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The slippers for girls are, without a doubt, the most used children's footwear at any time of the year. In OKAA, we want your daughter to look beautiful both inside and outside the house and, therefore, we have a new line of comfortable and practical slippers for girls.


Choosing a model is not as easy as it seems. It is a very special children's footwear, as they will use it throughout the year and must meet some basic and important needs.


When we look for this type of footwear we must take into account the materials they are made of so that your daughter will find them comfortable to play around the house without bothering her feet. That is why OKAA offers you a unique collection of models made with the best materials on the market.



First of all, we must look at the comfort, but also in a number of other features to choose the best models of living at home for girl.


For example, for winter, they should be warm to protect your daughter's feet from the cold. In addition, they should be easy to put on and take off, thus stimulating their autonomy and ensuring that they can put them on without problems and without having to worry about it.


Undoubtedly, another feature to take into account is that they should be pretty. They should not be an embarrassing accessory to show when guests arrive. In OKAA, we have a wide range of models, all beautiful, to be combined with any outfit that is used to be at home. We also have models of home shoes for women and for summer!





OKAA has been working for many years in the children's footwear industry, so we know perfectly the needs that your daughter's foot needs to develop properly. Therefore, we understand, perfectly, what you are looking for.


Our line meets all the essential characteristics that this type of footwear needs. They are comfortable, practical and easy to put on, without forgetting our unique and incredible designs, following the latest market trends.


We have a wide variety of models, both for winter and summer. Discover in our collection the different types and closures, such as, for example, mary jane shoes slippers style or ballet flat style slippers, booties or classic open slippers. We also have models of boy slippers


If you prefer something more eye-catching, you will fall in love with our designs for the little ones with original drawings, bows or colorful and cheerful prints - you won't be able to choose just one pair!


The slippers for girls from the OKAA collection have different closures so you can choose the one you think is most convenient. If you want your daughter's foot to be completely protected and prevent the slipper from slipping off every now and then, you should definitely choose a hook-and-loop fastener. The good thing about this type of fastener is that it adjusts perfectly to the foot, tightening more or less depending on the desired fastening.


On the other hand, if you prefer easy-to-remove shoes, open-toe shoes are the perfect choice. With them, there won't be any kind of problem when you want to take them off or put them on.


One thing that stands out about OKAA is, mainly, the good quality in all our models but, without a doubt, it is worth mentioning the low prices. Our products offer all the advantages that this footwear needs and at a good price so that you can choose the models that you like the most.


In addition, thanks to our wide variety, we have sizes ranging from 18 to 41 in order to adapt to any foot and age.


Discover all the models of our slippers for girls in this section and fall in love with our fun and original designs. With which one will you stay? Surely you'll want them all!