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This website, fully owned by OKAASPAIN S.L. uses cookies, however when a user visits this website no personal data which may identify him/her is automatically registered. During navigation the system gathers a series of non-personally-identifying information through devices called "cookies" in order to facilitate the user the navigation and improve the management of the website. These data are eg: browser type, operating system, IP address, etc. The system also maintains the user anonymously identified in order to facilitate him/her browsing the website. This identification is maintained throughout the session until the user closes the browser.

The user can freely decide whether to introduce or not our cookies in his/her hard drive as well as their deletion, following the procedure established in the help section of his/her browser. The user can also set his/her browser to accept or reject all cookies by default, or to receive a notice of receipt of each cookie and decide, at that time, whether to introduce it or not in his/her hard drive.

The cookies used in this website which are not strictly necessary for the correct operation of the site are the following:

  1. Cookies used for recording the preferences of the users : SOURCE: Addthis, Google, Facebook

SOURCE: Addthis, Google, Facebook


These cookies are associated to the AddThis social change widget, which is commonly embedded in the websites in order visitors are able to share contents with a variety of networking platforms for the exchange of information.

SOURCE: Google, Facebook

PURPOSE: These cookies allow our websites to recall information regarding the appearance or the behavior of the site, such as your preferred language or the region where you currently are. For instance, when recalling your region a website may provide you traffic information or local weather alerts.These cookies also allow you to change the text size, the font and other sections of the websites that you are able to customize.

The loss of the information stored in a preference cookie may make the website navigation experience to be less functional, but it shall not affect its normal operation.

Más información:

  1. Cookies used to create statistics from the navigation habits of the users: SOURCE: Google

SOURCE: Google


We use these cookies in order to gather information regarding the usage of our website by the visitors, so we can improve our site, detect new necessities and evaluate the improvements to be introduced with the purpose of providing users a better service. With this information we create reports which are subsequently used to enhance the website.

The information obtained is related to, e.g.: the amount of sites visited and the number of visits, the language, the social network in which our news are published, the city assigned to the IP address from which the users get access, the amount of users who visit us, the frequency and the recurrence of the visits, the visiting time, the kind of browser used, the internet service provider or the type of device used.

More information: usage?hl=es

  1. Advertising cookies: 

SOURCE: Google, Facebook

PURPOSE: These cookies allow us to manage, in the most effective manner, the offer of available advertising spaces in the website and to impact our users (the ones who had interacted with us) with advertisements, adapting the content of the advertisement to the content of the service requested or to the use made of our website.To do this, we may analyze his/her Internet navigation habits and we may show him/her advertising related to his navigation profile.

More information: analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage

To allow, identify, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer you can do so by setting the options of the browser installed on your computer.

You can find information about how to do it if your browser is:

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