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Are you looking for light, elegant and comfortable footwear? Discover in OKAA our section of espadrilles for men, the best footwear for this summer.


In OKAA we offer you the best selection of espadrilles for men, a very popular shoe during the hot months for its versatility and comfort. In this section, you will find the most updated models, with elegant and innovative designs.


Espadrilles for men are the perfect complement, fabric models with esparto grass soles that have unique qualities that will convince you right away!


This footwear is ideal for any occasion, since with them you can create an elegant look, great for dinner or lunch but with a casual touch. The men's espadrilles from our online children's footwear store are available in many colors and styles so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.


In addition, they are designed so that you can combine them with those of the smallest of the house, so we have a variety of sizes, find yours now!






Summer is here, it's time to prepare your feet with a cool, modern and comfortable shoe that never goes out of style: espadrilles for men. These men's shoes go great with any outfit, whether it's shorts or shorts and a shirt or polo shirt.


They are the perfect footwear to create a casual but modern look, combining elegance with comfort. You can not miss this accessory in your closet, it is a very recurrent basic year after year, a traditional shoe that both children and adults like.


In our OKAA online store, you can find the espadrilles for dads in neutral colors like brown, white or beige but also in brighter shades like red if you want to risk more.




All of them are made with the best materials and manufactured in Spain, they have non-slip soles and you can find them in different styles such as canvas, camping type, with laces or elastic.


These models adapt perfectly to the movement of the foot, giving you the freedom you need and a unique comfort throughout the day.






The espadrilles for men are trending once again, becoming one of the most versatile and recurrent footwear for this summer season. From OKAA we always want to offer you the best quality and the best prices with footwear that is worth it.


 In this section you will find what you were looking for, both in its classic versions as well as more modern and groundbreaking proposals. Use these shoes for any occasion, both to enjoy your vacations at the beach and to complete an ideal office look. Combine them with more casual outfits or with elegant pants to finish off the perfect look with espadrilles for dads. In addition, for this time of the year we also have abarca sandals for men and moccasins for men.




At Okaa we are experts in all kinds of children's footwear, but we have also focused a lot on footwear for moms and dads. Children always want to imitate their heroes by reference, their parents. That's why our espadrilles for dads are designed so that you can match them with your child at any time.


 We offer espadrilles for dads with the best quality-price ratio on the market, you won't be able to resist!


In just one click, you can have at home a unique and comfortable footwear, designed to keep the foot cool in the summer months thanks to its materials, which help the foot to perspire perfectly.


Don't think twice! Discover the best collection of espadrilles for men in the market.