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Now that the rainy season is approaching, you can't miss a good pair of rain boots for women in the closet of moms to go with those of the little ones in the house. At OKAA, we will help you choose the most beautiful, resistant, original and comfortable wellies on the market.


The katiuskas for women are the best solution to keep your feet dry and protected during the winter months. In our online store you will find everything you are looking for, with a variety of models, designs and styles to combine them as you want with your daughter. All of them, with unique qualities that make them the perfect footwear.


The rain boots for women and girls that we have in OKAA are available in different colors, prints and unique finishes with details that will give a unique touch to any outfit. Our entire collection has non-slip soles to avoid the risk of slips and falls, so you can enjoy playing with your little one without fear, so that the cold does not take away your desire to continue learning!


In our online store you can find models for moms and daughters together with the best features on the market. We offer quality footwear at an affordable price, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and durability in all our products.


Our OKAA models are waterproof, warm, easy to clean and dry quickly thanks to the materials they are made of.


Discover the entire collection in this section and make a difference this fall with trendy footwear that will become the ideal fashion accessory for both you and your daughter. We also have boots for women and desert boots.






The cold season is coming and, just as in summer you prepare your footwear to combat the heat, it is very important that in winter you protect your feet to avoid colds. Rainy days can be a real horror if you are not prepared to face this weather.


Women's rain boots are a must-have in any closet. It is a versatile and very useful footwear both for going to pick up your daughter at school and for the day to day, for the office or to go to the park. They have an infinite number of uses and combine with all kinds of clothes.


First of all, we want a comfortable shoe, as they have lining inside, non-slip sole and textile insole. In this way, we have a shoe that is not only comfortable, but also warm and light.


In addition, we offer the most updated models, with unique and elegant designs, both for mothers and girls. We take care of all the details in our footwear, being specialists in children's shoes. Our collection is designed so that you can match your shoes with your daughter's. Girls will be thrilled!





The collection we have in our online store OKAA is sophisticated, with different finishes such as patent leather or matte effect, with small designs such as polka dots and stars. These are details that make the difference.


We keep in mind that, to combine your shoes with those of your little one is not necessary anything extravagant and that simplicity and elegance makes unique looks are created. If you want a touch of color you can opt for our red, blue, yellow wellies, and much more!


Everything you are looking for this winter we have it in this section. Here you will find katiuskas and rain boots for women in a variety of sizes so you will not have any problem. Also, we have buckle closures or simply boots where you put your foot and nothing else is necessary. Regardless of which one you choose, they all protect and secure your feet.


Don't think twice! Discover in our catalog all our models, their beautiful designs and high quality and, thus, be able to go perfectly combined at any time.