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When the baby passes the stage of crawling and the first steps, we enter the next phase of more physical activity, when the toddler begins to explore his environment with great curiosity.


It is important to choose the right footwear for the youngest members of the family. At this stage of development it has to have certain characteristics that allow the child to move freely and even run safely.


In Okaa we take care of your child, and therefore we have developed a complete collection of shoes for kids suitable for their great activity, without forgetting the safety and aesthetics of them.


Our shoes are made with natural materials (leather, linen, canvas) and breathable, and flexible soles that allow free movement without pain or chafing, because when the sole of the shoe is rigid, it prevents the correct movement and the child can get vitiated when walking.


The sole, in addition to being flexible, has drawings or rubber that allow the grip with the ground preventing accidental slipping, and have no heel or corrective insoles, as it could deform the foot.


And all this with the guarantee that your child is wearing a product manufactured in Spain and offering a 100% guarantee and confidence.


The footwear for small children in our catalog ranges from size 18 to size 24 and we have an infinite number of models of espadrilles for kids, avarca sandals, ballerinas, booties, rain boots, school shoes, moccasins, t-strap shoes, boat shoes, desert boots, beach and pool shoes, sandals, slippers, oxford shoes and sneakers.


School and daycare


Another problem faced by many parents is the choice of the most appropriate footwear for their children when they start going to kindergarten or school, and will no longer be under their supervision.


In Okaa we have thought of everything and it is for this reason that we have developed a special collection of school shoes for both girls and boys, covering all the needs according to the activity, and without forgetting the aesthetics of footwear to fit very well with the clothes of this stage.


In this way you will find in our catalog: boys' school shoes (blucher or nautical) and girls' school shoes (classic and stylized style), school or sport boots (with washable leather, padded, with adherent zipper, warm and in several colors), sneakers (in white and navy blue, with double adherent zipper to ensure the closure and that they do not open with movement), and of course the water boots with adjustable collar so that the kids can enjoy themselves without getting their feet wet on those rainy days.


Warm at home


We've also thought about those autumn and winter days when the little ones come home after a hard day at school.


Our collection of slippers for kids not only protect from the cold, but also allow children to move freely thanks to their flexible soles. You'll find different materials (wool, corduroy, towel), styles (slippers, kung fu, booties, ballerinas) and colors (pink, fuchsia, red, light blue, blue, beige, green, brown).


For the summer

In our collection you can also discover a wide range of footwear for spring and summer (in leather, linen, canvas, rubber) such as espadrilles, avarca sandals, sandals…. Even some of the models are decorated with special ornaments for ceremonies such as bows, lace, lace, lace, silk ... or with marine designs ideal for a cool evening.


And to all this, we always add the adherent closure that allows ease in footwear and ensures the movements of the foot and that adapts to the foot without causing chafing or injury.


In Okaa we want to make sure that no one is left without their footwear, we take care to send you your toddler shoes for free, and if you want to make a return, do not worry, it is also free.