Women's shoes

  • Espadrilles

    At OKAA, we want both boys and girls, as well as moms and dads, to have access to a quality shoe at a good price. The collection of espadrilles for women in this section is ideal for spring-summer days, and we're sure you'll love them!


    Women espadrilles are a classic shoe, an essential closet staple, especially on days when the heat is unbearable. At OKAA we bring you the best collection for this season, with unique and stylish designs of esparto slippers for moms.


    All OKAA shoes stand out for their high quality and updated models. We bring to all our customers the newest shoes with different styles for all kinds of tastes.




    In summer, it is necessary to choose a suitable shoe for the high temperatures. Espadrilles for moms have always been an essential footwear for this season.


    At OKAA, you can find a wide variety of models, from espadrilles for women with wedge or flat. Likewise, we have different colors and types for all kinds of tastes, as well as our sandals for women for this time of the year.


    The products in this section are designed so that in summer you can enjoy the good weather, keeping the foot ventilated and with a comfortable sole to last all day.


    Discover the latest models, espadrilles for women with laces, open and with incredible designs. In addition, we have a wide variety of sizes that are perfect to combine with your little one.


    Our models combine with all kinds of clothes. You can use them with a casual look, or a more elegant and sophisticated look, and can combine them with both pants and skirts or dresses. Undoubtedly, they are a very versatile footwear and, for the spring-summer season, they are ideal. Take a look also at our avarca sandals for women!


    Our OKAA espadrilles are comfortable and elegant, in the most updated designs in the fashion world. If you want a shoe for a casual look, going to work or going out for a walk, you will undoubtedly fall in love with our blucher espadrilles for moms. This model for moms is very used and demanded.


    If you are looking for more elegant espadrilles for moms, for events, ceremonies, or lunches and dinners where you want to dress up a little more, the sandal style is ideal. You can go with a more sophisticated look, without losing comfort and convenience.






    Little girls love to imitate everything their mothers do. From the beginning, mothers become a vital reference for the development of the personality of the little ones. For this reason, girls always want to imitate everything their mothers do and, when it comes to dressing, the situation does not change.


    Many girls want to dress identically to their mothers, including footwear. That's why in OKAA, we want to generate a nice experience, being able to share the same type of footwear with your little one. In this section you can find different sizes for you and your daughter.


    OKAA has become a children's shoe store of reference for many parents. On our website, you can find shoes at a great price, shoes for women and men also noted for its quality and the guarantee that our children's footwear is perfect for the proper development of the foot of the kids.


    If you are looking for cheap espadrilles for women, this is your section. Find in our store multiple models at totally affordable prices that will make it fun to combine your shoes with those of your little girl.


    Don't miss anything from our collection! Fall in love with all our footwear, made with high quality materials, comfortable shoes with non-slip soles that will allow you to walk with total security.


  • Avarcas from Menorca

    Women avarca sandals are a shoe that never goes out of fashion, ideal for the spring-summer season for its unique characteristics. The avarcas sandals for women are a very typical footwear in Spain, coming from the Balearic Islands and will become your favorite footwear to combine with the perfect look.


    In OKAA we offer you a wide collection, a comfortable, modern and beautiful footwear that will be ideal to combine with your girl's shoes. Our models are designed so that you can use them both you and your daughter, thanks to our varied sizes.


    In our online store you will find matching models for moms and girls that will become the perfect shoe for this summer. It is a must-have shoe if you are looking for comfort and to keep your feet cool.




    We have the perfect Menorcan avarca for you, with a wide range of models, styles, prints and designs updated with the latest fashion trends. On the web you will find the model you have always wanted to combine it with dresses, skirts, pants and everything you can imagine.


    In addition, they are a very versatile footwear that combines with any garment for this summer. Discover all the models available from the most basic and typical to some with a touch of distinction and original finishes such as glitter, metallic, with bangs, bows, and much more!


    In this section you will find avarca sandals for women in various colors and with different materials so you can choose the most suitable for this summer. The footwear par excellence for the hot months awaits you in OKAA with the best value for money. We also have sandals for women for this season as well as ballet flat shoes for women.


    Find the perfect model for you and your daughter with a comfortable walking shoe for both daytime and elegant evenings out without worrying about your feet. Any model of our online store is made with the best materials on the market, designing a comfortable avarca menorquina, national manufacture with unique features.


    Our avarca sandals are made with non-slip soles and materials that favor the movement of the foot without damaging it. For the little ones, this footwear is ideal because it is easy to put on and allows the correct development of their feet.


    In addition, all our models have a back band to prevent the foot from slipping out and you can walk safely.


    In our online store, OKAA, you will find a wide variety of colors. We not only have menorquines in the classic colors such as white or black, but you can also find the colors that are more in trend today as oranges, yellows, pinks, or more discreet colors like brown or beige.




    Find the best menorquines for women in the market at a unique price. Discover them on this section to wear them with your favorite outfits. Choose an elegant and basic footwear to enjoy the heat without worrying about your feet.


    Our models are the best option as they can be used in both large and small sizes and are ideal with any garment. Look for the model you like the most, choose the size and that's it!


    Women¡s avarca sandals are available up to size 41. It is an indispensable shoe when the heat starts, they are light and comfortable, you will not get tired of wearing them. Besides, both you and your daughter can wear the same model. At OKAA we make it easy for you.




  • Ballet flats

    Ballerinas for women are a classic footwear. For years, this type of shoe has been an essential closet staple, both for girls and adults, due to its features and designs. That's why, at OKAA, we have brought the newest and most updated models of ballerinas for moms so that you can match your footwear with your little one's shoes.

    OKAA products have unique features, as they are 100% made in Spain, with high quality materials and feature brand new, versatile and durable models.

    This type of footwear is widely used both in summer and winter as it combines great with all kinds of clothes, is timeless and gives an elegant touch to any look. OKAASPAIN's women's ballet flats are designed so that you can enjoy unique moments with your daughter, creating combined outfits without losing comfort.

    In OKAA, we take into account that the comfort of the feet is the most important thing to enjoy and our footwear will give you all the comfort you need for a long day of work and play with your little one.

    Our collection is unique. Not only for the wide variety of models, designs and colors we have, but also for its price. We want to offer you an economical footwear without losing quality.

    All our products that you will find in this section are very resistant, adapt to all types of feet and are light and flexible. This allows an improvement in walking without chafing or discomfort. Are you going to miss a shoe like this?



    We know that all girls like to imitate their moms in everything they do. Therefore, it is becoming more and more trendy to combine your little one's outfits with yours. This does not mean wearing a childish style, but creating a unique mother-daughter bond.




    At OKAA we offer you a collection of elegant, sophisticated and modern women's ballet flats so that you can combine them with your daughter's without any problem. Also, as we mentioned before, this type of shoe looks great with any outfit.

    In summer, women's ballerinas are perfect for lunches or dinners where you want to be comfortable but elegant. For this, we recommend our linen ballerinas for ceremonies. This model is ideal for both special events and more formal meals. In addition, they are perfect for the spring-summer season since they protect the foot allowing it to perspire and, thus, not to get hot. For this season, we also have women's sandals.

    For winter, we have models that resist water and do not let it pass through as our leather ballerinas for moms, a very popular model and ideal for day to day or for very rainy days, women's wellies.

    If you want to go for a more daring and colorful style in our website you will find a wide range of shades, from classic blacks, grays or browns to vibrant colors to give a touch of joy to your outfit. We have a wide variety of models with unique details such as bows and fun prints or more classic and discreet styles, we have everything you can imagine on our website!

    Discover in this section women's ballerinas for all kinds of moments and times of the year. Do not miss our collection, we are sure you will fall in love with it.




  • Rain boots

    Now that the rainy season is approaching, you can't miss a good pair of rain boots for women in the closet of moms to go with those of the little ones in the house. At OKAA, we will help you choose the most beautiful, resistant, original and comfortable wellies on the market.


    The katiuskas for women are the best solution to keep your feet dry and protected during the winter months. In our online store you will find everything you are looking for, with a variety of models, designs and styles to combine them as you want with your daughter. All of them, with unique qualities that make them the perfect footwear.


    The rain boots for women and girls that we have in OKAA are available in different colors, prints and unique finishes with details that will give a unique touch to any outfit. Our entire collection has non-slip soles to avoid the risk of slips and falls, so you can enjoy playing with your little one without fear, so that the cold does not take away your desire to continue learning!


    In our online store you can find models for moms and daughters together with the best features on the market. We offer quality footwear at an affordable price, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and durability in all our products.


    Our OKAA models are waterproof, warm, easy to clean and dry quickly thanks to the materials they are made of.


    Discover the entire collection in this section and make a difference this fall with trendy footwear that will become the ideal fashion accessory for both you and your daughter. We also have boots for women and desert boots.






    The cold season is coming and, just as in summer you prepare your footwear to combat the heat, it is very important that in winter you protect your feet to avoid colds. Rainy days can be a real horror if you are not prepared to face this weather.


    Women's rain boots are a must-have in any closet. It is a versatile and very useful footwear both for going to pick up your daughter at school and for the day to day, for the office or to go to the park. They have an infinite number of uses and combine with all kinds of clothes.


    First of all, we want a comfortable shoe, as they have lining inside, non-slip sole and textile insole. In this way, we have a shoe that is not only comfortable, but also warm and light.


    In addition, we offer the most updated models, with unique and elegant designs, both for mothers and girls. We take care of all the details in our footwear, being specialists in children's shoes. Our collection is designed so that you can match your shoes with your daughter's. Girls will be thrilled!





    The collection we have in our online store OKAA is sophisticated, with different finishes such as patent leather or matte effect, with small designs such as polka dots and stars. These are details that make the difference.


    We keep in mind that, to combine your shoes with those of your little one is not necessary anything extravagant and that simplicity and elegance makes unique looks are created. If you want a touch of color you can opt for our red, blue, yellow wellies, and much more!


    Everything you are looking for this winter we have it in this section. Here you will find katiuskas and rain boots for women in a variety of sizes so you will not have any problem. Also, we have buckle closures or simply boots where you put your foot and nothing else is necessary. Regardless of which one you choose, they all protect and secure your feet.


    Don't think twice! Discover in our catalog all our models, their beautiful designs and high quality and, thus, be able to go perfectly combined at any time.


  • Boots and ankle boots

    Winter is coming, is your foot ready for the cold? If it's not yet, don't worry, at OKAA we are going to bring you the perfect solution with our new line of boots and ankle boots for women.


    Our experience tells us that girls, since they are little, want to follow in their mother's footsteps, and never better said! They all strive to imitate the gestures, the way of speaking and even the way of dressing of their role models, their moms.


    That's why, just as they want to wear their own clothes, the same goes for their shoes. At OKAA, we want to offer you unique experiences with your daughter, being able to combine her footwear with yours. For this, we have created this line of boots and booties for moms with different models and finishes that you will not be able to resist.




    Choose the models that best match your style. All our section has the most current models on the market and we have a wide selection so you can choose the one that best suits your style.


    Combining our boots and ankle boots for women with those of your daughter does not mean that this style of shoe is childish, far from it! We have designs for all tastes and needs, from boots and booties for women with unique finishes and fun details, to classic and elegant boots and booties that will combine at any time and occasion with any garment.


    If you're thinking of going to the park with your daughter to play this winter, you no longer have to worry about her feet getting wet. Both you and your little one will be safe with comfortable and resistant footwear like our waterproof boots and booties for moms. This type of shoe is perfect for rainy days, it protects the foot and part of the leg, keeps out the cold and doesn't get a drop through.


    If you are looking for something more elegant for family lunches and dinners or simply for an afternoon stroll, you will fall in love with our boots and ankle boots for women with leather finishes, a very classic but quality material that provides durability, comfort and elegance. In addition, we also offer women desert boots and women english shoes.


    Undoubtedly, our collection of shoes for moms will leave you speechless. You will find everything you are looking for in this section and you will be able to combine them with any garment. Your little girl will love being able to wear the same shoes as her mom and, with our wide variety of sizes, you will have no problem finding the perfect size.

  • Mary Jane shoes

    One of the most versatile shoes on the market arrives at our online store. Our women's Mary Jane shoes will become your favorite shoe for the whole year.


    In OKAA you can find a great collection of Mary Jane shoes designed to combine with your daughter both in winter and summer. This type of footwear is designed to combine with any type of garment and, depending on the material chosen, can be used during all months of the year.


    This is a classic shoe, an essential closet basic that cannot be missing in your home. In this section you will find all the most updated models on the market, with unique designs and the best quality.


    We have different styles and colors so that you can choose the women's shoes that best suits you and your little one. We are sure that it will become your favorite shoe.


    It will be very difficult to choose just one pair because among so much variety you may be among several. Therefore, our models have the best value for money, offering a comfortable, durable and beautiful footwear.





    In our section you will be able to choose among the different models we have, with a wide variety of sizes so that it is not a problem.


    Combine your footwear with that of your little one to go perfect on any occasion. Our women's shoes stand out for their elegant design, which combines with both skirts and dresses.


    In winter, you will love our velvet prints and, for summer, discover the latest models with beige or more daring colors like blue, red and yellow. For the summer we also have espadrilles for women and women's wellies for the rainiest winter days.


    Women mary jane shoes are a very versatile shoe that can be used for family events, outings, meals, birthdays, and much more! No matter what season we are in, they can always be used and they never go out of fashion.


    Opt for a comfortable and safe footwear that will not damage your feet, and discover the best collection of Mary Janes for moms.




    In our online store we make it easy for you. If you want to buy women's Mary Janes online, you only have to choose your favorite model and size and we'll take care of the rest.


    Choose from different colors and fabrics such as linen, patent leather, leather or velvet. All models available at just one click with the best value for money.


    Do not miss the opportunity to wear the same shoes as your daughter and fall in love with our models. We have it all thought out so you can choose your favorite shoe without having to leave home. You won't regret it. Discover the entire collection in this section.





  • Moccasins

    Women's moccasins are shoes that look perfect all year round because of their design and style. In addition, you will see that it is a versatile shoe that you can use at any time and occasion. In recent years, they have become an essential closet staple for mothers, girls and boys.


    More and more mothers are deciding to combine their outfits with their daughter's, and we are not surprised! This trend is becoming a success, girls love to dress and wear the same shoes as their favorite heroine. That's why at OKAA, experts in children's footwear, we've designed a special line for moms that you'll love.


    If you are looking for an elegant but comfortable shoe, we assure you that it will be the solution you need to go anywhere. Nowadays there are an infinite number of styles, colors and models. In OKAA's collection, you can find from the most classic moccasins to the most modern ones with unique and daring details so you can combine them with any outfit.




    We want you and your daughter to be able to mix and match without having to spend a lot of money on shoes. That's why our OKAA collection features cheap moccasins for women, without compromising on quality.


    Mothers are, from the beginning, a reference for every girl. That's why, in many occasions, they try to imitate everything their mothers do and say, even in the way they dress. Shoes are no exception and thanks to our collection you will have the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful bond with your little one with an elegant and comfortable shoe.


    At OKAA we design and manufacture all our models 100% in Spain. They are manufactured with high quality materials and guarantee comfort, resistance and durability at all times.




    If you are looking for a multipurpose and comfortable shoe to match your daughter, the moccasins for women are perfect. This type of footwear has always been an essential basic that never goes out of style and that everyone loves for its simplicity and elegance. If you like this line of footwear, you can not miss the opportunity to take a look at another of our best-selling collections, our women rain boots or women's blucher shoes,a basic with which you should have for your daily looks without doubt.


    All the models that you will find in our online store adapt to any time and situation. Among the collection you will find classic moccasins shoes, in neutral tones that are perfect for special events, ceremonies or dinners and family meals.


    But if you want to go for something more daring, you will love the ones we have designed in more vivid tones, with metallic finishes or with unique details such as bows or flags. Everything you can imagine we have it in OKAA!


    The versatility and adaptability that this shoe has allows you to play with your little one without suffering from chafing, endure your pace all day and combine them with any garment as they are timeless. Ideal for spring, summer, autumn or winter, whenever you want!


    Made with different materials, you can enjoy a complete range that has unique qualities, lined with leather, with padded and perforated insole for the proper perspiration of your feet. In addition, their flexibility allows them to adapt to the movement of the foot so you can walk without problems.


    Live unique experiences with your daughter with a matching shoe and create adorable outfits with a touch of elegance, you will fall in love with our collection of moccasins for women!






  • Beach

    Are you ready for summer? The good weather is here and, with it, the desire to take a dip at the beach or in the pool to cope with the high temperatures. That's why at OKAA we offer the most varied line of women's flip flops and water shoes for moms.


    With the arrival of the heat, what we most want is, without a doubt, a plan with water to be able to cool off. But, before that, you have to get ready and above all, prepare your feet to spend a day out at the beach or pool, so in this section you will find everything you are looking for to enjoy a perfect summer.


    Find the ideal flip flops and water shoes for women in our catalog and combine them with your daughter's shoes to be both comfortable and beautiful.





    Spending the day outside, at the beach or at the swimming pool, with wet feet, sand or grass, it is necessary to prepare the feet so that they do not suffer any injury. In this section, you will find the best women's sandals for beach and pool, ready to endure the hours it takes.


    Beach and pool footwear is fundamental and very important. In OKAA, we offer different models and styles and all of them have unique features that favor the movement of the foot, being comfortable and safe.


    We have sandals, crab sandals, flip flops, ballerinas and everything you can imagine, water resistant and with the latest designs in the fashion world so that you not only feel comfortable with them, but also feel beautiful. In addition, after the bath and a nice walk with a more elegant look, we also have women's espadrilles and women's avarca sandals.


    In our collection we have thought of all mothers, so if you want to combine your shoes with those of your daughter, you will not have any problem! We have very wide sizes ranging from 24 to 41 so you can find your ideal size.


    Beach and pool shoes for moms must offer the security that your foot needs in this kind of situations. For this reason, our shoes have non-slip soles so you can run without risk and they are also very durable and resistant.




    Who says you can't look cute at the beach? Our women's clogs and water shoes for moms follow the latest trends in the world of fashion, offering all our customers a modern, stylish and safe footwear.


    Discover all the possibilities we offer in OKAA to go divine to the beach or pool with our sandals for women or ballerinas in pastel shades or more daring with glitter print. If you prefer a more classic footwear you will love our clogs.


    Our models are designed for both moms and little girls, so you can go with your daughter to the beach or the pool and she will look adorable.


    Choose your favorite color and prepare your feet for this summer with a comfortable and quality footwear, made in Spain.


    Do not wait any longer and choose your women's flip flops or water shoes ideal for this summer in our section, you will fall in love with them!



  • Safari Boots

    The women's boots, also known as safari boots, is a classic footwear that never goes out of fashion. In our online store you can find the best safari boots for moms and daughters together. We have a wide collection to combine every day.


    In OKAA we are specialists in children's footwear, however, we also offer all parents the possibility of combining their shoes with those of their child and live unforgettable experiences. That's why our collection of mummy boots is available in numerous sizes so you won't have any trouble finding yours.




    All our footwear stands out for its characteristics and qualities that make it unique, achieving the best quality, very resistant, durable and comfortable boots for women.


    In this section you will find different styles and models, all of them updated and following the latest trends in the fashion world. Made in Spain, our women's shoes are made with the best materials on the market to achieve exceptional quality.


    Find the ideal model and combine it with your daughter's shoes to create the perfect outfit. We have a wide variety of models, with a variety of colors and lined inside to become the favorite footwear in autumn-winter. For rainy days, we have beautiful models of women's wellies or as a winter alternative to safari boots, women's boots and ankle boots.


    In our catalog you can discover more plain models, with ornaments, with different materials and finishes, vibrant colors or more classic, all designed for you to choose your favorite. Comfortable and safe footwear that guarantees perfect foot support so you can walk without worries.


    Meet all our models for moms and daughters, their beautiful designs and the high quality of our shoe to be able to go perfectly combined in any occasion. Our women's safari boot is ideal for a casual look, as they combine great with jeans, but if you need to get ready for special events, this shoe can also be very useful. We have models in leather or velvet finishes that are more formal and will look great with a skirt or dress.





    Little girls love to imitate everything their parents do, not only gestures or way of speaking, but they also imitate the way they dress. Combining your shoes with your little one's will make you live together an unforgettable moment and we are sure that they will be very excited to wear the same boots as their role model, their mother.


    All of our footwear for moms and daughters are manufactured with the aim of protecting the foot at all times, with non-slip soles to avoid risks and laces to hold well and can not get out. In addition, all of them are lined to become the ideal footwear during the winter months.


    They are also very easy to combine and will become a must-have for everyday wear.  Combine our styles with your favorite looks, choose the color you like and create the perfect outfit for every occasion.


    With our safari boots for women you can spend hours playing with the little ones of the house without suffering any damage to your feet, as they resist their pace and are a very comfortable shoe. They are ideal to go to the park, to go for a walk, to family meals, to the office, they are ideal.


     In addition, in OKAA they are available in different sizes ranging from 18 to 45 so you will not have any problem in choosing the perfect size.


    Don't hesitate any longer and discover in this section the perfect women's hiking boots or safari boots for moms for you and your daughter. Available in various colors and with plain prints, with bangs, polka dots, classic, velvet, suede... The possibilities are varied. Do not miss anything in our collection and bet on a unique footwear!



  • Sandals

    Are you ready for this summer? Women's sandals from our OKAA store are ideal for the heat, whether to go to the beach, to be at home, office, important events and to enjoy your kids all day with comfortable footwear.


    In this section you will find all kinds of models and designs designed to go everywhere with a complete and perfect look for every occasion. Enjoy the best selection of sandals for women, varied and different styles to combine with those of your daughter and live a unique dining experience.


    At OKAA we want you to enjoy the best sandals for mom with the best value for money with flattering footwear, designed so you don't have to worry about anything. Our collection of sandals are comfortable, safe and resistant, so you can keep up with your little one all day long.


    Discover our entire collection of sandals for moms and choose the one you want depending on the time and the use you want to give. We have flat models, with platform, espadrille style, in metallic tones, basic colors, and many more!


    You will find everything you want in our online shoe store for daughters and moms.




    If you still don't have the perfect sandals for this summer, take a look at our section. At OKAA we think of both girls and moms, offering a wide variety of women's sandals for all tastes and preferences. You can dress just like the little one of the house with unique sandals, updated and with the best value for money. We also have women's espadrilles andwomen's avarca sandals.


    If you want to get a different and striking look, you will undoubtedly love our models with glitter or metallic, modern prints that are a trend in recent years. If you prefer sophisticated, elegant and versatile sandals for women, our wedge or flat sandals in pastel and basic tones are your perfect footwear.


    A casual sandal never goes out of style, it's a must-have in every woman's closet, that's why you'll love our collection. You can combine your mom sandal with your daughter's sandals and create an incredible outfit, since we have a wide variety of sizes for both the little ones and for you.


    Give your outfit a unique and glamorous style with our models. You will find the most fashionable sandals on the market in our OKAA online store. All at your disposal so that, in just one click, you can have the best models at home.





    The models on our website have everything you need to become your favorite footwear. They are comfortable, versatile, resistant and protect the foot thanks to their non-slip sole and the support they offer.


    With these features, our mom sandals stand out for always being on trend. They bring a sensual, eye-catching and youthful style to every mom. Without a doubt, buying sandals for moms at OKAA is the best decision.


    Sandals are a footwear that never go out of fashion, since, for the summer months without ideal, keep the foot cool in the hot months. Combine the wide variety of colors and styles available on our website with your favorite clothes, as they look great with pants, skirts and dresses, giving an elegant touch to any look.


    Find everything you need in our women's sandals section, choose your daughter's size along with yours and you can have the same footwear with unique qualities.


  • Oxford shoes.

    Discover a comfortable and elegant shoe for any occasion with our women's oxford shoes. The blucher is a very versatile shoe that never goes out of fashion, both for girls and for moms.


    In our OKAA online store you will find this section full of the best models for moms. Choose yours and enjoy unique footwear with the best value for money on the market. In addition, thanks to our large number of sizes you can choose yours and your little one's without problem to combine the most modern looks with a perfect shoe for every occasion.


    Women's oxford shoes are ideal for going to the office, meals, to the park, for a walk and can be used both in winter and summer, becoming a very useful shoe. In addition, they combine with all kinds of clothes, giving an elegant touch to the perfect outfit.


    On our website you can find the best women's oxford shoes with very modern, updated and beautiful styles and designs. Both you and your daughter will love them, you won't want to take them off!




    Whether for a casual event or for special occasions, women's oxford shoes are the best option. It is a versatile footwear increasingly in trend. In addition, as we mentioned before, you can use them during any time of the year because, in OKAA, we have different fabrics and styles, for summer and winter. For summer, we also have women's espadrilles and women's rain boots for the rainiest days of winter.


    Bluchers with espadrille and canvas soles are ideal for summer, and they are available in different colors so you can combine them as you like with skirts, dresses or pants, they look great with everything!


    The mother's blucher in split leather are perfect for the autumn-winter season, as well as those available in bootie style. We have everything you could want in this section.


    In addition, at OKAA, we always want to offer you the best women's shoes, fashionable and up to date. That's why our models are available in all styles so you have plenty of options to choose from.


    If you like traditional blucher shoes, you will fall in love with our women's leather blucher shoes in neutral tones such as brown, black and white. If you want to go for something more daring and original, our blucher shoes in glitter print, washed effect or with vibrant seasonal laces will catch your attention.


    In OKAA you will discover a wide range of possibilities in oxford shoes for women that you will fall in love with. The best companion for any season with which you can create very elegant and practical looks.


    Besides being a beautiful shoe that combines with everything, it is also a comfortable and safe shoe. Our shoes protect the foot with its non-slip sole and help the correct development of the foot in the little ones, so you will be able to keep up with them all day long!





    If you are thinking of renewing your shoe rack, starting with OKAA's oxford shoes for women is the best option. In our online store, we always guarantee the best quality, with the most stylish blucher for mom and daughter of the current fashion, with bangs, laces, zipper, elegant and original prints.


    Buy women's blucher from OKAA is the best option. Get a versatile and economical shoe to create the best looks this season. Don't miss anything in our section for moms. Choose yours and show off a classic yet modern shoe, the most popular choice in closets around the world, just a click away.


    Wear the same blucher as your little one, choosing the right size from a wide variety. You and your daughter can look beautiful on any occasion and look great together to be the center of attention and live unique experiences that will unite you even more.





  • Home shoes

    The slippers for women from the OKAA collection will become the favorite shoe of all those moms who spend a long day walking, standing, going to the gym...


    After being at work all day long, hours and hours of non-stop work, playing and having fun with your kids, you deserve a break. Relax your feet with a comfortable and soft shoe that will keep them rested to continue with the routine the next day. At OKAA we understand that moment of getting home and resting, that's why we offer you the collection of this footwear that will make you fall in love with its comfort and its designs.


    Enjoy that moment when you get home and change your shoes after a day of stress and worries to use our women home shoes. Try their super comfortable and cushioned sole and feel the real rest in your feet.





    One of OKAA's main principles is to offer quality footwear at an affordable price, both for boys and girls of all ages and for moms and dads. Footwear is a must and, depending on the moment, the time of the year and the activity you want to do, it is very important to choose good footwear that does not damage your feet.


    Our collection of slippers for women is perfect for the features offered and also for the variety of models, all updated to the latest trends this year.


    On many occasions, it is not given importance to home shoes, mainly because no one will see us, but that does not mean they always have to be classic models, take a look at the wide range that we offer, in it you will find colors and super original models that you will love.


    If with the arrival of summer, you prefer a more colorful and even cooler shoes, you can take a look at the collection of sandals for moms and women espadrilles we have in our online store. They will be so comfortable that when you get home from the street you won't want to take them off.






    With these shoes, we guarantee maximum comfort at all times, with a soft and durable sole with which to enjoy the free time watching a movie on the couch or enjoy the game at home with the kids. They will soon become your favorite accessory to be at home, as they will keep your feet rested and warm or cool depending on the season and the model you choose.


    In OKAA we have a long experience in the footwear sector and we bring to our online store only the best products. Our catalog is designed so you can feel comfortable and enjoy a moment of disconnection with a shoe that makes you feel like you're on a cloud.


    In addition, what we highlight of our collection is that the little ones will love that their mom wears the same model as them. Since we have models for mother and daughter, a very fashionable trend in recent years. That little girls want to wear the same shoes as their moms is not surprising, since they are undoubtedly their example to follow and want to imitate them at all times.


    Create unforgettable moments with our home shoes for women and go together with those of your little girl, you will see that she will be delighted and will help to create a very special bond between you. We are sure that you will not be able to resist neither our models nor our prices, don't think twice!



  • Sneakers

    In OKAA we have an extensive catalog of children's footwear for all boys and girls, but we do not want to forget the moms either. Therefore, in this section you will find a variety of shoes for mothers and daughters. Your little one will love to dress like you!


    From the beginning, mothers become a benchmark for all children, and therefore often want to use the same clothes and accessories that they, coming to imitate their way of dressing and shoes. OKAA's sneakers offer you the opportunity for your girl to dress just like you with comfortable, quality footwear at an unbeatable price.


    In OKAA we want you to live unique experiences with your kids, to enjoy learning and discovering the world with them with a shoe that allows you to withstand their daily rhythm and combine with all kinds of clothes.


    Create the perfect look with your daughter with the sneakers for moms in this section in different models, designs and colors that will make you live all kinds of adventures. Don't you think it's a great idea?




    At OKAA, we have been working for years with children's footwear, providing different shoes for every moment and occasion. However, we also have a wide catalog aimed only at moms so they can combine their shoes with their kids.


    We want you to live a nice experience wearing the same shoes and, therefore, our shoes for mothers and daughters will make you fall in love. In this section you will find everything you need, a comfortable footwear for the day to day that combines great with all kinds of clothes and moments.


    All our models are ideal for both winter and summer. With modern designs, following the latest trends, you can find the perfect shoes to keep up with your little one.


    The features that all our products have are unique and we differentiate ourselves by the great advantages offered by OKAA's footwear for moms. Are you looking for sneakers to go to the park, play with your little one or for the day to day with a casual look? You're definitely in the right place.


    We have canvas, suede or leather sneakers with unique and modern finishes that combine both with jeans and with a skirt or dress to give a casual touch to any style.


    In OKAA we have designed a special collection where you can find shoes for you and for your little girl or boy. If you are looking for shoes for mom to match your daughter, in our online store you will find multiple options such as models finished in velvet, metallic, or with toe cap, among others.


    In addition, in our online store you will find other footwear and varied styles such as women espadrilles or women booties, all of them showing unique features that protect the foot and allow a non-stop pace of life without the feet suffer damage or chafing.






    Sneakers for women are very comfortable, elastic and flexible. They adapt perfectly to the movement, are resistant and light so they become a perfect shoe for both you and your daughter.


    In this section you will find a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20 to 41 so you can choose the one that best suits you.


    Do you want basic sneakers or do you prefer daring ones? You will find everything you are looking for in this section. If you want classic sneakers, you'll love our canvas models with laces and in multiple colors. Without a doubt, they are a closet essential, especially in the winter months.


    On the other hand, if you want a shoe that will look adorable when paired with your little girl, we recommend you check out the models in pastel colors. This type of color is in trend during the last years and they look great with any garment.


    All our shoes are 100% made in Spain with high quality materials to always guarantee the maximum comfort and the correct perspiration of the feet. In addition, all of them have non-slip and flexible rubber soles so you can have fun discovering the world with your little one without worries.


    Don't think twice! Discover in OKAA the most varied and modern sneakers for women.


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Being a mother is not an easy task. Every day of motherhood can be a real challenge, but the joys, the effort, the benefits and all that she brings, is something that nothing else can give you. However, to compensate for all the difficulties that may arise, OKAA wants to take care of you and make you feel like a great mother. For this, we propose you different options of shoes for mothers included in our catalog.

It's time to get the best shoes for women and combine them with the little ones of the house! We are sure you will fall in love with our collection. We have the most fashionable footwear for moms in the market, among which you can find: espadrilles for women, ballerinas, beach and pool shoes, boots and ankle boots, Women home shoes and much more!



Espadrilles are the exact shoe you need to add a chic touch to a classic look, making a difference and defending your own style. They are trendy, and they are here to stay. Espadrilles manage to combine craftsmanship with modernity and tradition in a single model. This has made them one of the most popular types of footwear for different types of events. The existing designs of espadrilles for women are very varied, which means that you can find different alternatives for every occasion.

In addition, espadrilles can fit in very different looks, and different seasons, so it really is a type of footwear that we can afford to wear throughout the year.


It's clear why we love women's ballerinas so much. When you look down, you can see the little girl inside you, the one who went hand in hand with her mother to buy new shoes, and it's an image that, now, you repeat with your little one. Therefore, you can make a nod to your childhood and put on some new ballerinas, and why not say it, take advantage of the comfort and variety of colors, textures and models, as they give us endless possibilities to combine them.

Boots and ankle boots

Women's boots and ankle boots are worn in comfortable and easily combinable styles. The wide variety of styles that we have can give you a modern touch to your looks, but always without leaving aside the comfort that you are looking for. It is also a type of footwear that can accompany you throughout the year, both with short ankle boots and cooler in summer, such as flat boots, with platform or heels that can not miss in your closet with the arrival of cold weather.



Sandals are an ideal complement for many moments throughout your life. Although they are generally more associated with summer and high temperatures, a woman's sandal can complement a nice outfit at any time of the year.

Within our catalog you will be able to find women's sandals flip flop type to go to the beach or to be able to walk on hot days. But there are also sandals with some platform, for when you have to go out for a drink, or just have been with your friends. You can also dress like the little one of the house with unique sandals, updated.


Women's moccasins are shoes that fit perfectly throughout the year for its design and style. You will also see that it is a very versatile type of shoe that you can wear in any season and occasion. Also, nowadays, you can fit this type of flat shoes to all kinds of outfits, such as ruffled skirts.

All these types of shoes, and many more, are available in our online catalog, where you can check which shoe suits you best, or which one fits your style. In OKAA we are available for any questions about footwear that you want to ask us, and we remind you that all our models are manufactured with high quality materials and guarantee at all times the comfort, strength and durability.