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Discover the most adorable collection of girl's hair accessories that is trending this season with our hair bows for girls - you'll fall in love with them!

We bring to OKAA the perfect combination for the little one of the house to match her favorite shoes with our hair bows, a must-have hair accessory for girls.

This new collection comes from the renowned brand Condor, famous for the quality of their tights and socks.

Find the perfect colour, design and style and dress your daughter like a real princess. Bows are an ideal hair accessory to create fashionable, elegant and fun looks, depending on the style chosen.


Parents are often reluctant to use hair accessories on their children for fear that they will lose them or that they will be a nuisance on their head.

That's why, at OKAA, your children's footwear shop, we offer you the best hair accessory, always taking care of the safety of all girls. This way, you will have the perfect and comfortable accessory for girls' hair with which they can run and have fun without fear of it falling out or hurting them.

Hair bows for girls are a trend that never goes out of fashion and a must-have in the wardrobe. It is a versatile and useful accessory for any occasion that adds an adorable touch.

It can be combined with all kinds of garments such as dresses, skirts or trousers and, depending on this combination, it can be very elegant and ideal to attend ceremonies or celebrations.

Girls' hair accessories such as hair bows have endless options and can be used in all seasons of the year - they won't want to leave home without them!

It is a detail that can make the difference and, in particular, bows can give the original look that you are looking for in every occasion.

At OKAA you can find girls' hair accessories in different styles and prints, so you can choose between more formal or more casual and fun bows for girls.




Our online children's footwear shop stands out for always offering the highest quality in all products. In the case of girls' hair accessories, it was not going to be less, offering a unique brand in the market, Condor, prestigious nationally and internationally in the children's world.

We have two types of children's hair bows:

- Large velvet bows with duck beak clip for girls.

This hair accessory is perfect for special occasions such as ceremonies, lunches, christenings or any other type of event where you need to be a bit more elegant.

They have a velvety texture, are very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. In addition, they are available in different colours that combine with all the seasons of the year.

- Duck bill clip grosgrain bows for girls

This type of bow is slightly smaller than the previous one, with 7 cm in diameter and is perfect to combine with any garment.

Made with one of the most used fabrics in women's clothing, gros grain, it is perfect for girls' hair. Like the previous one, it is not uncomfortable on the head, it is light and easy to handle.

Its shine is ideal to combine with summer dresses, although we recommend you to use your imagination and create the perfect combination with other styles and seasons.

Don't wait any longer! Dare with the most modern collection and create unique hairstyles with these hair accessories for girls. Both you and her will love it.