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All the products that make up OKAA's collection are manufactured with high quality materials with the aim of providing your child with durable, comfortable and lightweight footwear, our boy avarca sandals will become your child's favorite shoe!


OKAA, due to its long experience in the footwear sector, knows the needs of the little ones. Our models are very durable so that they can perform all kinds of activities without being damaged or broken. In addition, they provide your child with the best support, with adherent or buckle closure so that their foot can develop without problems and avoid sprains.


In our online collection for children you can find a wide variety of designs, colors and different models that you can combine with any look. All our boy avarca sandals follow the latest market trends, with unique and distinctive styles. You can also take a look to our boy sandals orespadrilles for boys




Our designs of avarcas for children draw attention to the quality of our materials, made in Spain and the great line of prints that we present.


This type of footwear is the most recommended for the spring-summer seasons. It keeps your child's feet cool, is very breathable and, with the non-slip sole, avoids the risk of them falling while playing.


If what you like is to go for new prints and new trends, we also have more novelty molemos, with metallic finishes, bright and even with beautiful embroidery. Your child will look great on any occasion!


The boy avarca sandals have become the shoe par excellence, not only the favorite of moms and dads, but also of their children. It is a comfortable, versatile, light and flexible shoe. Ideal for all types of feet, as it does not hinder their development at an early age.


Discover our collection in our online store, with sizes ranging from 17 to 45, depending on the model you choose. On our website, you can find shoes for both toddlers and older children. Do you want to wear the same shoes as your child? At OKAA, we make it easy for you, you will be able to wear the same shoes as your child thanks to our wide variety of sizes!




First of all, it is very important to know the age of your child. If your child is still too young, it is best to buy them with hook-and-loop fasteners, this way, they will hold their foot but they will be able to put them on and take them off easily without hurting themselves.


If you need everyday footwear that your child can wear at the playground, buckle fasteners are the ideal choice. They hold the foot correctly and allow perspiration without problems. Flexible and comfortable.


However, if you need them for a special event, something more formal and outdoors, a classic is always a good option. You will never go wrong with our range with straps and leather in different colors.


Discover our entire collection of our boy avarca sandals - you won't be able to resist!