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In a few months the good weather arrives and you have to prepare your children with footwear suitable for the high temperatures. That's why OKAA offers a new line of children's beach and pool shoes ideal for the summer.

When the heat arrives, both children and adults want to spend the day in cool places like the beach or the swimming pool. Wearing the right children's shoes in these circumstances is very important because, otherwise, the little ones' feet could suffer negative consequences.

At OKAA, children's safety is what matters most to us, which is why all our shoes are waterproof and slip-resistant.

Our line of boy flip flops and water shoes offers your child maximum protection and comfort. With it, he can play, swim and run without any risk and he can use them, on any occasion. 



 Okaa knows the needs of the little ones, so it has created a wide range of beach and water shoes for boys, where you can choose the style, color and model that best suits the tastes of your child.

Depending on the use that will be given to the shoes, it is advisable to choose one model or another.

We have lycra sneakers made of neoprene material and nautical tennis-type clogs, in different colors, transparent or fabric, with a resistant closure, ideal for running or water sports.

This type of footwear has a secure closure that prevents them from opening, they hold the foot very well and prevent sprains and slips. For bathing, we recommend rubber flip-flops for children, since they are made of a very water-resistant material.


In the collection we have prints with the latest trends in the fashion world, with unique designs.

Among them, we highlight the new clog-type children's clogs, a model of last season, ideal for summer. This style can be combined with any style and look, can be used for the beach and the pool and combined with jeans or shorts. It will be perfect!

If you prefer a more classic style, we have models with buckle and solid colors or the typical ones that become an essential basic in footwear for beach and pool for children during the summer seasons.

All our shoes are designed to maximize their use. They are easy to combine, comfortable and can be used day after day, so your child's feet will be cool and safe!

None of our beach or pool shoes hurt the foot, they allow its correct development and, besides, they are divine! Our models have an anatomical and non-slip insole, they are also very light, flexible and easy to wash.

At OKAA, we offer high quality children's clogs and beach or pool shoes for kids, made in Spain with the best materials on the market, taking into account the specific needs of your child, with original designs and even with designs of their favorite animated characters.

And for the time after the pool or beach, we also have boy sandals and espadrilles for boys.

Discover the entire collection, and the wide variety of sizes we have, of our children's beach and pool shoes in our online store section - you won't be able to resist choosing just one pair!

Choose the perfect flip flops for your child!