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Baby water shoes and flip flop

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When we talk about baby shoes, we have to take into account many factors. It's all about the little ones' feet and, for their first steps, it is essential to choose the right footwear in any situation.


Finding the right flip flops and baby water shoes is a more complicated task than it seems. This footwear is essential during the summer months and must have the right features that fit the needs of your little one.


In OKAA we have a wide variety of models, which stand out for their comfort, flexibility and durability. The water shoes for babies in our collection do not hinder the movement of babies, with incredible designs and, most importantly, it is a practical footwear.





When the summer vacations come, going to the beach or the pool is the best option to cool off. At all times, your baby must have appropriate footwear that won't hurt.


The footwear must be very resistant to water, a shoe with which they can enjoy on the shore without coming off, with which they can walk easily and allow the proper development of their little feet.


 In OKAA we know that the little ones do not stand still and that is why we have created a shoe that fits them, with anatomical and non-slip insole to prevent slipping. Baby flip flops and crabeaters are adjustable and lightweight but, above all, flexible.


And for the afternoon after swimming in the pool, we also have espadrilles for babies and sandals babies




Undoubtedly, one of the footwear that we highlight is the flip flop and crab model. The baby flip flops never go out of fashion, they hold the foot well and they are beautiful!


 This type of baby footwear looks great and the buckle or hook-and-loop closure prevents them from slipping off while playing or swimming. OKAA's designs follow this year's latest trends, in various tones and prints that make this footwear unique.


 From pastel shades to more vivid colors that are ideal with any swimsuit and original details with which your little one will be great. In OKAA our models stand out for their lightness, are easy to clean and are made with high quality materials. Get a shoe that, with all these features, are also economical and durable.


 Create a perfect look for summer, comfortable and cool, combining all our baby flip flops and water shoes for beach and pool.