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The women's boots, also known as safari boots, is a classic footwear that never goes out of fashion. In our online store you can find the best safari boots for moms and daughters together. We have a wide collection to combine every day.


In OKAA we are specialists in children's footwear, however, we also offer all parents the possibility of combining their shoes with those of their child and live unforgettable experiences. That's why our collection of mummy boots is available in numerous sizes so you won't have any trouble finding yours.




All our footwear stands out for its characteristics and qualities that make it unique, achieving the best quality, very resistant, durable and comfortable boots for women.


In this section you will find different styles and models, all of them updated and following the latest trends in the fashion world. Made in Spain, our women's shoes are made with the best materials on the market to achieve exceptional quality.


Find the ideal model and combine it with your daughter's shoes to create the perfect outfit. We have a wide variety of models, with a variety of colors and lined inside to become the favorite footwear in autumn-winter. For rainy days, we have beautiful models of women's wellies or as a winter alternative to safari boots, women's boots and ankle boots.


In our catalog you can discover more plain models, with ornaments, with different materials and finishes, vibrant colors or more classic, all designed for you to choose your favorite. Comfortable and safe footwear that guarantees perfect foot support so you can walk without worries.


Meet all our models for moms and daughters, their beautiful designs and the high quality of our shoe to be able to go perfectly combined in any occasion. Our women's safari boot is ideal for a casual look, as they combine great with jeans, but if you need to get ready for special events, this shoe can also be very useful. We have models in leather or velvet finishes that are more formal and will look great with a skirt or dress.





Little girls love to imitate everything their parents do, not only gestures or way of speaking, but they also imitate the way they dress. Combining your shoes with your little one's will make you live together an unforgettable moment and we are sure that they will be very excited to wear the same boots as their role model, their mother.


All of our footwear for moms and daughters are manufactured with the aim of protecting the foot at all times, with non-slip soles to avoid risks and laces to hold well and can not get out. In addition, all of them are lined to become the ideal footwear during the winter months.


They are also very easy to combine and will become a must-have for everyday wear.  Combine our styles with your favorite looks, choose the color you like and create the perfect outfit for every occasion.


With our safari boots for women you can spend hours playing with the little ones of the house without suffering any damage to your feet, as they resist their pace and are a very comfortable shoe. They are ideal to go to the park, to go for a walk, to family meals, to the office, they are ideal.


 In addition, in OKAA they are available in different sizes ranging from 18 to 45 so you will not have any problem in choosing the perfect size.


Don't hesitate any longer and discover in this section the perfect women's hiking boots or safari boots for moms for you and your daughter. Available in various colors and with plain prints, with bangs, polka dots, classic, velvet, suede... The possibilities are varied. Do not miss anything in our collection and bet on a unique footwear!