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OKAA offers you a wide collection of T bar shoes for kids, the footwear that never goes out of fashion, a classic that every child should have in his closet.


They have always been the most used children's shoes due to their characteristics. It is a very popular shoe among all ages and are usually in high demand, especially for the smallest of the house.


If you are looking for a perfect children's shoe, without a doubt, you will not fail with these. They are, by far, the shoe that every mother or father is looking for. In OKAA, you can find a great selection for small classics but with an original touch to give a unique and distinctive look to your son or daughter's outfit.




We love kids' shoes because they go with everything, they are versatile, durable and can be used in both winter and summer. In our online shoe store, you can find the latest models in the world of footwear and various models.


Imagine the ideal t bar kids shoes, we have it for sure! If you want a basic one, you can choose from our models with neutral colors and different materials, depending on the need. The linen or patent leather models are perfect for events and ceremonies.


The little ones need a comfortable shoe that allows the correct development of their feet in the earliest stages, flexible, that adapts to the movement of their feet. Our models for children have all these features, in addition, they are very durable, made with the best materials on the market. Therefore, they are highly recommended for special events such as weddings, baptisms or communions. For this kind of events we also have moccasins for kids and nautical shoes.


The t-bar shoes for the little ones allow your child to enjoy a whole day at a ceremony without suffering any damage or chafing. They are soft shoes that will last as long as they need to play and jump without any problems.


As well as being the ideal shoe for events, we have other types of sandals or classic nappa leather shoes that are designed to go to the park, school or anywhere else to create a more casual look.


Choose from the wide variety of colors and bet on the new, vibrant or pastel, a trend in the last year.


We have different buckle closures, adhesive tape or rubber for you to choose the ones that best suit the age of your son or daughter. Any of these fasteners perfectly hold your little one's feet and prevent slipping due to their non-slip soles.






In this section you will find the great variety of models for children that we have in our online store. All of them have unique details and different styles that you will fall in love with.


100% made in Spain and with a wide variety of sizes for your baby, they will become the ideal footwear for the day to day that your son or daughter will never want to take off. At OKAA you will find many alternatives at your fingertips. In just one click, you can get the children's shoe that triumphs every year with a unique value for money. Do you dare to discover the most popular baby shoes for children?