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Looking for the perfect footwear for your daughter to wear all year round? Without a doubt, the sneakers for girls from the OKAA collection are the perfect choice.


At OKAA we offer a wide variety of models for girls in different models and styles, with very wide sizes ranging from 17 to 42 so you can choose the perfect ones for your daughter.




Our online store has slippers and sneakers for girls made with the best quality, national manufacture and, they are beautiful!


All our products stand out for their durability and flexibility, able to adapt perfectly to the movement of the foot to avoid chafing and ensure, always, the comfort of the little ones.


OKAA shoes are available in different models to suit the needs of the moment. If you are looking for a complement for the day to day, to combine with any look you can find on our website classic sneakers with neutral colors to enjoy them in any season.


On the other hand, if you need a more elegant children's footwear that is also comfortable, we have sneakers for girls in leather, booties style, which combine great with dresses and skirts, ideal for the autumn-winter season!


All kinds of models with the best features, rubber soles that prevent slipping, waterproof shoes for rainy weather or sheepskin for the cold. Each of them, stand out for the materials that will make your daughter can have fun running and playing without worries because they hold the foot well and allow its proper development.


In OKAA you will find a wide collection where you will not be able to resist to take more than one pair since the quality-price ratio is unbeatable.






No matter how old your daughter is, our products follow the latest trends in the world of fashion with which you can go perfect without losing comfort.


Discover our models for the little ones or for older girls, with original and fun designs, polka dot prints, with sequins and metallic. We have unique designs with floral prints, perfect for summer. For this time, we also have our beautiful sandals for girls and espadrilles.


If you prefer closet basics, you can also find them in this section. Sneakers in neutral, dark and classic tones that will look great at any time, everything you can imagine we have it in OKAA!


The sneakers for girls have different closures, from laces to tape closure to make it easier for the little ones to put them on without problems and thus be more independent.


Without a doubt, our girls' shoes and sneakers are designed to be comfortable, durable and beautiful. They have all the requirements that a children's shoe should have without being a problem for the feet. With this year's latest trends, your daughter can look her best at any time and match them with her favorite outfits to create the perfect look.


Find the perfect sneaker and bamba in this section, you'll love them all!