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OkaaSpain is a children's shoe store where you can find the perfect shoes for every moment, style, gender and age. However, we have ventured to go a little further and we bring you a series of incredible accessories and complements such as the Condor line of tights and socks for babies.


We have chosen Condor because it is a Spanish brand of recognized national and international prestige in the children's world. And it manufactures all its models using the best qualities and designs.


Baby socks are a perfect accessory, a closet basic that every boy and girl should have. A complete and ideal collection for them to go combined and warm in winter with the most classic and fat tights and, in the warmer seasons, to create incredible looks with the openwork baby socks.


These baby socks are perfect for any time of the year. Depending on the material chosen, they can be combined with winter or summer clothes, and they go with all kinds of clothes and any children's shoes. They are so versatile that you will love them!





In OKAA we work every day to offer quality products that allow each little one to be comfortable at all times. We offer very wide lines of children's footwear that stand out for their value for money, but we do not forget the accessories either.


Every boy or girl, regardless of their age, needs socks ready to live great adventures, with which they can play and have fun without any problem. That's why we present you the best option in the market, the Condor baby socks and tights designed with high resistance materials and in colors that can be combined with any footwear.


In this section, you will find a wide range of socks for the little ones of the house. Choose from a wide variety of colors, models and unique designs with which your baby will be comfortable and will give an adorable touch to his whole look.


Condor socks for babies are in great demand by all parents for several reasons. First of all, all of them are made with high quality materials, which guarantees their durability and flexibility, capable of adapting to all types of feet. In addition, they allow the correct movement and development of the foot, avoiding discomfort or damage.





There is a wide variety of models, each one designed for a special moment. Perle socks, for example, have become a classic among ceremonies such as baptisms and communions, perfect events to combine them with our baby t-bar shoes. This style of sock is very elegant and looks perfect with more formal outfits.


Similarly, if you are looking for a leotard for everyday wear, to match your school uniform, we have ideal designs in neutral colors that will go perfectly with any of them.


Choose from more than 60 models and colors, where we are sure to have the one you like best for your baby. Do you want to go for a more daring sock or leotard that goes out of the traditional without losing elegance? You'll love our Condor socks and tights in pastel tones with details of bows or tassels, an accessory that never goes out of style.


Discover the most fun designs with Christmas or diamond patterns, a classic among young and old alike. You can choose socks in bright colors to highlight its fun character or more neutral colors to attend formal events, in that case a look at the Oxford shoes for babies and take a set of the most beautiful. Everything you can imagine, we have it!


Don't think twice and discover the whole collection of Condor socks and tights for babies on our website, you won't be able to resist