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Being a father is a unique and unrepeatable experience that will change your life. Although it is true that it also entails its share of sacrifice and effort, the reward has a much greater weight. Therefore, in OKAA we want you to realize what a great father you are, and for that, we do our bit by offering our wide range of footwear for men, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Among our men's shoes you can choose from a wide variety of options, models and colors and combine them with your son's shoes to always go together. Discover in this section the best shoes for men and surprise yourself with comfortable, quality shoes at the best price.

Blucher shoes

The footwear for men that can never be missing in your closet, no doubt, is the blucher shoe.

A blucher is a very versatile shoe, which can be worn with formal clothes, with a suit, or even in more formal or "casual" models such as colored chinos or even jeans. Mainly, they stand out for their great comfort, so they can be shoes that are used on a daily basis. And as we have said, you can wear them in all kinds of events or situations.

The blucher shoe for men has become a true hallmark of elegance and sophistication, being a basic shoe, to have in the closet of all dads. Therefore, in our catalog, we show you all the most updated models on the market, made with the best materials and manufactured in Spain for you to look a unique footwear.

Men's Moccasins

Comfort and urban style are dressed with men's moccasins; a recurrent and very sophisticated footwear, suitable for any occasion. Moccasins are the best battle buddies and your outfits will be enhanced by their presence and are the perfect complement to harmonize your moments of casual wear or when you have a more formal agenda. Their versatility and noble look have turned them into the accessory that has been worn by many generations (we also have moccasins for your kids) and they still continue to be worn, both with luxurious and informal styles.


Espadrilles for men always appear as a spring or summer staple. Their lightweight design and fine fabrics allow the foot not only to be wrapped in maximum comfort, but also to breathe, something that is undoubtedly essential for the hottest days of the year.

This footwear is as practical for summer as flip-flops. For an afternoon stroll or an evening out, these shoes will complete your wardrobe in the best way. They are also the perfect footwear to create a casual but modern look, combining elegance with comfort. In OKAA we have espadrilles made with the best materials and manufactured in Spain, they have non-slip soles and you can find them in different styles such as canvas, camping type, with laces or elastic.

Men’s slippers

Comfort is a basic feature in any type of shoe, and even more so in a shoe that we are going to wear at home. For this reason,slippers for men have become essential footwear to rest our feet at home. Slippers for men are a comfortable and safe footwear, and is an indispensable complement to our home attire. This type of footwear helps you to protect your foot and make it rest in your moments of respite.

All these types of shoes and many more, you can find them on our website, where you will have a huge variety of models to choose the one that best suits you. In OKAA we are available for any questions you want to ask us about footwear for men, and of course, we hope you find that shoe that makes you feel like the great father you are.