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  • Espadrilles

    Espadrilles are a type of footwear that never go out of fashion and stand out in both adults and children. In OKAA, we have a wide collection of espadrilles for kids so that all of them wear the latest market trends.


    Kids espadrilles have become essential due to their design and characteristics. It is a children's shoe that combines with any style, versatile and perfect for the hottest times of the year.


    During the summer, there is nothing better for your little one's feet to perspire and not get hot. It is an elegant, beautiful and comfortable shoe, no doubt, you will love them.







    At OKAA, we want every child to have the right footwear for their age and style. That's why our kids espadrilles collection for the little ones is made up of a wide variety of unique and modern designs that they will love.


    This shoe is very versatile, as it matches perfectly with any outfit. It can look elegant and beautiful with a pair of pants and a shirt, or achieve a more casual look with a T-shirt or sweatshirt.


    Undoubtedly, kids espadrilles have become the favorite children's footwear of many mothers and fathers. Both for adults and for boys and girls, they provide a distinctive and unique touch that perfectly complement any outfit. You also can choose for the summer between our sandal kids or mary jane kids shoes


    You can choose from our wide collection, models with different closures, with laces, with straps or adhesive tape. This way, depending on their age, they will have no problem putting them on or taking them off by themselves.


    Still don't know which shoes to choose? We recommend our children's espadrilles for summer. They will look adorable in super comfortable shoes.


    In our online store, you will find plenty of models, both for girls and boys, with a little platform or without it. In addition, our designs stand out for always following the latest trends in the fashion world. We have plenty of models with neutral colors or more daring colors.


    Undoubtedly, we always stand out for the quality-price ratio in all our products. The models in our collection have the best materials and unique features that allow us to create a flexible, comfortable and durable shoe.


    In addition, we have a wide variety of sizes to suit any age so you can choose the most suitable one. Our espadrilles hold the foot perfectly and allow the correct development of the foot, adapting to their footprint without hurting or chafing.


    In OKAA, we always think about the little ones and that is why we have the perfect shoes depending on their age.





  • Avarca sandals

    The kids avarcas menorquines from the OKAA collection have become one of the best-selling shoes in the summer months, and we are not surprised!


    For the hottest days of the year, the feet of the little ones should be cool with children's footwear that prevents them from sweating and feeling uncomfortable. Many parents have opted for the use of this type of shoes, because it is the ideal footwear for the summer.


    For several years, this type of children's footwear has become a trend at any age and is one of the best sellers because it provides great benefits. First of all, it is an open shoe, so in summer they will be able to enjoy the beach, walking or playing without being hot.


    In addition, it is a comfortable shoe that, depending on how it is combined, can create an infinite number of looks, both casual and more elegant. Boys and girls will be able to run, jump and do whatever they want without worrying about getting hurt. All our lines are manufactured with the best materials on the market, which enhances the characteristics of this type of shoe.


    The kids avarcas menorquines for little ones in our online collection stand out for their flexibility, able to adapt to the movement of the foot, avoid chafing and slipping, thanks to the materials of the sole and, undoubtedly, they are beautiful!




    At OKAA, we work day by day, updating all our footwear to be always up to date. For that reason, our models are very varied, in different colors and designs that will make you and your little one fall in love.


    We have a variety of new models with metallic or glitter finishes, but if you want something more traditional, we have more classic models, with soft leather finishes in neutral colors such as white, brown or pink.


    All our shoes stand out for their unique designs. Find original prints, fun drawings or details such as bows or bangs that will turn the model into the perfect shoe.


    We adapt to the ages of all children, so our closures vary and you can choose between buckle closures, for older children, or tape closures, so that the little ones can put on and take off the shoe without problems.


    However, if you are also looking for another cool summer style, we have espadrilles for kids or alsokids sneakers.For more elegant occasions such as communions, celebrations or outdoor events in summer, avarcas menorquines for little ones are a good option. Your son or daughter will have fun running and playing without problems, while looking perfect for the occasion.


    Don't hesitate any longer! Find your pair of shoes for little ones in this section at such incredible prices that you won't be able to keep just one pair.


  • Ballerinas

    Kids ballerinas have become an essential shoe in the closet of your kids, at any age. It is a versatile, comfortable and elegant shoe that adapts to the movement of the foot for its correct development.


    Ballerinas or ballet pumps are ideal to wear all year round, both winter and summer, as they can be combined with any style and garment. Your little one will look beautiful all year round!


    This type of children's footwear is very popular for parents for special events such as baptisms, communions or any celebration because it is a very comfortable shoe that fits the foot, without hurting or chafing. The little ones will be able to wear them for hours without discomfort or pain.





    In OKAA we have a wide collection of ballerinas for kids for you to choose from an infinite number of models, styles and materials. In this section you will find different types of ballerinas such as patent leather ballerinas, velvet ballerinas, fabric ballerinas... and many more!


    Find the perfect shoes for your little one on our website with the most updated and modern ballet pumps on the market. With them, your daughter will be able to dress elegantly with a classic and durable shoe that will allow her to run, jump and play without causing problems. On our website you’ll also be able to find our mary jane kids shoes or kids avarcas among others.


    The features of ballerinas are quite remarkable and that is why it has become a closet staple. First of all, their shape with flat sole and rounded toe make them adorable as well as stylish. Plus, they are extra comfortable and flexible.


    At OKAA we design the most original models with unique prints, ornaments and fantasy effects with glitter or metallic, a very fashionable trend in recent years. In addition, to make it easier to put them on the foot, we have different closures, with adhesive tape, a loop or an elastic band. All of them provide your little one's feet with maximum support.






    For many years, kids ballerinas have become the essential shoe for girls, and more and more parents are choosing to wear them all year round. It is a timeless shoe that combines with any style and outfit, both with skirts and pants.


    In summer, ballerinas for little ones are made of leather and with pebbles to keep their feet cool. During this time of the year, they tend to use more cheerful colors, so we bring exclusive collections in pastel shades, the most demanded during the summer.


    On the other hand, in winter, the perfect ballet pumps are those made of patent or soft leather, in dark colors and with velvety finishes.


    Another reason why many fathers and mothers opt for these shoes, regardless of their comfort and durability, is because of their versatility. You will find that it is appropriate for any time of the day, both for special events and for an informal look. Undoubtedly, it is the wildcard shoe that every closet should have.


    In our OKAA online store you can find the widest collection of children's ballerinas with an unbeatable value for money. Do not miss them!







  • Booties

    Are you all set for fall? Don't let the bad weather catch you without the right footwear! That's why at OKAA we bring you our online collection of the most adorable ankle boots for kids in time to care for and protect your little one's feet.


    When the cold weather arrives, it's very important for all children to dress in children's footwear ready for the cold temperatures and rainy weather. We're sure you'll love our great collection of booties for little ones that will look great with an autumn look and be sure to take a look also to our kids desert boots.





    In OKAA we have been working for years with the best children's footwear manufacturers in Spain to offer all our customers quality at the best price.


    In this section of our website, you will find a wide variety of children's ankle boots, ideal footwear for the coldest times of the year and even suitable for the in-between seasons. Thanks to them, your child will be comfortable and warm at any time, without worrying about getting wet feet or getting cold.


    All our models are made with different materials, and you can choose from different materials such as smooth leather, patent leather, split leather, and much more! We have the perfect shoes for your little one waiting for you in our online store so you can create the perfect fall-winter outfit.


    All of our models have amazing qualities and unique features that allow your little one to play and have fun while feeling comfortable at all times. In addition, the booties for little ones in our collection are designed for all types of feet, able to adapt to different ages thanks to our wide variety of sizes.


    And we didn't forget the design! We have the latest trends in the world of fashion so that your son or daughter will always be in the latest fashion. Our models are very varied and, depending on your tastes and those of your little one, you can find more classic styles in neutral colors or with fun and adorable details.


    Go for traditional kids ankle boots, which combine perfectly with any garment and style, in brown or black colors. But if you want something more original, you will definitely love the ones with polka dots or bangs, a trend that never goes out of fashion.


    For rainy days, our waterproof boots have become the best option. All of them are resistant and durable. You can also take a look at our collection of kids rain boots, practical, waterproof, comfortable and with charming and unique designs.


    Within the collection, you can choose from a wide variety of products, which stand out for being made with top quality materials at an incredible price.


    From Okaa we are sure that they will become your son or daughter's favorite shoe this winter. With them, they will be able to play without worrying about getting their feet wet. In addition, we have different types of closures on each boot so you can choose the one that best suits your child's age: lace-up, hook-and-loop or no closure. All of them, regardless of the chosen one, perfectly hold your child's foot to avoid sprains and slips.


    Don't hesitate any longer! Find the children's footwear you need for the coldest and rainiest months of the year. Discover unique prints, amazing designs and varied colors in a great collection of children's booties from our OKAA online store. You'll fall in love!

  • Rain boots

    Discover the autumn-winter collection of the most fun, comfortable and resistant kids rain boots.


     In OKAA we have a wide variety of children's footwear for all ages, with unique and original designs that will highlight the feet of your little one. Within our website, you can find shoes for all kinds of moments, among them, we highlight the wellies for kids.


     This type of footwear has become a big trend in recent years, both among adults and among the little ones. It is a comfortable, versatile and perfect shoe for rainy seasons.





    The rainy season is coming and there is nothing better than wellies for kids to protect your son or daughter's feet during the coldest months of the year.


    This footwear has become an essential element since it keeps the foot away from humidity and rain, while protecting it from the cold and low temperatures.


    These rain boots for kids will be your son or daughter's favorite shoe to go play in the park, run, go to school or anywhere without getting wet and enjoy the winter and autumn without worrying about getting wet feet.


    Our wellies are made of the best materials on the market, creating a resistant, flexible shoe that adapts to your child's foot and with a sole that prevents slipping. In other words, it is the most complete footwear for rainy days.


    Its features are incredible and, in OKAA, we want to offer you the best value for money in all our footwear. That is why, in this section, you will find the perfect children's rain boots for this season, with the most updated designs and models in the world of footwear fashion. And for the not rainy days, take a look to our kids ankle boots.


    Our rain boots not only stand out for their great qualities, which will allow your son or daughter to be comfortable at all times, but you will not have to worry about their feet.  If you want to see more models, take a look at our collection of rain boots for girls and you will see that you will not be able to choose just one.





    We have a wide variety of models, colors and styles for you to choose your favorite. Choose from classic designs, with neutral colors or go for a more daring look, with boots that stand out for their fantasy colors in fuchsia pink, electric blue or yellow. Discover the most fun prints for the little ones of the house with animal drawings, military prints or bows that give an elegant touch to this type of footwear.


     The kids rain boots will become the favorite footwear of fathers and mothers but, above all, of boys and girls who will never want to take them off. They are easy to put on and wash, and some of them have a sheepskin lining to protect the foot even more.


    Protect your little one's feet during autumn and winter with our children's wellies, a unique shoe that should always be in their closet. You'll love them!



  • School shoes

    Your daughter is starting school, make him comfortable with our school shoes for kids!


    The start of kindergarten or school for children is a very important step, and there is nothing better to do it than our shoes specially designed for them. They start a new stage and they must do it safely and comfortably.


    Therefore, in OKAA, we present our new line of children's footwear, very recurrent in those centers where they need to be uniformed. In this way, we have designed and created shoes tailored to each child so that all of them can go with comfortable footwear and enjoy while playing or doing activities.


    We have to take into account that, at school, is where they will spend most of their time and, many times, shoes can cause discomfort in their feet. For this reason, OKAA brings an updated line with the most outstanding models on the market and the best rated.


    We always care about the comfort of all children, having in our online store children's shoes only those of quality. All school shoes are made with high quality materials and in relation to its price is unbeatable.




    As we said before, we care about the welfare of your child, so the composition of each of our children's shoes is unique. All of them are focused on the comfort of children, so that they do not feel discomfort throughout the day and can enjoy school without suffering chafing or damage.


    In OKAA you can find the kids footwear for school that best suits the needs of your child, either when in uniform or in any activity that your little one wants to do. We have different models for the rainy or hot months, durable and flexible that allow the proper development of your foot, breathable and do not let water pass. Similarly, we have a more sporty line for the days when your child has to do some physical activity, hiking or any time that requires a sneaker.


    The kids school shoes that you can find in this section stand out for their innovative design, comfort and, let's not forget that they are beautiful!


    Combine our models with any uniform. Our children's shoes are a classic in every school or kindergarten, with neutral colors and elegance. In addition, you can choose the type of closure you want, all of them will hold your child's foot perfectly but, for the little ones, we always recommend tape closure or no closure. This way, he will be able to put them on by himself without help and they will encourage his independence. Take a look also to our kids sneakers and kids rain boots


    Don't hesitate any longer! On our website you will find the best kids school shoes for the little ones at prices you can't resist. Discover the entire collection and choose the model that best matches your child's school. Both you and he will love them and he will start his new stage on the right foot.



  • Children´s tights and...

    Do you want to know the best complement for this winter? In OKAA we offer you the new collection of tights and socks condor for kids. A wide range of the most popular tights and socks of the well-known brand condor.


    Since 1898, condor has been working with the best materials on the market to create the most comfortable line of tights and socks for kids on the market, guaranteeing softness, protection and flexibility to all boys and girls.


    In our online children's footwear store, we offer a wide variety of their products so that you can combine them with all our shoes. Condor tights and socks for children are perfect to wear at any time of the year, depending on the fabric you choose. Besides, they combine great with our espadrilles, English shoes for kids, boots, ankle boots... You have endless possibilities to create amazing looks!


    Condor tights and socks for little ones provide everything your boy or girl needs, both for everyday wear and for special occasions.






    The tights you will find in this section are, without a doubt, one of the most demanded and functional garments during the winter months. No matter the age of your little one, they will always look great and will keep their legs warm while they play and have fun and wear their ankle boots for kids. The cold will not be an impediment to discover the world!


    Choose Condor tights for little ones in different materials that protect from the cold that will be perfect for fall or winter. However, if you are looking for something more summery, you can also find it in our wide variety of Condor tights and socks for little ones.


    With a variety of materials and finishes, you won't be able to choose just one. The quality-price ratio of condor tights and socks is unbeatable. This type of accessory will become a must-have for you and your little one.


    The qualities that have these with respect to others are unmatched. Its fabric allows them to be flexible so they do not discomfort while playing, also avoid chafing and are elegant with sets of events or special occasions.


    Looking for original designs? The Condor tights and socks for kids that you will find in this section are very varied. Go for a classic finish such as ribbed, elegant models that never go out of style or risk a little more with unique and adorable details such as bows or diamond prints.


    In our online collection of Condor tights and socks for little ones you will find a wide selection of colors, from classic and neutral to pastel colors, a booming trend in recent years. No doubt you will find what you are looking for and you will fall in love with all of them. Will you be able to keep just one of them?


    Condor socks for little ones are ideal for summer, for sports or even to combine with skirts and dresses. They allow the foot to perspire all day long without weighing it down and, just like the tights, they prevent chafing.


    Fill your closet with the fun and quality that Condor tights and socks for kids bring. Combine them with all kinds of clothes and alternate models depending on the time and season of the year. Without a doubt, they will not let you down.


    In addition, another important feature of this brand is that all its products are very durable, so wash them as much as you want, they will not wear out!


    Condor tights and socks for kids are the perfect combination for our children's footwear, order now and create the cutest and most adorable look!


  • Mary Jane


    The kids mary jane shoes  are a classic shoe, a closet staple that every little one should have. Therefore, in OKAA we want to put all the facilities so you can have a comfortable shoe, quality and the latest as you will find in this collection available online.


    This type of footwear is always in fashion because they are very versatile and can be used at any time. In addition, we have designed modern and beautiful models that combine with any outfit. As always, in OKAA we offer the best value for money for your little one is perfect on any occasion.


    In our online store you'll find the best selection of shoes and stay with the one you like. Do not be afraid to run out of your size because we have a wide variety available from 16 to 41.






    Without a doubt, the little ones of the house will be able to look perfect and elegant with our ballerinas for kids, which can be combined with all kinds of dresses, skirts or pants. In OKAA, our children's shoes stand out for their comfort and softness, so we offer high quality footwear with original designs, fun and adapted to new trends.


    If you are looking for models that are beautiful and also have a good price, you have found the perfect place. Our online store has a wide variety of different styles and models. In this section you will find the best selection made with high quality materials and essential features that promote the proper growth of the foot of your little one.


    All models are exclusive, you will find them in all colors and designs and, without doubt, with highly competitive prices. We are convinced that you will love our section and you will not know which model to choose, they are all beautiful!


    Our Mary Jane kids shoes are a versatile and durable shoe, some of them are made with water resistant materials so they can be used during the winter months. Others, on the other hand, are designed for your little one's feet to breathe during the hottest months of the year.


    They have become the favorite children's footwear of all parents, but they will undoubtedly become the favorite of your little ones as well.




    At OKAA we have all kinds of kids mary jane shoes, in patent leather, leather or canvas, you will find them with different closures, with adhesive tape or buckle. Take a look at our entire collection for every season of the year and you will surely fall in love with it.


    Our store has modern finishes and unique prints, velvet, glitter or metallic, a very current trend with which your little one will go to the last.


    All our models have unique qualities, a children's shoe that combines with all kinds of outfits and are also easy to wash, durable, resistant and flexible. Combining them with Condor's selection of tights and socks and you will get a charming total look.


    Each of our collections are designed for kids to resist long hours with them on, so we always guarantee and highlight their comfort. We assure you that none of them will hurt their feet. In addition, all the soles are made with non-slip materials so they can be safe while they run and have fun.


    All our designs stand out for their originality and care in every detail, so don't hesitate any longer! Enjoy our section of elegant and cute children's shoes.




  • Moccasins

    Moccasins are a very traditional type of footwear that passes from generation to generation being always in fashion. It is the closet basic that both children and adults should always have to combine it with any style.


    Moccasins for kids have become a trend in recent years due to its modern and elegant design and comfort. It is the perfect children's footwear for celebrations, weddings, communions or baptisms.


    However, moccasins for children also stand out for their versatility. It is an elegant shoe, there is no doubt about that. Despite this, it can be combined with any type of garment and form a more casual look for the day to day.


    Due to the great characteristics of the moccasins for kids, OKAA has a wide line of the most modern and updated moccasins, both for boys and girls, and a wide variety of sizes to suit all types of feet, as well as of kids boat shoes and Oxford shoes for children for this type of occasions.






    Okaa works every day to offer, in its children's footwear, the highest quality, with products that meet the demands of the little ones. For this reason, our collection is composed of the most outstanding shoes in the world of footwear.


    In this section, you will find models that stand out for their high quality materials, their low price and the essential characteristics that they must have for the correct development of your child's foot.


    Our products provide comfort and convenience to the foot of all children so they can have fun without feeling any kind of damage. In addition, they are durable, resistant and flexible to withstand the pace of all children.


    Within our collection, you will find moccasins for little ones for all kinds of occasions. There are the classic moccasins in neutral colors, black or brown, ideal for important ceremonies where your son or daughter will have to stand for several hours. This type of children's footwear is ideal because it does not bother and allows the correct perspiration of the foot.


    In the same way, we are innovating with our collection of moccasins for kids with new and updated styles, following the best trends in the fashion world. If you want to take a risk with a more innovative shoe, you will undoubtedly fall in love with our moccasins in pastel colors. These types of colors are very popular because they give your little one's look an adorable touch without losing elegance.


    Whether it is winter or summer, moccasins for kids are the ideal children's footwear. The diversity in our materials allows us to have perfect moccasins for rainy seasons, since they are very resistant to water. In the same way, we have shoes that combine great with the summer style thanks to their materials, which will provide your little one's feet with the perfect perspiration and will prevent them from getting hot in them.


    Don't think twice! Choose moccasins for kids in our OKAA online store.




  • Boat Shoes

    Looking for a comfortable and elegant shoe for your little one? At OKAA we have been working for years to provide you with the best shoe on the market for your little one. Discover the new collection of kids boat shoes designed to fit your little one's feet at all times.


    In this section, you will discover a comfortable, versatile and elegant children's shoe. Undoubtedly, we are talking about the versatile boat shoes for children. This type of footwear has always been a trend, both for children and adults, and no wonder!


    The characteristics provided by our shoes are unique and make them outstanding and essential in any closet. Do you want to know why? In OKAA we tell you.





    Within our section of kids boat shoes we have different models for you to choose the one that best suits the moment or time of year. Undoubtedly, this children's shoe is ideal for any occasion, they are easy to combine, versatile and durable.


    All the models we offer in our online store always guarantee the highest quality at a unique price, also stand out for the comfort that all children's shoes should have. The nautical shoes for children provide maximum flexibility to the foot so they can play and have fun without discomfort, adapting to their movement.


    The materials with which they are made allow them to be a comfortable and durable shoe. In addition, all of them have anti-slip soles to avoid risks and enjoy themselves at the park, school, or any other place.


    Don't know which boat shoes to choose for your little one? Undoubtedly, it will be a difficult decision, because you will love all the models!






    In our online collection you can choose from a wide range of this footwear, you will have the classic boat shoes or with neutral colors to combine with all kinds of clothes, occasion and time of year. Or if you prefer, you can take a risk and go for more original models with fun prints that create incredible and adorable looks, the kids won't want to take them off! That is what is exactly happening with ourmoccasins for kids and kids sneakers


    If you need children's boat shoes that resist water, the leather ones are the most recommended. They can withstand all kinds of adventures and keep your little one's feet from getting wet in the rain.


    For the summer, we have nautical sandals with openings that allow the foot to breathe. In addition, for this time of the year, shoes in sky blue tones are a novelty and, in this section, you can find them in different models that we are sure you will love.


    Our kids boat shoes for children have different closures, from laces to adhesive tape, all of them perfectly hold your child's foot to avoid the risk of the shoe coming off.


    For any event, season or situation they will become the perfect footwear! An essential basic in the closet that both parents and children will love for its aesthetics and comfort, they will not want to take them off!


    If you have an event or celebration, this is a shoe that you will definitely get right. However, perfect for this type of celebrations. These models are perfectly compatible with this type of celebrations and special summer events, and have become the choice of many parents!


    Discover the wide selection of kids boat shoes from OKAA's online collection and their great variety of sizes - you'll love them!






  • T-bar shoes

    OKAA offers you a wide collection of T bar shoes for kids, the footwear that never goes out of fashion, a classic that every child should have in his closet.


    They have always been the most used children's shoes due to their characteristics. It is a very popular shoe among all ages and are usually in high demand, especially for the smallest of the house.


    If you are looking for a perfect children's shoe, without a doubt, you will not fail with these. They are, by far, the shoe that every mother or father is looking for. In OKAA, you can find a great selection for small classics but with an original touch to give a unique and distinctive look to your son or daughter's outfit.




    We love kids' shoes because they go with everything, they are versatile, durable and can be used in both winter and summer. In our online shoe store, you can find the latest models in the world of footwear and various models.


    Imagine the ideal t bar kids shoes, we have it for sure! If you want a basic one, you can choose from our models with neutral colors and different materials, depending on the need. The linen or patent leather models are perfect for events and ceremonies.


    The little ones need a comfortable shoe that allows the correct development of their feet in the earliest stages, flexible, that adapts to the movement of their feet. Our models for children have all these features, in addition, they are very durable, made with the best materials on the market. Therefore, they are highly recommended for special events such as weddings, baptisms or communions. For this kind of events we also have moccasins for kids and nautical shoes.


    The t-bar shoes for the little ones allow your child to enjoy a whole day at a ceremony without suffering any damage or chafing. They are soft shoes that will last as long as they need to play and jump without any problems.


    As well as being the ideal shoe for events, we have other types of sandals or classic nappa leather shoes that are designed to go to the park, school or anywhere else to create a more casual look.


    Choose from the wide variety of colors and bet on the new, vibrant or pastel, a trend in the last year.


    We have different buckle closures, adhesive tape or rubber for you to choose the ones that best suit the age of your son or daughter. Any of these fasteners perfectly hold your little one's feet and prevent slipping due to their non-slip soles.






    In this section you will find the great variety of models for children that we have in our online store. All of them have unique details and different styles that you will fall in love with.


    100% made in Spain and with a wide variety of sizes for your baby, they will become the ideal footwear for the day to day that your son or daughter will never want to take off. At OKAA you will find many alternatives at your fingertips. In just one click, you can get the children's shoe that triumphs every year with a unique value for money. Do you dare to discover the most popular baby shoes for children?



  • Desert Boots

    In OKAA we present you the new collection of desert boots, a comfortable and versatile footwear for the day to day, ideal for this winter season that is approaching.


    The kids desert boots are a type of footwear widely used throughout all stages of his life. Therefore, in OKAA we want to offer you a wide variety of this type of high quality footwear at a unique price. Made in Spain, with the best materials, they will become an essential shoe for all the little ones in the house.


    From the moment they take their first steps, they are perfect for their characteristics, since they allow the correct development of the little ones' feet.





    In OKAA we want your little one to wear top quality footwear and to have the essential elements that allow comfort and convenience. Therefore, we are sure that you will succeed if you choose any of our beautiful children's boots.


    This type of children's footwear is very resistant, with split leather on the outside and non-slip soles to avoid risks. In addition, desert boots are very flexible, adapting perfectly to all types of feet and their movement without causing any discomfort.


    The option of choosing this shoe is becoming very popular among parents, as it allows children to play, run and have fun with comfortable footwear that allows them to move freely.


    The kids desert boots are highly recommended for every day, as their resistance allows them to withstand the daily rhythm of your children. They have become an ideal shoe to go to school, to the park or anywhere. In addition, OKAA has a wide variety of models, materials and finishes so you can choose the ones you like best for every moment.


    The entire collection can be used both in winter and summer, both for casual looks and to give an elegant and versatile touch to any outfit.


    For rainy days, the patent leather kids desert boots can be allies of the puddles along with the collection of kids rain boots and condor socks to avoid cool temperatures so that your little ones do not stop enjoying themselves while keeping their feet insulated from the water. In summer or spring, smooth leather models triumph due to their sophistication and elegance, create unique outfits with this garment!





    Looking for unique and durable footwear? Children's footwear is the perfect solution. In this section, you can discover a wide variety of models, colors, finishes and styles, all of them following the latest market trends.


    If you are looking for a children's shoe for winter, you will undoubtedly love the ones with sheepskin inside, ideal for the coldest days of the year. If you are thinking of a shoe that can be used both for day to day and for a special occasion, patent leather finishes are the best option.


    Do you want your little one to go super original and modern this season? No doubt in OKAA you will find everything you are looking for. We have a wide variety of colors, from neutral and classic that combine with everything to more original and fun shoes with bright colors and prints. Do not miss the new models of desert boots, sure you will love them.


    Discover the glitter or metallic finishes, a trend that is becoming more and more fashionable. Similarly, we have unique details for the little ones, with fun details of bears, stars or bows. No doubt they will give a special touch to the whole outfit and will look adorable.


    Don't think twice! We know it will be difficult to choose from so much variety but we are sure you will find the perfect model of children's desert boots for your little one among our collection. In OKAA we have been working for years in the world of children's footwear so we know perfectly the needs of the little ones. Therefore, we guarantee that whatever you choose you will always have the best value for money.



  • Beach

    With the arrival of good weather, all parents are concerned about choosing the right footwear for their children. That's why at OKAA we bring you this wide collection of kids water shoes and flip-flops with unique and innovative designs.


    Find the beach footwear you are looking for so that your child can have fun while playing and running without risks and with a shoe that protects his or her feet at all times.


    This type of children's footwear is essential for the summer months and it is very important to choose the right one so they can play as much as they want with a shoe that grips your little one's foot well and follows their rhythm. In our OKAA online store, you can find a wide range of perfect and comfortable shoes for these occasions, such as kids sandals, versatile and ideal for any summer look.


    Thanks to our kids flip-flops made with quality rubber you can be sure that, thanks to their high resistance, they will not break when in contact with water and will be prepared to prevent slipping.







    At OKAA we offer you a wide variety of children's water shoes with different models, designs and colors so you can choose the one your child likes the most. Depending on the use to be given, you can choose between one model or another.


    For example, if your little one is going to do some sport, the best option is the neoprene shoes or opt for sports flip flops, thanks to its more secure closure, perfectly holds the foot and prevents sprains, allowing maximum flexibility when walking on the beach, pool or slippery terrain.


    For a cool swim, you can opt for a pair of rubber clogs, with different closures, designs and colors, since this material is very resistant to water and very light.


    In OKAA we have thought of all moments and all styles, so we also have more elegant designs, ideal for a walk in summer without spending heat on your feet. If you are looking for something for the day to day and that your little go perfect at all times, no doubt, you will fall in love with our ballerina style models. If you want a more formal look, take a look at our collection of kid's avarcas sandals, modern and cool for any occasion.






    As you can see, we have a wide and varied collection of beach and pool footwear to suit every moment and situation. All models are made in Spain with high quality materials, water resistant, comfortable and have non-slip soles to avoid risks.


    We work every day to bring to our website unique, varied and colorful designs to become the accessory that every boy or girl does not want to take off. In addition to their bright colors, they have unique qualities that favor the proper development of the feet of your little one, being light and flexible.


    Within our wide variety of styles, we have models with fun prints, with their favorite cartoon characters or elegant designs in pastel colors. Our children's flip-flops will become the star accessory of the spring-summer season.





    Since our inception, we have always focused on the care of your child's feet, for us it is the most important thing. During their first stages of life, choosing the right footwear is fundamental for their correct development.


    When choosing water shoes for kids, many factors must be taken into account, especially the type of activity that will be developed. It is not the same to choose flip-flops for going to the swimming pool, as it is to choose flip flops for practicing water sports or going for a walk.


    In each situation, the foot faces different terrains and it is very important to know which is the most suitable model before starting the purchase. In this section, you will find everything you are looking for for different ages and sizes. Summer is just around the corner, so do not wait any longer to get our kids flip flops and clogs, your little one will love them!



  • Sandals

    The good weather is coming, does your child have the right footwear for this season? In OKAA we bring out our latest line of sandals for kids to take their first steps with the most updated models in the fashion world.

    Sandals have become the favorite footwear of many mothers and fathers because they are comfortable, flexible and prevent feet from sweating and getting hot. The sandals for children from the OKAA collection offer all the advantages that a children's shoe should have.

    We know the needs of the little ones and, therefore, we have created a special collection for them in order to meet any expectation.



    These models offer multiple advantages, being one of the most used children's footwear in summer.

    When the heat arrives, there is footwear that is not suitable for high temperatures because it makes your child's feet sweat more easily, is uncomfortable and even causes slipping.

    OKAA's baby sandals for first steps are breathable, with non-slip soles so they can run and play safely and, most importantly, they are flexible. Flexibility in a slipper is fundamental for the correct development of the foot of the little ones. For this reason, OKAA models adapt perfectly to any age, with a wide variety of sizes available for you to choose the right one.

    On the other hand, our entire collection stands out for the wide variety of models, designs and finishes of sandals for children. We have the latest novelties of the 2020 summer season, with unique styles that you will fall in love with.

    From a classic peep-toe style sandal to the most daring designs so that your little one will look perfect in any occasion.



    The sandals for first steps pepito style are a model with which you will hit for sure, a closet background that combines perfectly with any style. They will be ideal for a walk or for an outdoor event.




    On the other hand, if you are looking for a sandal for the beach or pool, it is best to choose one made of washable leather. They do not spoil, hold your little one's feet perfectly and are very durable. In our collection, you will find several models that can get wet without any problem, with unique details such as butterflies, anchors or classic styles in all colors.

    In OKAA we always think about the little ones, that's why we have included in our collection of sandals models with adhesive tape closure. This way, your little one will be able to put on his shoes by himself without needing help, encouraging his individualism. Although, if you prefer the classic buckle closure, we also have sandals for little ones with this type of closure.

    Are you looking for children's shoes for weddings, baptisms or communions? In Okaa we also have mary jane shoes for kids andkids avarca sandals for when babies begin to take their first steps.

    In our online collection of baby sandals for first steps you can find a great variety, for every occasion, for both boys and girls. Discover your favorite, you will love them!



  • Home shoes

    The slippers for children are a very important type of children's shoes for their proper development and now, when the house has become their playground.


    However, when choosing which are the best for small, do not even ask yourself many questions. Many parents do not give this type of footwear the importance it has and it is very important for the correct development of a child's foot in the early stages of growth.


    Our models are ideal for all children. With them, they will look beautiful at any time, they will love them and, most importantly, they can play with them on without bothering them.


    All our kids slippers for little ones are soft and flexible, so they will offer total freedom of movement of the foot. Thanks to their flexibility, the little ones will be able to move their toes with ease. In this way, they protect their feet without interfering with their development and growth.


    In addition, they have a non-slip sole that prevents slipping. They are ideal for playing safely on any type of floor.


    When we talk about slippers for children it is very important to take into account the support. Therefore, in our collection we have slippers where the ankle area fits perfectly to the width of each foot, in this way, it is protected and isolated and prevents the slipper from slipping off or getting lost.





    Our online collection stands out for several reasons:


    First of all, OKAA takes into account the comfort of the little ones, so all our footwear is made with the best quality materials, meeting the needs of the smallest feet.


    Another of the things for which we emphasize is the versatility in all of our slippers. We make shoes that can be practical and can be used at any time. That's why our designs are great for both indoors and outdoors.


    The kids slippers from the OKAA collection can be used to go out for a walk if your son or daughter still uses a stroller. He or she will be comfortable and in beautiful footwear.


    We have plenty of different models ranging from the most traditional designs to original prints and fun drawings for all boys and girls up to size 34.


    Okaa stands out for its excellent value for money, since, apart from offering top quality footwear, it is quite economical.




    Our online collection also has different footwear for all seasons. In summer, the ideal is to choose cotton models, in this way, the foot of your son or daughter will perspire properly. For the summer we also have kids sandals.


    For winter, we always recommend wool. OKAA have slippers for children made of soft and comfortable wool that will keep your child's feet warm as ourkids desert boots.


    Discover on this page all the soft footwear your little one needs to stay safe and protected while running around the house. Find the right shoe for every need.


    In the shape of a little boot or sock, or if you prefer, in the shape of an espadrille, all our kids slippers for little ones are made with soft, quality materials for their comfort. You'll love them!


  • Ceremony shoes

    Discover the new collection of kids’ ceremony shoes, the most elegant and formal children's shoes to wear on special occasions.

    Ceremony shoes for little ones is a type of children's footwear that should not be missing in any closet. These shoes are ideal for weddings, baptisms or first communion and, at OKAA, you can find a wide variety of models and unique designs.

    We know that children prefer to wear a more casual footwear, so in our new collection you can find models as comfortable and flexible as a casual shoe. In addition, we follow the latest trends in the world of children's footwear so we have blucher shoes with laces, moccasins, boat shoes and much more, in different colors and models.



    Choosing a shoe with these characteristics can be a very difficult task. This type of children's footwear must have the best features to withstand a whole day of fun without causing discomfort to their feet.

    At OKAA, we offer you the best collection of ceremonial shoes for children, made in Spain with the best quality materials. In this way, we offer resistant, comfortable, safe footwear with non-slip soles, so children can play and have fun without fear of chafing or falling!

    These models are the perfect footwear to look elegant in special situations and, in this collection, you will be able to choose the perfect shoe for each one of them without giving up comfort and convenience.




    These models are unusual footwear for everyday wear. They are usually used for black tie events, matching a suit, corduroy pants and shirt and a more elegant look than usual.

    Therefore, it is important to choose the shoe for each of these moments and that your child looks amazing with a unique style.

    Ceremonial shoes for little ones are often used for weddings, baptisms or first communion, really special events that are not usually attended on a daily basis. That is why this shoe becomes so special.

    When it comes to his first communion, the child's look must be unforgettable, since he is the protagonist in a memorable day. If your little one is about to make the communion, you will love our line.

    These models are suitable for all types of feet, as we have a wide variety of sizes, so you will not have problems in choosing the ideal for your child.

    On the day of the first Communion every detail counts and, of course, the shoes should not go unnoticed and be at the height of the moment. Our collection of children's ceremony shoes 2022 has been carefully selected in order to meet all the requirements.

    At OKAA, not only do we have the perfect first communion shoes, but you can also choose any other shoes for weddings or baptisms that will give the touch that every party look needs.

    Find the perfect shoes among a wide range of colors, from black, brown, blue or burgundy, among others. All shoes are made of leather, designed so that children can be comfortable all day, playing, jumping and running without discomfort. For the guests we also have kids’ moccasins or t-bar shoes.



    Don't miss out! Discover our entire collection for little ones and get now the perfect shoes without having to leave home.

    Thanks to our size guide you will have no problem in choosing the most suitable shoe. In addition, if you have any doubts you can contact us and we will solve them quickly.

    In OKAA we always choose the best shoe with a quality-price ratio unmatched in the market. Your child can look dazzling on that special day such as a wedding, communion or black tie events to attend.

    The children's ceremony shoes will hold the rhythm of the whole party without bothering their feet, you will fall in love with them!


  • English & Blucher Shoes

    The Oxford shoe for children, also known as blucher, is the most elegant children's shoe you can find. In our OKAA collection, we have a wide variety of models, styles, finished in different types of leather such as nappa, suede or patent leather.


    The oxford shoes for kids of our online collection are 100% made in Spain, with high quality materials to offer all children a comfortable, durable and resistant shoe.


    The classic English shoe for kids has become a must for all ages. It is a very wearable, elegant and comfortable children's shoe. Combine it with a dress, dress pants or a skirt, it looks great with everything. In addition, it gives a distinguished touch to any look.






    At OKAA we want to offer you the widest variety of models you can find. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of colors, from neutral colors such as black and brown that are ideal at any time of the year to bright colors or pastel shades, which are ideal for the little ones and are ideal in the spring or summer season.


    All Oxfords shoes for kids of our collection have non-slip soles to avoid risks and with materials that prevent chafing or damage. They are soft and flexible shoes that adapt to the movement of the foot so that children can play and have fun without being uncomfortable.


    If you are looking for an ideal shoe for events such as communions, baptisms or weddings, this shoe is the most recommended by many parents. An elegant shoe that combines great with any garment and will hold the pace of your little one throughout the day.


    For summer, we have models that allow the foot to perspire as our English shoe for small linen or cotton. This shoe is perfect for hot weather, they are very light and are perfect even with shorts.

    For winter, undoubtedly, nappa leather, patent leather or English booties are perfect even for school. These types of materials protect the foot from the cold and some of them prevent water from getting inside because they are waterproof and resistant.


    The blucher shoes for children in our collection are made of different materials so that you can choose the right one for any moment. All of them are very classic shoes, however, some of the styles show a more modern air with unique details or fun prints to give them a touch of differentiation without losing elegance.


    For the little ones of the house we also have English shoes, with anatomical insole that favors the correct growth of their feet. The designs for those who begin to take their first steps are very sweet with light tones and adorable details such as pompoms or bows.


    Our children's shoes have different types of closures so you can choose depending on their age. If you prefer them with laces or with adhesive tape you will find them on our website. Even, without zipper, this way the child will be able to put them on easily.


    The English shoe for children will become the favorite garment to go to birthdays, family dinners or even to go to the park. These children's shoes, besides being comfortable, are very resistant. In addition, for other occasions we also have and kids moccasinsand t bar kids shoes


    Don't hesitate any longer and discover the wide collection of Oxford shoes for kids! You will fall in love with all of them and, we are sure, that you will not be able to keep just one pair. Our online store offers quality at a unique price.










  • Sneakers

    Children's shoes are very important, especially during their first steps. When choosing the right shoes for the little ones, a series of characteristics that allow the correct development of their feet must be taken into account.


    At OKAA we know very well the attributes that children's footwear should have, thanks to our years of experience. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of sneakers for kids that will meet all expectations.




    Because they are one of the most used children's footwear during all stages of their lives, and no wonder!


    They are comfortable, practical footwear that can be used at any time of the year. They provide numerous benefits for the feet of the little ones, with which they can play, run and have fun without worries, and they will become their favorite footwear!


    The most important thing about these models is that they hold perfectly, are flexible and do not affect walking, the foot will develop without problems. In addition, in our entire collection, we have sneakers created with the best materials, which means they are very durable and have non-slip soles, to avoid slipping while playing.


    Whether for winter or summer, slippers and sneakers for kids are perfect for any time of the year. Depending on the material chosen, they will be cooler or warmer.


    And, one very important thing, they are beautiful! They look great with any outfit and can be combined with a thousand garments.










    If you like our models, we have a wide variety of styles in our OKAA collection. From sneakers, with laces or with adherent closure to encourage the independence of the little ones and they can put them on by themselves.


    If you need footwear for the swimming pool, in this section you can discover shoes and sneakers designed for water, resistant and durable, with neoprene and completely closed. This way, you will be able to choose the right children's footwear for every moment. In addition, we have specific kids water shoes and flip flops for the summer orkids boat shoes for more special occasions.


     On the other hand, if you are looking for a comfortable and versatile footwear for the day to day, our sneakers for children will guarantee you these characteristics, with a wide range of models and colors that you will fall in love with.


    For winter, we have bootie-style sneakers that will look great with any look and will keep your little one's feet insulated from the cold and protect them from the rain. For summer, we have models that allow the foot perspiration and not sweat with high temperatures for the comfort of your little one.


    We have all the styles you can imagine in our collection of OKAA shoes and sneakers for kids! Undoubtedly, we stand out for our sturdy, comfortable, durable and quality footwear, without forgetting to follow the latest trends in the world of fashion for your little one to go beautiful at all times and feel comfortable with our children's footwear.

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When the baby passes the stage of crawling and the first steps, we enter the next phase of more physical activity, when the toddler begins to explore his environment with great curiosity.


It is important to choose the right footwear for the youngest members of the family. At this stage of development it has to have certain characteristics that allow the child to move freely and even run safely.


In Okaa we take care of your child, and therefore we have developed a complete collection of shoes for kids suitable for their great activity, without forgetting the safety and aesthetics of them.


Our shoes are made with natural materials (leather, linen, canvas) and breathable, and flexible soles that allow free movement without pain or chafing, because when the sole of the shoe is rigid, it prevents the correct movement and the child can get vitiated when walking.


The sole, in addition to being flexible, has drawings or rubber that allow the grip with the ground preventing accidental slipping, and have no heel or corrective insoles, as it could deform the foot.


And all this with the guarantee that your child is wearing a product manufactured in Spain and offering a 100% guarantee and confidence.


The footwear for small children in our catalog ranges from size 18 to size 24 and we have an infinite number of models of espadrilles for kids, avarca sandals, ballerinas, booties, rain boots, school shoes, moccasins, t-strap shoes, boat shoes, desert boots, beach and pool shoes, sandals, slippers, oxford shoes and sneakers.


School and daycare


Another problem faced by many parents is the choice of the most appropriate footwear for their children when they start going to kindergarten or school, and will no longer be under their supervision.


In Okaa we have thought of everything and it is for this reason that we have developed a special collection of school shoes for both girls and boys, covering all the needs according to the activity, and without forgetting the aesthetics of footwear to fit very well with the clothes of this stage.


In this way you will find in our catalog: boys' school shoes (blucher or nautical) and girls' school shoes (classic and stylized style), school or sport boots (with washable leather, padded, with adherent zipper, warm and in several colors), sneakers (in white and navy blue, with double adherent zipper to ensure the closure and that they do not open with movement), and of course the water boots with adjustable collar so that the kids can enjoy themselves without getting their feet wet on those rainy days.


Warm at home


We've also thought about those autumn and winter days when the little ones come home after a hard day at school.


Our collection of slippers for kids not only protect from the cold, but also allow children to move freely thanks to their flexible soles. You'll find different materials (wool, corduroy, towel), styles (slippers, kung fu, booties, ballerinas) and colors (pink, fuchsia, red, light blue, blue, beige, green, brown).


For the summer

In our collection you can also discover a wide range of footwear for spring and summer (in leather, linen, canvas, rubber) such as espadrilles, avarca sandals, sandals…. Even some of the models are decorated with special ornaments for ceremonies such as bows, lace, lace, lace, silk ... or with marine designs ideal for a cool evening.


And to all this, we always add the adherent closure that allows ease in footwear and ensures the movements of the foot and that adapts to the foot without causing chafing or injury.


In Okaa we want to make sure that no one is left without their footwear, we take care to send you your toddler shoes for free, and if you want to make a return, do not worry, it is also free.