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Zapatos de niña

  • Espadrilles


    Espadrilles for girls are always a trend, a type of children's footwear that never goes out of fashion and is a classic that is reborn year after year. The Espadrilles for girls are a traditional model, which is handcrafted and is part of the shoe culture of our country.


    In OKAASPAIN we present a wide collection of girls' espadrilles, where you can find the widest and most varied offer of girls' espadrilles on the market made in Spain. All our lines have different styles and colors ranging from size 16 to 41.


    Within our collection you can find espadrilles like mercedita espadrilles, Valencian style espadrilles, traditional espadrilles, sandal style espadrilles and many more models, to choose the one that best represents the personality of your daughter. You can even choose them with a little esparto wedge, which could be her first high heels!


    In this collection of shoes for girls you can find beautiful espadrilles for girls, with different designs and perfectly combinable with any outfit. Your daughter will be able to use them both for everyday wear and for special occasions with specific models of espadrilles for weddings, espadrilles for communion or espadrilles for ceremonies and special events. In addition, the collection of espadrilles for girls stands out for its comfort and freshness, making it an essential children's footwear for the spring and summer seasons. Our products have an optimal design to ensure the proper growth and development of the feet of the little ones of the house.


    The secret of the success of this type of footwear? Espadrilles are a very common footwear in the hottest months, the braid of the esparto grass allows us to create a comfortable, fresh, flexible and durable footwear for the hottest months of the year.


    The different models offered by OKAA allow each girl to have her own style, being able to choose her ideal espadrilles. For the summer, we also have abarca sandals and girl sandals.





    Girls' Espadrilles Online Store


    Discover in this section our variety of espadrille style shoes, where you can find valencianas, abarca sandals, merceditas and traditional or wedge espadrilles. Find the dream espadrille for your little girl to feel comfortable and special.

  • Avarcas from Menorca

  • Ballet flats

    The ballerinas for girls are a very versatile children's footwear and perfect for any season. Whether it's summer or winter, your daughter can look beautiful in OKAA's new collection.


     The girl's ballet pumps have become one of the favorite footwear, and no wonder! These shoes are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, and they go with any look. If you need a casual shoe to wear with long pants or shorts, these shoes are perfect to complete the outfit, but if you also need them for more special moments, they will combine perfectly with dresses or skirts for events or celebrations.





    Okaa expands its line with this new collection. We have the most current models in the fashion world, with unique and distinctive designs that will make your daughter look beautiful.


     In our online collection, you will find girls' ankle boots made in Spain, with different materials and finishes, always made with the best quality, as our mary jane girl shoes or girl moccasins


    You won't be able to resist! Find the ideal shoe for every occasion. You can choose between different materials such as: linen or patent leather, something more elegant; or elastic, fabric, leather or canvas for the day to day.


    Discover all our models, you will fall in love! Our finishes and designs make the OKAA online collection unique.


    We are aware of the latest trends in the fashion world and we implement them in all our children's shoes so that your daughter is always in the latest fashion. Our ballerinas for girls show original designs with glitter finishes, velvet or with exclusive details such as stars or flowers, among many other models.


     If what you are looking for are more classic models, we also have the basics that every closet should have, with plain ballet flats. Take a risk or go for a traditional shoe, we have all the styles for you to choose the one that best suits your daughter's personality.


    Discover our models for communions or baptisms, classic or with metallic finishes. The latest trend of the new spring-summer season that combines with all looks. Or, if you prefer, choose from our pastel colors for a sweeter look. Whatever style you are looking for, you will find it in our OKAA online collection.


    All our girls' shoes are made with high quality materials and slip-resistant soles to prevent slipping. Your daughter will be able to continue playing and enjoying herself anywhere without any risk.


    The ballerinas for girls will become your daughter's favorite shoe. They are comfortable, flexible and soft. They will not cause chafing in your little one and allow the correct development of the foot. They fit perfectly. In addition, our different closures, from buckle or loop closure, or no closure, make them very easy to put on and take off without eliminating the fastening factor.


    At OKAA, we have a wide variety of sizes, from 18 to 41, depending on the model. You can even match your daughter's shoes with matching shoes, thanks to our wide range of sizes for all types of feet.


    Looking for the perfect children's shoes for any time of the year? Don't wait any longer! Take a look at our entire online collection of ballerinas for girls and discover the ideal children's shoes, of the best quality and with unbeatable prices. You won't be able to resist choosing just one pair.




  • Rain boots

    The arrival of winter is always accompanied by cold and rain, so it is the perfect time for the little ones to change their usual footwear for the girl rain boots that we have in Okaa, a footwear adapted to low temperatures, so that their feet are always protected. Our models follow the latest market trends, with unique designs and modern prints.


    These beautiful booties will become the perfect complement this winter, find the one you like in the new collection of our online children's footwear store.

    The wellies for girls are a children's footwear that allows them to play, run and have fun in the streets, stepping in puddles, without the risk of moisture entering and can cause any kind of cold. In our online store, you can find a wide variety of wellies for girls with unique and original designs and models, with fun or classic prints for the day to day.




    When it comes to choosing rain boots for girls you may find it difficult, because our entire collection has adorable models that will look great with any outfit. We offer a multitude of possibilities so you can choose the one that best suits your little girl's tastes. We have more traditional boots in neutral colors or booties style, elegant and sophisticated for more special occasions, even to combine them with dresses or skirts. This type of footwear for girls combines great with our entire collection of tights and condor socks for girls that you can find on the web.


    If you prefer, we have other models with bright colors, fun prints or unique details for the little ones of the house. All the booties in our OKAA online store are waterproof, durable and comfortable - they won't want to take them off! We also have girl boots for the days without rain!


    Protect your little feet all day long from the cold and rain, with quality children's footwear. We know you will fall in love with our collection, especially the models with sheepskin, ideal for days with lower temperatures or even when it snows. Whatever you choose, with any of them, your little one can run and walk on mud, water or snow without getting wet.


    Let nothing stop her from discovering the world! The rain boots for girls are very versatile and useful for everyday life at any age. Moreover, in this section, you will find a wide variety of sizes for you to choose the one you need.


    Girls' wellies are beautiful, waterproof and very comfortable, the perfect characteristics for this type of footwear. Choose from our models bold colors, classic or pastel shades that will be adorable. Your little one will love them without any doubt.




    If you are hesitating between one model or another, we help you choose the most suitable. When choosing rain boots for girls we should not only look at the aesthetics, but we must also take into account other factors.


    The main one is that girls’ rain boots must be completely waterproof, that's why our entire collection is made 100% in Spain using only high quality materials that resist moisture and keep the foot dry all day long. In addition, they are very resistant boots that will last for a very long time and will hold their pace perfectly. They also have non-slip soles, providing a greater degree of safety, especially on days when it can freeze and slip.


    On the other hand, they must be comfortable so that they do not bother them and they can perform any activity without limitations or chafing. That is why our collection is a flexible children's footwear that adapts perfectly to the foot and its movement.


    Our entire collection has been designed taking into account all these essential factors, and at the same time we have paid special care and detail in the aesthetic part. That is why in Okaa we have a wide variety of styles and models, because all girls have different personalities and tastes, our booties have a special touch for each of them.


    What are you waiting for? It's time to equip your little girl with the best for her feet. Enter our online store and discover our wide collection of rain boots for girls, so that neither the cold nor the water will stop your daughter from having fun and jumping in the puddles!




  • Ankle Boots

  • Boots and ankle boots

  • School shoes

    Ready for back to school? Dress your daughter with the most updated and modern models, following the latest trends in the fashion world.


    Back to school starts soon and, OKAA, puts its new online line of school girl shoes, with the main models. This type of children's footwear is very common in those centers that have uniforms and, therefore, should be essential for your daughter.





    When choosing a children's shoe focused on school or daycare use, you must take into account the factors that have each of them, since their characteristics are essential for the proper development of the foot of your little girl.


    These models must be composed of high quality materials that provide comfort and guarantee durability to withstand the pace of your daughter. Our OKAA collection has a series of very varied models, each one focused on a specific moment.


    These shoes must be resistant, flexible, to adapt to their movement and easy to wash, since it is a shoe that they will wear every day.


    In addition, we must take into account all the activities that students perform throughout the day, from sports activities to games, taking into account that they will spend much of the day with these shoes on.


    OKAA offers on its website a wide variety of school shoes for girls made with the best materials on the market and updated designs so that, in addition to being comfortable, they also look beautiful.


    We have different models, from shoes to girl moccasins or girl boots that will be ideal with their uniforms. Our shoes have anti-slip soles so that, when they play in their free time, they do not suffer any slip.







    In OKAA, we have a long experience as a children's shoe store so we know all the needs that your daughter requires.


    We create footwear adapted to their requirements. The models in our entire collection are comfortable, durable and practical. All of them are light and soft so that your little girl's feet don't suffer during so many hours at school. Besides, they are beautiful!


     All models are new season, perfect for back to school. With classic designs in neutral colors that will combine with any uniform and basic sneakers that every girl should have in her closet.


    In addition, in OKAA, we want to develop and encourage their autonomy, so we create children's shoes with different closures. For the little ones, with or without zipper is the best option, they will be able to put them on and take them off without help.


    Our shoes stand out for their durability. Both in winter and summer, these shoes are ideal. They are water resistant, breathable so that your foot does not get hot and with reinforced toe and heel to increase its resistance.


    Discover in this section the entire collection of school shoes for girls, you will fall in love!


  • Tights and Socks for...

    Tights and Socks for Girls by Condor

  • Mary Jane

    Mary jane girl shoes are one of the most classic and elegant children's shoes to dress girls. A footwear that never goes out of fashion and is ideal for any time and season of the year, whether winter or summer.


    This type of footwear is very versatile and, therefore, has become the favorite of fathers and mothers but also of the little ones.


    OKAA offers you a wide catalog, where you can choose the one that best suits the tastes of your daughter, choosing from a variety of models, designs and colors.


    In addition, they are available in different materials, designed for every occasion, being able to be velvet Mary Jane shoes, leather Mary Janes, patent leather Mary Janes, canvas Mary jane shoes or linen Mary Janes among others. We also have sandals and espadrilles for girls.


    Why choose Mary jane girls shoes for your daughter?


    Undoubtedly, Mary jane shoes for girls are one of the favorite shoes to wear every day and on special occasions both for moms and dads, as well as for the little ones. And no wonder! These shoes are the perfect basic that every closet must have.


    They are designed so that girls can be comfortable at any time. They are combinable with all kinds of clothes, easy to wash and clean and can be worn all year round. In OKAA we offer you a lot of models for any season of the year, autumn-winter or spring-summer.


    They are flexible and make it easy for girls to move their feet. Besides, they look beautiful and elegant with them!


    Our collection for girls has several models with different types of closure, both buckle closure and adherent closure, making them very easy to put on. Undoubtedly, it is the most versatile children's shoes for girls on the market, a closet basic, perfect for school, running, playing and even for more elegant events.


    In addition you can find a wide variety of colors:, Mary Janes in red, white and pink and lot of colors to combine with all looks.


    Discover the entire collection of mary jane girl shoes in this section and combine them as you like. You won't be able to keep just one pair!



  • Moccasins

  • Boat Shoes

  • Safari Boots

  • Beach

  • Sandals

    When summer and heat arrive, choosing the right children's shoe for your daughter's feet is essential. That's why the best option are the sandals for girls from OKAA's collection.


    Our products keep the foot at a good temperature, are comfortable and prevent slipping thanks to their non-slip soles. In this section you will find a wide variety of beautiful models for girls that can be used for any occasion.




    Sandals for girls are a type of children's shoe that cannot be missing in your daughter's closet. More and more parents are opting for these shoes for the summer, and no wonder, they have become a real trend!


     In addition, they are very versatile, they are not only used to go to the beach or the pool, but they can also be used for everyday life, for a walk or to play in the park. Your daughter will look beautiful this summer!


    OKAA knows the needs that little girls have and, above all, knows the development of their feet. That is why our entire collection has been created with high quality materials that protect the feet of the smallest of the house and with non-slip soles. They support and prevent slipping while they have fun.


     In recent years, our models have become a more common and modern footwear. They all show a unique, elegant design and follow the latest trends in the fashion world.


     In addition, the advantage they have is that they can be combined with any style and type of garment. Create the perfect look by choosing the model you like the most, it is the ideal garment to complete any outfit in the warmer months!


    We have plenty of tones and styles that complement the ideal summer outfit, with more classic models in neutral colors that show elegance and sophistication, but you can also go for some more original ones. Discover our most modern designs with leather finishes, unique prints and fun patterns.


     Try different outfits with OKAA girls' sandals and you'll discover that they look great with any outfit. Create cool looks with jeans or shorts, and they even look great with shirts. Your daughter can wear them to go out to play or to a more formal lunch.


     Another advantage in summer is that they are easy to put on and take off. Our collection has different closures, from buckle to hook-and-loop closures for the little ones. They will feel independent as they will be able to put them on by themselves without needing any help. For the summer, it is also available on our website espadrilles for girls and mary jane girl shoes.


     Sandals for girls have evolved and are no longer just a beach shoe, but now provide safety and comfort to be used in any situation. Made with top quality materials, you can dress your daughter with a high-end footwear and at a good price.


     Discover the complete collection for girls on OKAA's website, you will fall in love with them all!


  • Oxford shoes

  • Home shoes

  • Communion shoes

    Communion shoes for girls.

  • English Shoes

  • Sneakers

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