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Zapatos de bebé

  • Espadrilles

    Espadrilles have always been one of the most classic and desired types of baby shoes on the market for all children, but especially for babies. Baby espadrilles are a very sweet model to dress babies in the most elegant and comfortable way.


    In OKAASPAIN we assure you the highest quality in our espadrilles. We have all kinds of sizes and models, thinking on that babies can go to match with moms, and all at the best price!


    This type of shoe offers a lot of versatility among the little ones because they can be used both in the day to day and on special occasions, becoming an essential closet basic.


    If you want to know what the current trends dictate in espadrilles for babies, all you have to do is enter our website and take a look at the entire OKAASPAIN collection. Our obsession is to dress babies with the latest trends.


    That's why at OKAA we have created a wide range of espadrilles for babies with a lot of different designs and colors for you to choose the one you like the most, your baby will look beautiful in them!


    Designs that adapt to the baby's feet.


    The baby espadrilles offer a good grip on the foot of the little ones, this way, they can be comfortable and, at the same time, fashionable, with a beautiful shoe. It is a practical shoe, ideal for everyday wear and for any type of ceremony or celebration.


    Our products have different closures, we have espadrilles for babies with laces, with ribbons and bows, with buckle or with adherent closure without any closure, our line adapts perfectly to the size of your baby. All of them are very easy to put on and take off.


    With a wide variety of designs, your baby will be able to take his or her first steps in beautiful baby espadrilles. Discover our entire collection, you won't be able to keep just one pair!


    These designs of our online shoe store are of the highest quality and manufactured nationally, we also have large sizes, espadrilles for women so that moms and girls can go to match ... and look at what price. And also ... in our section of footwear for babies we have baby oxford shoesand Mary Jane shoes for babies

  • Ballet flats

    During the first months of your little one, footwear is essential. Therefore, in OKAA, we have a selection of ballerinas for babies, which will bring elegance and tenderness to your daughter in her first steps.


    This type of children's footwear is widely used at any age, the indispensable garment in the closet of any girl and we are not surprised! This complement is ideal both in summer and winter and combines with any look.


    They have become a classic footwear that stand out for their comfort and practicality. In our OKAA collection we have several models so that your baby is always ideal.


    Whether for special events or for everyday wear, ballerinas for babies have become a practical and durable footwear. In OKAA we offer our collection of children's footwear of the best quality.



    Why buy ballerinas for babies?


    When we think about the feet of the little ones, we always think of comfortable footwear that supports the foot well and allows its development. Our footwear perfectly meets these characteristics.


    OKAA's baby ballerinas are made with high quality materials, with perforated leather insole so that the foot can breathe and not get hot during the worst temperature months, just like the espadrilles for babies or the sandals for babies.


    The sole of all our baby shoes is soft, which guarantees maximum comfort in every movement. In addition, within our collection of ballerinas for babies you will find different models and colors to combine them with any look.


    Without forgetting one of the main characteristics of a good shoe, in OKAA we have an adherent strip in all our models, so that it holds the foot correctly, at the same time that prevents the shoe from slipping off.

    This children's shoe is very versatile since it can be used in winter with a skirt or dress and, in summer, with tights. Your baby will look beautiful!


    Combine them as you like. All our models follow the latest trends in the fashion world, from pastel colors to patent leather ballerinas with which she will be elegant at all times.


    Baby ballerinas are a footwear that never goes out of fashion. They are always on trend. Therefore, it is very practical and wearable. In addition, we highlight the great durability of our footwear. Your baby will be able to take her first steps with beautiful patent leather or leather ballerinas.


    At OKAA we want all children to be able to enjoy comfortable, affordable, practical and durable children's footwear. That's why we bring together the best qualities to create a shoe that meets the expectations of all parents and children.


    Discover the collection of baby ballerinas in our section and see for yourself the great advantages of this type of footwear for your baby, you will fall in love!


  • Ankle Boots

    In OKAA we have children's footwear for all ages and moments. Therefore, we want to offer our customers the largest collection of new baby boots. A comfortable and perfect shoe for any time of the year just like our baby desert boots.


    The baby boots of our collection are 100% made in Spain, with the best quality materials and the latest models following all the novelties in the world of children's footwear.




    In OKAA we want to make available to all parents the best collection for babies. Our models are made with the best materials on the market, being very versatile and durable.


    It is the perfect shoe for both winter and summer, depending on the materials used. For example, baby booties made of split leather are ideal for summer because they allow the foot to perspire, without getting hot and stay cool all day long. On the other hand, if you are looking for a shoe to combat the cold, it is best to buy baby boots with sheepskin, which allow the foot to stay warm.


    Boots have become an ideal footwear for both boys and girls. They are very versatile, comfortable and flexible shoes. They adapt perfectly to the baby's foot without causing discomfort.


     In addition, they look great and combine with any type of garment, both with pants and dresses. On our website, you can find different models, styles and materials to choose the one you like the most, you will fall in love!


    Why buy in OkaaSpain?


    In this section, you can find boots for babies in patent leather, split leather, with sheepskin lining, everything you can imagine we have it in OKAA! The models in our collection are designed following the latest trends in the fashion world, with original details that will make your little one go ideal at all times. Discover the details of bows, with hair tab or pompoms, a trend that never goes out of fashion among babies.

    This children's footwear has become a hit and a must-have, a closet staple that every boy or girl should have. In our collection you can find the perfect one in a wide variety of colors, from neutral colors like black, brown or gray, to pastel colors, a very popular color in recent years.


    Create the perfect outfit with our baby boots. Its versatility stands out because it is a children's shoe that can be used for special events as well as for everyday wear. In addition, we always think of the little ones, so their closures can be loop or lace, perfectly holding their foot, preventing the shoe from coming loose while they play. Take a look also at our baby oxford shoes, you'll love them!







  • Tennis and Bambas shoes

  • Tights and Socks for...

    Tights and Socks for Baby by CONDOR

  • Mary Jane

  • Boat Shoes

  • Dress Shoes

  • Safari Boots

  • Beach

    When we talk about baby shoes, we have to take into account many factors. It's all about the little ones' feet and, for their first steps, it is essential to choose the right footwear in any situation.


    Finding the right flip flops and baby water shoes is a more complicated task than it seems. This footwear is essential during the summer months and must have the right features that fit the needs of your little one.


    In OKAA we have a wide variety of models, which stand out for their comfort, flexibility and durability. The water shoes for babies in our collection do not hinder the movement of babies, with incredible designs and, most importantly, it is a practical footwear.





    When the summer vacations come, going to the beach or the pool is the best option to cool off. At all times, your baby must have appropriate footwear that won't hurt.


    The footwear must be very resistant to water, a shoe with which they can enjoy on the shore without coming off, with which they can walk easily and allow the proper development of their little feet.


     In OKAA we know that the little ones do not stand still and that is why we have created a shoe that fits them, with anatomical and non-slip insole to prevent slipping. Baby flip flops and crabeaters are adjustable and lightweight but, above all, flexible.


    And for the afternoon after swimming in the pool, we also have espadrilles for babies and sandals babies




    Undoubtedly, one of the footwear that we highlight is the flip flop and crab model. The baby flip flops never go out of fashion, they hold the foot well and they are beautiful!


     This type of baby footwear looks great and the buckle or hook-and-loop closure prevents them from slipping off while playing or swimming. OKAA's designs follow this year's latest trends, in various tones and prints that make this footwear unique.


     From pastel shades to more vivid colors that are ideal with any swimsuit and original details with which your little one will be great. In OKAA our models stand out for their lightness, are easy to clean and are made with high quality materials. Get a shoe that, with all these features, are also economical and durable.


     Create a perfect look for summer, comfortable and cool, combining all our baby flip flops and water shoes for beach and pool.

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