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The slippers for women from the OKAA collection will become the favorite shoe of all those moms who spend a long day walking, standing, going to the gym...


After being at work all day long, hours and hours of non-stop work, playing and having fun with your kids, you deserve a break. Relax your feet with a comfortable and soft shoe that will keep them rested to continue with the routine the next day. At OKAA we understand that moment of getting home and resting, that's why we offer you the collection of this footwear that will make you fall in love with its comfort and its designs.


Enjoy that moment when you get home and change your shoes after a day of stress and worries to use our women home shoes. Try their super comfortable and cushioned sole and feel the real rest in your feet.





One of OKAA's main principles is to offer quality footwear at an affordable price, both for boys and girls of all ages and for moms and dads. Footwear is a must and, depending on the moment, the time of the year and the activity you want to do, it is very important to choose good footwear that does not damage your feet.


Our collection of slippers for women is perfect for the features offered and also for the variety of models, all updated to the latest trends this year.


On many occasions, it is not given importance to home shoes, mainly because no one will see us, but that does not mean they always have to be classic models, take a look at the wide range that we offer, in it you will find colors and super original models that you will love.


If with the arrival of summer, you prefer a more colorful and even cooler shoes, you can take a look at the collection of sandals for moms and women espadrilles we have in our online store. They will be so comfortable that when you get home from the street you won't want to take them off.






With these shoes, we guarantee maximum comfort at all times, with a soft and durable sole with which to enjoy the free time watching a movie on the couch or enjoy the game at home with the kids. They will soon become your favorite accessory to be at home, as they will keep your feet rested and warm or cool depending on the season and the model you choose.


In OKAA we have a long experience in the footwear sector and we bring to our online store only the best products. Our catalog is designed so you can feel comfortable and enjoy a moment of disconnection with a shoe that makes you feel like you're on a cloud.


In addition, what we highlight of our collection is that the little ones will love that their mom wears the same model as them. Since we have models for mother and daughter, a very fashionable trend in recent years. That little girls want to wear the same shoes as their moms is not surprising, since they are undoubtedly their example to follow and want to imitate them at all times.


Create unforgettable moments with our home shoes for women and go together with those of your little girl, you will see that she will be delighted and will help to create a very special bond between you. We are sure that you will not be able to resist neither our models nor our prices, don't think twice!