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Kids ballerinas have become an essential shoe in the closet of your kids, at any age. It is a versatile, comfortable and elegant shoe that adapts to the movement of the foot for its correct development.


Ballerinas or ballet pumps are ideal to wear all year round, both winter and summer, as they can be combined with any style and garment. Your little one will look beautiful all year round!


This type of children's footwear is very popular for parents for special events such as baptisms, communions or any celebration because it is a very comfortable shoe that fits the foot, without hurting or chafing. The little ones will be able to wear them for hours without discomfort or pain.





In OKAA we have a wide collection of ballerinas for kids for you to choose from an infinite number of models, styles and materials. In this section you will find different types of ballerinas such as patent leather ballerinas, velvet ballerinas, fabric ballerinas... and many more!


Find the perfect shoes for your little one on our website with the most updated and modern ballet pumps on the market. With them, your daughter will be able to dress elegantly with a classic and durable shoe that will allow her to run, jump and play without causing problems. On our website you’ll also be able to find our mary jane kids shoes or kids avarcas among others.


The features of ballerinas are quite remarkable and that is why it has become a closet staple. First of all, their shape with flat sole and rounded toe make them adorable as well as stylish. Plus, they are extra comfortable and flexible.


At OKAA we design the most original models with unique prints, ornaments and fantasy effects with glitter or metallic, a very fashionable trend in recent years. In addition, to make it easier to put them on the foot, we have different closures, with adhesive tape, a loop or an elastic band. All of them provide your little one's feet with maximum support.






For many years, kids ballerinas have become the essential shoe for girls, and more and more parents are choosing to wear them all year round. It is a timeless shoe that combines with any style and outfit, both with skirts and pants.


In summer, ballerinas for little ones are made of leather and with pebbles to keep their feet cool. During this time of the year, they tend to use more cheerful colors, so we bring exclusive collections in pastel shades, the most demanded during the summer.


On the other hand, in winter, the perfect ballet pumps are those made of patent or soft leather, in dark colors and with velvety finishes.


Another reason why many fathers and mothers opt for these shoes, regardless of their comfort and durability, is because of their versatility. You will find that it is appropriate for any time of the day, both for special events and for an informal look. Undoubtedly, it is the wildcard shoe that every closet should have.


In our OKAA online store you can find the widest collection of children's ballerinas with an unbeatable value for money. Do not miss them!