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It seems like yesterday when she was born and look at her, she has become a real lady. And the fact is that they grow up without realizing it.


At Okaa we think about all the stages your daughter goes through and we know that the time has come to make a change in her footwear style.


Now her needs are different, her tastes are changing and she wants to be a big girl or go as a mom. That's why we have thought of a special collection of girls' shoes from size 22 to size 41, with a variety of different styles and designs, which will make shopping for children's shoes easier and will adapt to any time of your life.


Your daughter will be able to choose the ideal shoe that best suits her tastes and feel comfortable while she enjoys playing, going with the latest trends in children's fashion.


Girl's shoes for a charming summer


The good weather arrives and with it comes the time to change the closet from top to bottom, and what better time to select a practical, safe, fresh girl's footwear, with very summery designs and without losing the identity of the girls.


These shoes are guaranteed to be made with breathable materials and flexible soles that allow for proper ventilation in the hottest months.


To this end, we have developed a wide variety of espadrilles for girls (with covered or open toe) and abarca sandals with fun summer designs and colors, without sacrificing the quality of our 100% natural fabrics.


These girls' shoes have been designed for any situation (with bows, flowers, laces) and can be combined very well with any style of clothing, ensuring the stability of fastening with adherent closure, buckles or laces.


And of course, you will find very nautical models and colors (striped prints, red, blue, white).




And how can we forget those special moments


Our large catalog ensures that you can find the girl's shoes for ceremony that best suits the style of clothing selected for that special day.


We take care of the designs, fabrics and decorations made with the finest and most elegant materials such as linen, silk canvas, lace, bows, flowers ... and all in pastel colors.


The crazy in-betweens


When autumn and spring arrive, it is a real ordeal to choose the right shoe for the seasonal change because it is neither too hot nor too cold.


One of the most popular girls' shoes during this undecided period of time are ballerinas and Mary Janes shoes.


The success of these shoes is the flexibility of the leather that makes the foot feel as if it were not wearing anything and also the fact that the toe is covered, protecting the toes. In this way, whether it is a little cold or a little hot, the shoe responds perfectly to the needs: those for autumn are made with the warmest materials such as suede, nappa leather, velvet or with interior padding, and for spring the materials are cooler such as linen, canvas or patent leather.


In our catalog you will find a wide variety of models and styles from classic to ballet flats, through various models with different colors and decorations (bows, laces, flowers and ribbons).


In addition to the above examples, moccasins and boat shoes are other great alternatives for the mid-season due to their great versatility.


The best children's footwear for the colder months


When winter approaches, parents' main concern is that their children do not get sick and that is why finding the right footwear is of vital importance to prevent colds.


At Okaa we have developed a wide range of girls' shoes with all the necessary features to protect the foot against environmental changes.


We have a large number and variety of boots (with different shaft sizes, wellies, wellies and styles: classic, pascualas, walabi, casual, sport), shoes (for school, blucher style, English style) and slippers for girls.


Each type of footwear has the highest quality in both materials and finishes, allowing a great variety of designs and colors adapted to any time of the day and always with the guarantee that they are of Spanish manufacture.


In Okaa we want the little ones always look ideal, so we send you the girl's shoes for free, and if they do not fit well, the return is free of charge. We are waiting for you!