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Women's moccasins are shoes that look perfect all year round because of their design and style. In addition, you will see that it is a versatile shoe that you can use at any time and occasion. In recent years, they have become an essential closet staple for mothers, girls and boys.


More and more mothers are deciding to combine their outfits with their daughter's, and we are not surprised! This trend is becoming a success, girls love to dress and wear the same shoes as their favorite heroine. That's why at OKAA, experts in children's footwear, we've designed a special line for moms that you'll love.


If you are looking for an elegant but comfortable shoe, we assure you that it will be the solution you need to go anywhere. Nowadays there are an infinite number of styles, colors and models. In OKAA's collection, you can find from the most classic moccasins to the most modern ones with unique and daring details so you can combine them with any outfit.




We want you and your daughter to be able to mix and match without having to spend a lot of money on shoes. That's why our OKAA collection features cheap moccasins for women, without compromising on quality.


Mothers are, from the beginning, a reference for every girl. That's why, in many occasions, they try to imitate everything their mothers do and say, even in the way they dress. Shoes are no exception and thanks to our collection you will have the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful bond with your little one with an elegant and comfortable shoe.


At OKAA we design and manufacture all our models 100% in Spain. They are manufactured with high quality materials and guarantee comfort, resistance and durability at all times.




If you are looking for a multipurpose and comfortable shoe to match your daughter, the moccasins for women are perfect. This type of footwear has always been an essential basic that never goes out of style and that everyone loves for its simplicity and elegance. If you like this line of footwear, you can not miss the opportunity to take a look at another of our best-selling collections, our women rain boots or women's blucher shoes,a basic with which you should have for your daily looks without doubt.


All the models that you will find in our online store adapt to any time and situation. Among the collection you will find classic moccasins shoes, in neutral tones that are perfect for special events, ceremonies or dinners and family meals.


But if you want to go for something more daring, you will love the ones we have designed in more vivid tones, with metallic finishes or with unique details such as bows or flags. Everything you can imagine we have it in OKAA!


The versatility and adaptability that this shoe has allows you to play with your little one without suffering from chafing, endure your pace all day and combine them with any garment as they are timeless. Ideal for spring, summer, autumn or winter, whenever you want!


Made with different materials, you can enjoy a complete range that has unique qualities, lined with leather, with padded and perforated insole for the proper perspiration of your feet. In addition, their flexibility allows them to adapt to the movement of the foot so you can walk without problems.


Live unique experiences with your daughter with a matching shoe and create adorable outfits with a touch of elegance, you will fall in love with our collection of moccasins for women!