies is not a simple task, but it is a very important decision, since at that age the foot is more delicate than ever and needs a series of characteristics that allow its correct development.


    The baby trainers are a very good option if you are looking for comfortable footwear for day-to-day use. This type of children's shoe has the features that your baby's foot needs. That is why we are expanding this wonderful OKAA collection, you will fall in love with it!





    It's time to go out and enjoy the outdoors, and what better option than a shoe that perfectly supports your little one's feet and withstands all the jogging. The new OKAA baby sneakers collection presents innovative and original models that combine with any look and can be used both in winter and summer.


    Our online shoe store always stands out for the quality of the materials of all its products and, with this collection we were not going to be less. This type of footwear stands out for its great resistance to the pace of the little ones and its durability. If you need some shoes for some more special occasions, you can take a look for our baby t-bar shoes.


    In addition, it is very important the practicality that children's shoes must have. Baby shoes are ideal for any time of the year. In summer, we have breathable shoes so that your little one's feet don't sweat or get hot. In the case of the coldest winter months, we have perfect models that resist water and prevent it from soaking into the shoe.


    At OKAA we recommend the use of our sneakers for the little ones in nurseries or playgrounds. Since it is the perfect footwear to use with more dynamic activities, they are resistant and hold the foot in such a way to avoid sprains or chafing.


    Likewise, baby shoes provide maximum safety, as they have non-slip soles and also maximum comfort with very soft soles for their delicate feet.







    In this section you will find all the models completely updated, following the trends of the fashion world so that your little one is always perfect. You will fall in love!


    Choose the model that you like, you can choose original prints with fun drawings that will look adorable on the little feet of your baby. But, if you prefer to opt for a more classic model, we also have a range in light tones that are perfect for everyday wear.


    For a completely fashionable look, combine any of our models with the beautiful Condor tights and socks for babies and see how perfect they will look and everyone will ask you for them.


    In our store we have a wide variety of sizes to fit your son or daughter's feet without any problem. In the same way, our hook-and-loop fasteners make them easy to put on and take off, as well as the fake laces as an ornament, they will hold the foot and you won't have to worry about stepping on an unbuttoned lace.


    Haven't we convinced you yet? Our prices will! And the price-quality of our sneakers and baby shoes is unique and unmatched and will make you want to get them all. So do not hesitate and bet on a shoe that has it all: comfortable, practical, useful and quality. Bet on OKAA and we assure you that you will repeat.




  • Tights and Socks for...

    OkaaSpain is a children's shoe store where you can find the perfect shoes for every moment, style, gender and age. However, we have ventured to go a little further and we bring you a series of incredible accessories and complements such as the Condor line of tights and socks for babies.


    We have chosen Condor because it is a Spanish brand of recognized national and international prestige in the children's world. And it manufactures all its models using the best qualities and designs.


    Baby socks are a perfect accessory, a closet basic that every boy and girl should have. A complete and ideal collection for them to go combined and warm in winter with the most classic and fat tights and, in the warmer seasons, to create incredible looks with the openwork baby socks.


    These baby socks are perfect for any time of the year. Depending on the material chosen, they can be combined with winter or summer clothes, and they go with all kinds of clothes and any children's shoes. They are so versatile that you will love them!





    In OKAA we work every day to offer quality products that allow each little one to be comfortable at all times. We offer very wide lines of children's footwear that stand out for their value for money, but we do not forget the accessories either.


    Every boy or girl, regardless of their age, needs socks ready to live great adventures, with which they can play and have fun without any problem. That's why we present you the best option in the market, the Condor baby socks and tights designed with high resistance materials and in colors that can be combined with any footwear.


    In this section, you will find a wide range of socks for the little ones of the house. Choose from a wide variety of colors, models and unique designs with which your baby will be comfortable and will give an adorable touch to his whole look.


    Condor socks for babies are in great demand by all parents for several reasons. First of all, all of them are made with high quality materials, which guarantees their durability and flexibility, capable of adapting to all types of feet. In addition, they allow the correct movement and development of the foot, avoiding discomfort or damage.





    There is a wide variety of models, each one designed for a special moment. Perle socks, for example, have become a classic among ceremonies such as baptisms and communions, perfect events to combine them with our baby t-bar shoes. This style of sock is very elegant and looks perfect with more formal outfits.


    Similarly, if you are looking for a leotard for everyday wear, to match your school uniform, we have ideal designs in neutral colors that will go perfectly with any of them.


    Choose from more than 60 models and colors, where we are sure to have the one you like best for your baby. Do you want to go for a more daring sock or leotard that goes out of the traditional without losing elegance? You'll love our Condor socks and tights in pastel tones with details of bows or tassels, an accessory that never goes out of style.


    Discover the most fun designs with Christmas or diamond patterns, a classic among young and old alike. You can choose socks in bright colors to highlight its fun character or more neutral colors to attend formal events, in that case a look at the Oxford shoes for babies and take a set of the most beautiful. Everything you can imagine, we have it!


    Don't think twice and discover the whole collection of Condor socks and tights for babies on our website, you won't be able to resist

  • Mary Jane

    Finding baby shoes online for boys or girls can sometimes be a very complicated task. During these ages, it is very important to choose a shoe that allows the correct development of their feet, with soft, smooth and high quality shoe models. In addition, the current fashion trends go straight from the catwalks to your baby's feet, and the baby shoes should be a must in the closet of any home.


    So, what better choice than the baby mary jane shoes from the OKAA collection. Enjoy a wide variety of models, colors and designs for you to choose the one that best suits your tastes. Our models of mary jane babies shoes are totally handmade, they are manufactured exclusively in Spain and use the best qualities and materials in their manufacture.


    In OKAA we know perfectly the world of footwear and the needs that your son or daughter has during their first ages, so our products are a footwear that facilitates the development of their feet and help them with every step they take. They are also ideal, your baby will look great with them!


    Why should you buy our mary jane shoes for babies?


    With its anatomical shape, our baby shoes will adapt naturally to their feet, without forcing them, and giving them total freedom of movement. It is a comfortable, versatile shoe with a lot of flexibility that will allow your baby to move without any impediment, and they are perfect for summer! They keep the foot dry and cool during the hottest times of the year. For these months you can also take a look for our sandals for babies and espadrilles for babies


    The baby shoes are the ideal footwear, both for day to day and for special occasions and, therefore, have become the favorite shoe of all moms and dads. You can find in our offer of mary jane shoes for babies models with buckle closures, with adherent closures or with bows. And in a multitude of colors and designs, our products are so comfortable that they will become the favorite shoes of babies and moms!


    Discover our line of mary jane shoes for babies with sweet and stylish designs. Complete your baby's look with an original and unique shoe. You won't be able to keep just one pair!

  • Boat Shoes

    In OKAA, we work every day to bring to our store the best children's footwear products so that your son or daughter can always wear comfortable and fashionable.


    For this reason, we are launching our new section, baby shoes. This type of footwear is a classic, a closet basic that every little one should have during their first months of life and for their first steps.



    Which baby boat shoes should you choose?


    Baby boat shoes are a very recurrent footwear for many parents and we are not surprised! Their design and shape allow the correct development of your baby's feet during their first months.


    When choosing footwear for such young children it is very important to know the characteristics and needs required by their little feet. At OKAA, we offer our completely new and updated line.


    Our model has all the advantages that this footwear needs. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your little one's feet, allows them to move without hurting them, and its flexibility makes it comfortable and safe.


    In addition, this shoe is very soft. Your baby will always be able to wear it, whatever the occasion, without discomfort.



    Variety of models coming soon


    We currently have only one model but we are working to bring a large collection to our online children's footwear store, you can't miss it!


    The current model is a perfect baby boat shoes, without laces and nappa leather. An elegant and renewed model that you can use both in summer and autumn. Its materials are of high quality so they allow the shoe to breathe and, at the same time, prevents water from entering it.


    We have a wide variety of sizes to suit the size and age of your little one. From size 17 to 20, your baby will be comfortable and secure in the cutest shoe on the market. The current model has an elegant and original design, with the detail of an anchor and the word "marine" embroidered on the closures makes it a very fun shoe.


    The fastening is made of adhesive tape, which ensures that it is easy to put on and holds your baby's foot correctly.


    Discover soon our entire collection for babies. In addition to nautical shoes, we also have mary jane baby shoes and baby t bar shoes, among many other products.  Undoubtedly, a shoe that can not miss the collection of your little one. It is ideal to go to kindergarten, school, the park or anywhere. Its versatility makes it a perfect shoe for everyday wear.


    In addition, in OKAA, we always stand out for the quality of our products, the baby shoes are very durable and easy to clean. Undoubtedly, they will become the favorite shoe of many mothers and fathers.



  • T-Bar shoes

    Have you ever wondered what is the classic footwear for babies that never goes out of fashion? Undoubtedly, in OKAA we have it clear, the baby t-bar shoes is a trend that has been with us for years and we don't think it will ever go away.


    These are one of the most classic shoes we can find. All children begin to take their first steps with this type of footwear and we are not surprised, they are so cute!


    Every baby should have a pair of peep-toes from our OKAA online collection in their closet. It is a basic for the day to day, a shoe that allows, both to go to the park to play and to an event or ceremony more arranged as baptisms or communions.


    In short, they are the most versatile children's footwear that we can find and stands out for many qualities.






    Do you still don't understand why this type of footwear is so popular? We are going to explain it to you in detail!


    The design of baby t-bar shoes is ideal for the first stages of your little one's development. Our collection has a great quality, without forgetting the good price. They are ideal for the little ones due to their last and finish, as they provide the best possible comfort and an unbeatable support.


    It should be noted that these shoes are not only perfect for babies, but also for their parents. They combine at all times with any outfit, they are easy to clean and their durability is incredible.


    In OKAA, we do not forget any key factor that helps the development of the foot of the little ones, so our entire collection of baby t-bar shoes provide comfort, support and quality.


    With this type of children's footwear, your baby will be able to enjoy every moment without being uncomfortable. In addition, we provide different types of fasteners: buckle, strap, button or directly without fastener, all of them perfectly hold the foot of your child preventing it from slipping off.





    We are sure you will have a hard time deciding on the ideal models, you will want them all! Our collection is very wide and each one shows unique, original and fun designs.


    Looking for children's shoes that are perfect for celebrations? We recommend our patent leather baby t-bar shoes. This model is elegant, a renewed basic with which your little one will look beautiful, without forgetting comfort.


    Do you prefer a shoe for everyday wear? If what you are looking for is a shoe to go to the park, for a walk or anywhere else, our models for babies with openwork, bamba style, canvas or espadrille style are ideal to enjoy the good weather with a children's shoe that follows the latest trends. In addition, we also have trainers for babies and espadrilles to go cooler.


    Our wide collection of baby shoes allows you to choose from a variety of beautiful designs, original prints such as anchors, animals, flowers, all the details you can imagine in the shoe.


    Choose the color of baby t-bar shoes that best matches the season, pastel shades, dark tones or velvet, find your ideal children's shoe in our OKAA online store!



  • Desert Boots

    In our online children's shoe store you will find different models of baby shoes or desert boots, made in Spain with high quality and durable materials.


    These models are a traditional footwear that has been in trend for years, both for adults and children. An elegant and sophisticated everyday shoe, ideal for any occasion.


    This type of footwear stands out, mainly, for its essential characteristics for the correct development of the foot of the little ones. They are very versatile as they can be used in winter and summer, as they can be used for day to day, to go to school, to play in the park or for special events such as ceremonies with our condor socks or baby boots


    In OKAA we put at the disposal of all parents a wide line of desert boots for babies with a great variety of tones, materials, models and unique designs with the best quality-price ratio so you can choose an economic high-end footwear.


    All our footwear stands out for its quality. Made 100% in Spain with the best materials on the market, we create comfortable children's footwear, with non-slip and flexible soles that adapt perfectly to the movements of your little one's feet.






    We have no doubt that you will love our collection of desert boots for babies, not only for the great variety but also for their prices. In this section you can find different colors, with neutral tones for an elegant and natural look or with more daring colors in bright colors like yellow, green or red, to bring out the funniest side to any outfit.


    It’s a shoe that has been on the market for years. In OKAA, we bring you the most updated models with the latest prints and original finishes with glitter or metallic, unique details with bows or bangs that will give an original touch to any outfit.


    In this section you will be able to choose from a wide variety of desert boots for babies for the day to day, water resistant or perfect for the summer that allow the correct perspiration. This children's shoe goes with everything and can be used all year round.


    For winter, we have special models with sheepskin lining, which will protect your little one's feet from the cold and rain. For summer, it is best to use models of desert boots with split leather, a cool shoe that will keep the foot away from sweat and uncomfortable heat during the months of June to August.


    Discover in our online children's shoe store different types of closures: adhesive tape, laces or laces, to have no problem when putting them on your little one, all of them perfectly hold the foot and prevent it from falling off while they play and have fun.


    The baby desert boots are available in countless sizes, even for older boys and girls!


    Don't think twice and fall in love with such special footwear, your child will look great all year round!



  • Beach

    When we talk about baby shoes, we have to take into account many factors. It's all about the little ones' feet and, for their first steps, it is essential to choose the right footwear in any situation.


    Finding the right flip flops and baby water shoes is a more complicated task than it seems. This footwear is essential during the summer months and must have the right features that fit the needs of your little one.


    In OKAA we have a wide variety of models, which stand out for their comfort, flexibility and durability. The water shoes for babies in our collection do not hinder the movement of babies, with incredible designs and, most importantly, it is a practical footwear.





    When the summer vacations come, going to the beach or the pool is the best option to cool off. At all times, your baby must have appropriate footwear that won't hurt.


    The footwear must be very resistant to water, a shoe with which they can enjoy on the shore without coming off, with which they can walk easily and allow the proper development of their little feet.


     In OKAA we know that the little ones do not stand still and that is why we have created a shoe that fits them, with anatomical and non-slip insole to prevent slipping. Baby flip flops and crabeaters are adjustable and lightweight but, above all, flexible.


    And for the afternoon after swimming in the pool, we also have espadrilles for babies and sandals babies




    Undoubtedly, one of the footwear that we highlight is the flip flop and crab model. The baby flip flops never go out of fashion, they hold the foot well and they are beautiful!


     This type of baby footwear looks great and the buckle or hook-and-loop closure prevents them from slipping off while playing or swimming. OKAA's designs follow this year's latest trends, in various tones and prints that make this footwear unique.


     From pastel shades to more vivid colors that are ideal with any swimsuit and original details with which your little one will be great. In OKAA our models stand out for their lightness, are easy to clean and are made with high quality materials. Get a shoe that, with all these features, are also economical and durable.


     Create a perfect look for summer, comfortable and cool, combining all our baby flip flops and water shoes for beach and pool.

  • Sandals / Avarca sandals

    The OKAA collection line offers everything a children's shoe needs. They are made with the best quality materials on the market, they are breathable, ergonomic, flexible and beautiful!


    We have the most current designs in the world of fashion, with very special models with which your little one will be ideal when summer arrives. If you want to opt for more daring models, we have innovative and unique designs, but we also have classic models, the closet basics that every baby should have. From metallic sandals to sandals for baby boys and girls in neutral colors, you will find what you are looking for at OKAA!


    At OKAA, we care about your baby's safety, and that's why our baby models in the collection meet all the requirements for the correct development of their feet. In addition, their soles, created with non-slip materials, prevent possible falls while they have fun. Made with resistant materials to withstand your child's restless spirit.


    They are one of the most recommended footwear during the summer months for all the advantages we have explained above. They are comfortable, cool, durable and allow the correct development of their feet. Without forgetting that the entire OKAA collection is made with high quality materials that allow them to be flexible and adapt to the movement of their feet.






    Our line of baby sandals and menorquines have been manufactured with the aim of being practical throughout the summer. They can be used both to go for a walk in the street and to go to swimming pools or beaches. They stand out for their resistance and comfort.


    They have been created for any occasion. They are designed both for everyday wear and for more special events and celebrations. If you are looking for an elegant, breathable and comfortable children's footwear, the classic models are the perfect choice.


    We have models made of different materials such as rubber, leather or canvas, choose the perfect sandal!


    In our collection of baby menorquines and sandals you can find all kinds of models. All of them have a zipper so that they can be fastened to your baby's feet so that they do not come loose when they are in the stroller or when they are walking.


    Choose among all our models the one that best suits your needs, although we guarantee you will fall in love with all of them! Discover our leather models, menorquinas with unique details, bows and butterflies, original designs that will not leave anyone indifferent. And be sure to visit our espadrilles for babies and baby slippers


    The new collection has a wide range of sizes, for all sizes of your child's little feet in the early stages of their development. It is a flexible footwear to fit the foot and allow its correct development.


    It is the perfect collection to choose shoes for your baby that will allow him to enjoy the summer without being hot. Plus, they go perfectly with any look! Create unique styles, combine with pants, dresses, overalls... They go with everything!


    At OKAA we make sure that all our baby sandals meet your child's expectations and tireless activity, so don't hesitate and discover the whole collection!

  • Slippers

    Discover our collection of slippers for babies with the latest designs and updated models. In this section you will find the slippers of house for babies with the best quality-price ratio.


    This is a very important type of footwear for the day to day of all children at an early age and it is necessary that they have specific characteristics to protect the foot of the little ones.


    In OKAA we offer the best models made with top quality materials to protect the feet of all children and promote their rest.




    When we talk about slippers for babies or baby trainers to go out a lot of attention is paid to always choose the best. In this particular case for babies should also pay the same attention, since it is a daily footwear.


    In this section you will find the best slippers for babies designed for your foot can rest after a day without stopping. They are flexible, comfortable and adapt perfectly to the movement of children's feet.


    When we decide, it is important to take into account the slippers at home, since they spend a lot of time at home and their feet must rest after a day full of activities.


    Therefore, the comfort of baby slippers should be taken into account. At OKAA we offer a wide variety of house slippers, both for summer and winter with the aim of maximizing the rest of all children.


    When choosing this type of footwear it is very important to take into account some characteristics since we are talking about feet that are not yet fully developed.








    When we think of slippers at home we always look for a comfortable and soft footwear, however, must have the sole with some hardness so that the tread can be cushioned.


    It is necessary to think that, although they are at home, children do not stop and the sole must be resistant and, above all, non-slip to avoid any type of risk. Children during their first steps have to explore and discover the world, so our slippers for babies have all of them with non-slip soles to prevent falls.


    Sometimes, when a child is just starting to walk and falls because of the shoes, it usually takes longer to learn to walk. In OKAA we want to be part of their life at all stages, always providing the best footwear with baby slippers designed for each child.


    Our models have a pleasant feel and you can choose the model and design that you like. We have modern and fun designs that you will love. Don't forget to take a look at ourbaby sandals.


    Do not hesitate! Discover the best collection of slippers for babies in our online shoe store in different colors and styles



  • English & Oxford Shoes

    Are you looking for an elegant shoe? The Oxford baby shoe from our online collection is the best option to dress your son or daughter in an elegant way in any special occasion.


    When we think of an elegant shoe, we tend to think that it will be uncomfortable and, therefore, many parents do not opt for baby blucher shoes. However, at OKAA we are going to show you that this children's shoe is ideal for occasions such as weddings, baptisms or communions.





    First of all, this type of shoe is a classic at any age. A basic shoe that every boy or girl should have in his or her closet. It is an endearing shoe that shows childhood at any time, as it never goes out of fashion.


    In OKAA's online collection, we have the most updated designs and models of the fashion market so that your son or daughter looks with unique and original baby shoes. All our products are manufactured with the essential features that a blucher shoe must have.


    We don't want to forget any detail! That is why our shoes are made with high quality materials, which guarantee their durability and allow the correct development of their little feet. That is why we create the correct anatomical sole in order to ensure their growth.


    In addition, the Oxford baby shoe is made with delicate leather and allows an ideal perspiration for the summer. In the same way, the sole has been created with non-slip materials to avoid any kind of slipping.


    We highlight our comfort, both for the baby and for the parents. The child will be very comfortable with them and they will not make any chafing. In the same way, this footwear is also perfect for parents who want to dress their child in an elegant way for an event.


    Another feature that makes this type of children's footwear stand out is its flexibility. It adapts completely to the movement of the foot in its early stages of development and does not cause any discomfort to your baby, not to mention that they are adorable!




    The baby english shoes combines with all types of clothing and is easy to put on and clean. They usually have a lace-up closure, which provides a perfect fit for your baby's feet.


    Are you still not convinced by the features of English shoes? Don't worry, the price will convince you.


    One of the aspects in which our children's online shoe store stands out is the good value for money in all our models, they are irresistible! Find shoes for events and celebrations at a unique price that you will not be able to say no to.






    In OKAA we always follow the latest fashion trends. In our online store you will find the most modern and updated baby english shoe, with unique and original finishes.


    We have a wide selection of this type of children's footwear so that you can choose the one you like best and adapt to the moment. Made with different materials, depending on the time of year, you can choose one more suitable for summer, as in pastel shades, a very trendy color. However, if you are looking for one that is more suitable for autumn-winter, without a doubt, we recommend the patent leather in dark tones. For these months you can also choose between ourbaby boat shoesorbaby t-bar shoes


    Without a doubt, you will fall in love with the entire collection and we are not surprised! The baby blucher is a type of children's footwear that you will fall in love with, it is adorable and never goes out of fashion.


    At OKAA we take care of all the details, that's why our footwear stands out for maintaining an elegant structure, with small differences that make it unique. Discover all the models of Oxford shoes for babies in this section, you won't know which one to choose!


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We know that selecting the most suitable footwear for your baby's needs is not an easy task.


There are many factors to take into account for the correct development of the foot and to be able to start walking without any kind of problem.


Baby shoes must adapt to each of the stages of the child's development, and therefore, of his or her foot. We also want your little one to have the best!


That's why at Okaa we care about you and your baby, and we want to help you choose the baby shoes that best suit your baby's needs, whatever stage of development he or she is in.


That's why we have carefully selected several collections for babies from size 16 to size 20.


The materials used in addition to offering a design that combines perfectly with each style of clothing chosen for the moment, have the best fabrics such as split leather, nappa leather, sheepskin, patent leather, linen and canvas, covering the needs whatever the season of the year. In addition, these materials are natural, soft, flexible and breathable, thus preventing the foot from sweating.


The fastening method used for baby footwear can be with hook-and-loop fasteners, laces, laces, buckles or zippers, being the hook-and-loop fasteners the most demanded for the youngest babies.


We keep in mind that in addition to providing protection and safety, our baby shoes have designs, colors and ornaments suitable for every moment, offering a wide variety of styles from the most elegant and flirty, to the most restless little ones' own battle footwear.


The first months


During the first months of life, the baby's foot goes through a series of changes that make the right choice of footwear vital to avoid foot deformities and incorrect postures.


The foot is a key point to follow closely as it undergoes many changes in a very short time and can suffer injuries and chafing if the right footwear is not selected.


Unlike adults, babies do not have flat soles, but instead have an accumulation of fatty tissue, giving them a rounded appearance, which will gradually disappear (at approximately 3 years of age).


On the other hand, the muscles and ligaments have not yet strengthened completely, and it is at this stage that the process begins.


For this reason, the footwear must be adapted to the needs of the foot so that it is free to move freely, especially the toes.


With this in mind, we have a collection of shoes for babies without rigid soles that respect the natural shape of the foot, as well as being very comfortable, lightweight and made with the best natural materials that allow the baby's foot to develop perfectly.


Among the star products for this stage of the baby, we have a wide variety of shoes and booties for babies, both winter and summer, which will allow your baby to have the foot warm and protected.


Crawling shoes for baby


During the crawling phase, the baby's shoes must protect and provide stability and security so that the baby can start without fear to propel himself forward with his toes.


The footwear selected at this stage must have certain characteristics both in the shape and in the sole so that the baby begins to move freely and without fear of falling, so many parents opt for trainers for babies with double adherent closure.


Baby shoes for the first steps


Babies begin to take their first steps around the eighth month. At this point in development, the muscles and ligaments of the foot are already beginning to be strong and the sole of the foot has already lost much of its plantar fat, allowing the baby to stand a little more upright.


At this stage, footwear should allow support without causing discomfort, in order to facilitate the baby's walking and provide security, and always respecting the natural movement of the toes.


In no case can they hurt either the ankle or the toes, and babies must feel secure in the shoe.


In this case, shoes for baby's first steps should be a little higher and should have laces or buckles, since the adherent fastener can open when walking or the baby can unfasten it. This way we avoid surprises.


Adapted to any moment


At Okaa, in addition to thinking about the beach ackles according to a baby), for the summer (baby shoes with buckles or buckles according to the age and mobility of the baby).