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  • Espadrilles

    Espadrilles for boys or esparto slippers are a type of children's footwear that never goes out of fashion. An ideal classic for children of any age.


    This shoe offers multiple advantages for your child's feet, as it protects them from moisture and they can be comfortable in any situation. From OKAA we present a line of children's espadrilles that are perfect for the spring-summer season. For this same season, in OKAA we also have sandals for boysand, for the winter, a very cool collection of desert boots.


     Made with high quality materials of natural fibers of cotton, canvas or esparto grass, with hemp soles or similar material, the esparto grass slippers for children become a very versatile children's shoe. We have a complete line with different colors and closure modes to choose the one you like the most.





    Our online collection of children's espadrilles are designed for all kinds of events, from special celebrations to everyday wear, so your child can enjoy playing while looking great in any situation!


     From going to the beach or the pool to going out to eat or for communions, kids' esparto shoes are always a safe bet. They are ideal for casual looks, but also to combine them with more formal outfits.


     Find on our website the espadrilles for your child, a shoe that is reborn year after year and is always trendy.




  • Avarcas from Menorca

    All the products that make up OKAA's collection are manufactured with high quality materials with the aim of providing your child with durable, comfortable and lightweight footwear, our boy avarca sandals will become your child's favorite shoe!


    OKAA, due to its long experience in the footwear sector, knows the needs of the little ones. Our models are very durable so that they can perform all kinds of activities without being damaged or broken. In addition, they provide your child with the best support, with adherent or buckle closure so that their foot can develop without problems and avoid sprains.


    In our online collection for children you can find a wide variety of designs, colors and different models that you can combine with any look. All our boy avarca sandals follow the latest market trends, with unique and distinctive styles. You can also take a look to our boy sandals orespadrilles for boys




    Our designs of avarcas for children draw attention to the quality of our materials, made in Spain and the great line of prints that we present.


    This type of footwear is the most recommended for the spring-summer seasons. It keeps your child's feet cool, is very breathable and, with the non-slip sole, avoids the risk of them falling while playing.


    If what you like is to go for new prints and new trends, we also have more novelty molemos, with metallic finishes, bright and even with beautiful embroidery. Your child will look great on any occasion!


    The boy avarca sandals have become the shoe par excellence, not only the favorite of moms and dads, but also of their children. It is a comfortable, versatile, light and flexible shoe. Ideal for all types of feet, as it does not hinder their development at an early age.


    Discover our collection in our online store, with sizes ranging from 17 to 45, depending on the model you choose. On our website, you can find shoes for both toddlers and older children. Do you want to wear the same shoes as your child? At OKAA, we make it easy for you, you will be able to wear the same shoes as your child thanks to our wide variety of sizes!




    First of all, it is very important to know the age of your child. If your child is still too young, it is best to buy them with hook-and-loop fasteners, this way, they will hold their foot but they will be able to put them on and take them off easily without hurting themselves.


    If you need everyday footwear that your child can wear at the playground, buckle fasteners are the ideal choice. They hold the foot correctly and allow perspiration without problems. Flexible and comfortable.


    However, if you need them for a special event, something more formal and outdoors, a classic is always a good option. You will never go wrong with our range with straps and leather in different colors.


    Discover our entire collection of our boy avarca sandals - you won't be able to resist!


  • Rain boots

    Winter is coming and, with it, the rainy, cold and windy season. Keeping the foot protected from low temperatures is very important to avoid colds. That's why, at OKAA, we offer you a wide range of boy rain boots in different models, colors and styles. You'll fall in love with them!


    OKAA's katiuskas for kids provide safety and protection so that your little one can play, run and splash in puddles, keeping his feet dry and warm. This children's footwear is a closet staple, indispensable at any age, very versatile, durable and useful.


    Prepare your child for winter with a unique collection. A shoe that, in addition to protecting, is beautiful and looks great with any outfit, from jeans to more formal or sporty pants.





    Not sure which shoes to choose? We'll make it easy for you! Our models are the best option for rainy days. They have all the necessary features to have quality footwear at a good price. Our collection is available in different models, designs and colors, following the current trends in the world of footwear. In addition, we also have boy boots and ankle boots boy.


    The entire collection is manufactured 100% in Spain, with materials that stand out for their durability, strength and flexibility. In this way, the foot of your little one will be protected but also, they can enjoy without feeling discomfort.


    We have all kinds of models of katiuskas for children, with fun and original designs, adorable drawings or basic boots that combine everything and are perfect for older children. Your child will not want to take them off!

    What's more, all OKAA kids' wellies are waterproof. With them, they can play in puddles without any risk, as they also have non-slip soles to prevent slipping and falling.


    It is very important that they are light and comfortable, because they do not damage the feet of the little ones with chafing. Our wide catalog will give you the opportunity to choose the perfect footwear with the best features and at an unbeatable price. Don't renounce to a unique quality and an economic shoe.


    They have different finishes and colors: green, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, pink... Everything you can imagine! We also have more neutral colors, such as black or brown, more discreet colors for everyday wear.


    If you are looking for a shoe for rainy days, in this section you will find everything you need, they are ideal both for going to school and to enjoy a walk, go to the park or for excursions. Combine them with everything you want, create the perfect look!


    In addition, in OKAA, we think in all children, so we have a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20 to 40, so you will have no problem choosing the perfect size to suit the foot of your little one.


    Don't think twice! Buy boy rain boots online with OKAA. Enjoy this winter more than ever without worrying about their little feet.





  • Ankle Boots

    Winter is coming and all moms and dads need to find a shoe suitable for low temperatures, rain and wind. That's why OKAA offers a line of ankle boots for boys, an essential footwear for these months where the foot must be protected.


    The autumn-winter season is perfect for combining these OKAA models with warmer outfits. However, thanks to our wide variety of products and their versatility, they can also be used in the spring months.


    Choosing the perfect shoe is certainly not easy, so we want to help you as much as possible. During their first steps or during their development, footwear is essential for their feet to grow healthy and not have any problems when walking, running and discovering the world.


    OKAA boys ankle boots are perfect for all kinds of occasions, precious and adorable, but they also have qualities that make them unique.






    First of all, the models in our collection are very varied. We have many models, some more suitable for winter and others more focused on the spring-summer months.


    In this section, you will find everything you need. If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable and durable footwear, without a doubt, the ankle boots for boys are perfect. It is a children's shoe that combines with all types of clothing, is flexible, so it adapts to the foot of the small and allows you to enjoy playing and running being light and comfortable.


    This type of footwear can be used at all times. Ankle boots for boys are perfect with casual looks, to go to school, to the park or to some celebration such as birthdays, dinners or family meals, giving an elegant touch to the outfit. Precisely to go to school, we also have school shoes for boys or sneakers for boys for more casual events such as those mentioned above.


    The products in this section adapt to all types of feet, so we have a wide range of sizes. If your child is growing, you will have no problem finding the perfect size on the web.


    On the other hand, as we mentioned before, they have unique qualities, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they are made with high quality materials, 100% made in Spain. This guarantees a durable shoe that resists the hustle and bustle of all the kids.


    As in all our website, the wide variety of models, styles and colors in booties for children allows you to choose the one you like your little one or you decide depending on the utility that you are going to give.


    We have booties type English, sneakers, sport, wallabi, and many more! All of them have something that makes them unique, updated details that make this shoe a must-have. Enjoy all of them in different finishes: leather, suede, patent leather, canvas... Everything you can imagine and need we have it in our online children's footwear page.


    Do you want a basic color to match everything without worrying? Velvety finishes in neutral tones such as black, brown or gray have become very popular boots for boys.


    Do you prefer to take a risk with bold colors? You will fall in love with our models with pompoms, bangs, in yellow, red or blue colors.  You'll love them, but your child won't even want to take them off.


    Discover in this section all the ankle boots for boys, we know that you will not be able to decide on just one. That's why we offer unbeatable prices so that, besides having quality, you can also choose that quality at an economical price.



  • Boots and ankle boots

    Winter is coming and there is no better children's footwear for this season than boots for boys. This shoe is perfect for the rainy and cold seasons where the foot should be well protected and warm.


    In OKAA, we have available a wide variety of models for children of great quality at an incredible price so you can choose between the ones you like and create, for your little one, the ideal look.


    This option has become an essential footwear for day to day, even can be used for a special event. Therefore, every child should have a pair in his closet.





    In this section you will find different types of boots for boys, in different styles, models and colors to choose the one you need.  All of them stand out for their characteristics, made in Spain with the best materials on the market, they are resistant, comfortable and follow the latest fashion trends of this season.


    They have a great versatility. With this type of children's footwear your child can be comfortable at all times and combine with any garment, so they can use them to go to school, to the park or anywhere. Our collection is so beautiful that surely they will never want to take them off!


    Made with the best materials, our models are resistant and durable. They will be able to play and have fun with them as much as they want without getting chafed. In addition, they all have non-slip soles to avoid the risk of falling.


    Our shoes keep their feet protected in winter from the cold and rain. We have a wide variety of models that perfectly resist water and prevent it from getting inside. Above all, those made of nappa leather or leather are perfect. For this kind of occasions we also have rain boots for boys and desert boots for boys.



    We also have children's boots and ankle boots with sheepskin inside for colder days. For spring, this children's footwear is also often used, so we have models that are somewhat cooler made of split leather.

    In OKAA you will find a wide variety of models and colors, with classic or more modern designs, with unique details such as bangs, metallic finishes and glitter, increasingly fashionable trends.


    Find your perfect shoes and combine them as you like. We even have sport boots so they can do sports without problems, very comfortable and flexible that adapt to the movement of the foot so they do not get hurt.


    They also have different types of closures, from buckle to adhesive tape. They even have no closure to make it easier to put them on and take them off. Regardless of this, they all hold their little feet perfectly and we have a wide variety of sizes for any age.


    The models in our collection can even be used for events such as baptisms and communions, since we have very elegant and sophisticated models that will look great with chino pants or dress pants.


    Don't think it twice! Discover the entire collection of boots for boys in this section, of great quality and at a great price, it will be very difficult for you to choose just one pair.




  • Australian style boots

    Australian boots for boys are the best option for winter and, at OKAA, we have them in very good quality and at the best price, your child will love them!


    Aussie boots for boys are a trend. Moreover, at OKAA, we manufacture them in Spain, with the best materials and with different finishes such as velvet, glitter, with buttons, etc.


    With our australian boots for boys will be extremely comfortable, as they have a lining inside that will keep them warm on those winter days, they won't want to take them off!


    At OKAA we have thought that what children want most is ease, comfort and to be able to wear shoes with any type of clothing.




    With our collection you will discover quality footwear at the best price. This type of footwear is coming on strong and everyone wants to get a pair for their children.


    This range of products is sweeping the market now that winter is coming, because they are comfortable boots, which protect the foot and are strong enough to resist the jogging that the kids give them at school, in the park, etc. A unique footwear!


    Incidentally, these aussie boots are designed to be perfect for any occasion, whether it's going to school, the park, a family event, etc. Our little ones will be comfortable and feel great.


    At OKAA, we want kids to have many options to choose their favorite australian boots. That's why we have different styles, from simple boots to more original and eye-catching boots.






    The cold weather is here and with it comes the boot season. In OKAA, you can already find a wide variety of them, highlighting this season the Australian boots for boys. This type of footwear is not a novelty, but this year comes with force and is always a safe bet for children.


    They have become a trend in children's footwear and fashion and, therefore, in OKAA we offer Australian boots for all tastes. You are still in time to get some for your child and he/she won't want to take them off all winter long.


    Besides, if your child becomes a fan of this type of footwear, he or she will want to buy a different one for every occasion and at OKAA we have them all. More classic for school and more eye-catching for a family meal, for example.




    If you want to get the most original and beautiful australian boots for boys on the market, at OKAA you can find the entire collection from your home.


    If you are worried about not finding the right size, we have a detailed guide on our website, so you can make the right choice for your child's footwear.


    Buying Australian boots for kids online is easier than ever. With just one click on the shoes that your child likes the most, you will have them at home sooner than you expect. In addition, you can also take a look at our models of Boys’ water boots or booties for boys.


    What are you waiting for? Get the Australian boots for kids now so they can enjoy them as soon as possible.


  • School shoes

    Whether it's for school or for everyday wear, any time is the perfect time to choose school shoes for children, as they will be able to wear them on any occasion in total comfort.


     At OKAA, we bring you this new line of children's shoes for boys completely updated, with new and more modern models from the world of footwear.


    This type of footwear is essentially for those schools or kindergartens where they must wear uniforms, so it is very important to choose the right footwear. Throughout a school year, children spend many hours learning and playing at school, so it is necessary to choose comfortable and flexible footwear.




    In OKAA, we always offer to all parents, the most current lines of footwear to choose from a variety of models that best suits the needs of your child.


    In this case, school shoes for boys must be comfortable and flexible, which adapt perfectly to the movement of the foot without chafing or hurting them. Our collection is made with high quality materials and has extraordinary characteristics that allow the correct development of your child's foot.


    In this section, you will be able to find all kinds of children's shoes according to your child's needs. Our models stand out for being varied and modern, without forgetting the elegance that this type of footwear must transmit.


    The line of this footwear that we put at your disposal in OKAA is ideal for both winter and summer. Depending on the model, you can choose different fastenings: without laces, with laces or with adhesive tape to favor the independence of the child to be able to fasten them alone without help.

    Both the shoe and boot models are beautiful and your child will look great every day at school and will be able to play without the risk of slipping thanks to our non-slip soles, which will allow them to run and play without risk.


    In addition, within our collection you will also find sport models for gym classes. This type of children's footwear is very comfortable for sports activities and allows the foot to perspire, so that they do not get hot while wearing them. Besides, we also have boy sneakers for the weekends.


    And when it rains? Although all our models are water resistant and do not let the drops pass to their feet, we also have boy rain boots for the rainy seasons.


     Discover in this section the perfect complement to go to school. Choose the model that best suits the needs of your child. Choose from different colors that you can combine depending on the uniform he wears to create the perfect look. Don't think twice! Our school shoes for boys are the best choice for their incredible features and value for money.




  • Tights and socks for...

    Condor is one of the most outstanding brands in Spain in the textile sector, especially for its tights and socks for boys. With more than 120 years in the market, Condor creates unique garments with the best quality materials for your child to wear with unique products at a good price.


    For this reason, OKAA, offers you a new online line of Condor tights and socks for boys to offer you the best garments that can be combined with all our shoes.


    In our wide collection you will find everything you need for any occasion, find the perfect pair on our website!





    Children never stop growing and Condor cares about them doing it correctly by creating a unique and original line that will perfectly fit your little one's feet without causing discomfort.


    Find in OKAA a variety of sizes ranging from 000 to 14. With a wide variety of colors, prints and the most current tones so that your child is always in fashion.


    Choose from classic models in neutral colors or take a chance with pastel or more flashy colors that will be ideal for spring-summer outfits.


    Need something more formal? At OKAA we have it. Condor tights and socks for boys go with all kinds of outfits, but we also have loafers and children's boat shoes for more special occasions.





    For spring and summer, our designs are the best option. They allow you to keep your child's feet protected from any kind of chafing without being hot. In addition, on our website you can find different colors and models that fit perfectly with the needs of the season.

    A trend that has marked the summer in recent years is the use of pastel colors for all types of clothing. OKAA, together with Condor, offers you designs that will give a touch of fun to any outfit without losing elegance, your child will look beautiful!


    In addition, in our collection you will find sport socks. Your child will enjoy running and playing without feeling sweaty feet.


    For autumn and winter, the highlights are undoubtedly high socks and tights. They are warm garments that can be worn under any outfit. Condor has classic tights for children, in dark colors such as brown, black or navy blue tights, but also with incredible designs.


    If you are looking for models that stand out for their design and print, you will definitely find them here. Discover socks with Christmas print for the happiest time of the year. Find socks and tights with pompoms or bows and complete the perfect seasonal look.


    Without a doubt, they have become a closet staple, a garment your child needs. They are versatile, comfortable and can be used for any occasion. Their high quality fabric allows them to adjust perfectly to your child's movements.


    Don't wait any longer and combine Condor tights and socks for boys with our children's shoes!












  • Moccasins

    Boy moccasins are a type of children's footwear characterized by being especially soft, flexible and comfortable. It is the perfect shoe to enjoy playing without hurting.


    The new collection offered by OKAA in its online store is characterized by being of great quality with different colors and finishes for winter and summer, and manufactured 100% in Spain.


    These shoes offer great versatility as they combine perfectly with any look.  They are a type of footwear that can be used both for celebrations, with an elegant look, and for everyday wear, with a more casual look.


    OKAA offers a diverse catalog for your child to look great every day of the year, with an easy closure, they are quick to put on and your child will be able to fasten them by himself!





    Our new line still maintains the beauty of traditional shoes and their elegance, but with a modern touch so that your child can enjoy wearing them and feel comfortable.


    This type of footwear goes perfectly with any outfit. Your child will be able to wear them with jeans or with dress pants and a shirt to be elegant but comfortable.  In our online collection, you can find models for children in extra soft leather, Nubuck or Napa leather of first quality, in different colors and with unique details.


    In addition, these children's shoes go perfectly with school uniforms. Most parents, whose child must go to school in uniform, opt for this option because the flexibility of this shoe allows them to walk without problems and play at recess avoiding chafing or discomfort.


    Whether you want a classic moccasin or something more daring, in our online store you can find the style that best represents the personality of your child. Our new line of spring summer collection, comes loaded with novelties. We have included moccasins in pastel colors, a trend that, in recent years, is being a success, even with distinctive details that make them unique as bangs or bows.


    Plus, you can wear them in winter too! We have moccasin boots, padded and ready for autumn-winter. In our online collection, we highlight the latest novelty, the Wallabi moccasin boots with Serratex laces, which follow a very chic and casual style for the little ones, they will never want to take them off! For winter we also have boy rain bootsand ankle boots






    All our products allow perfect adaptability and support for your foot. The anti-slip sole helps them to play without fear of slipping, and the different closures available will make it easy for your child to take off or put on their shoes, on their own and without help.


    Discover, in this section, the wide variety of models for children in OKAA's online collection. We offer you a wide range of sizes from 18 to 45, depending on the model you choose, you will fall in love with them all!


    Moccasins for boys are the perfect gift, they will be versatile and practical. We have different types, both for the day to day and for a special event, do not hesitate any longer, it is the ideal footwear!




  • Boat Shoes

    Boy boat shoes have become a type of children's footwear in great demand by fathers and mothers. This shoe is perfect to wear at any time, it is ideal for both special occasions and for a casual look as it is very light and combines perfectly.


    At OKAA, we have created a wide collection with the most updated models and designs, which have unique features that guarantee maximum comfort and resistance. Without a doubt, it is the perfect footwear for the whole year!


    Boat shoes are a closet staple that never goes out of style and can be worn in any season. Both for adults and children, these shoes are a very good option to use in winter and in summer. Do you still have doubts about what shoes to buy for your child? Let's help you a little more!




    When choosing shoes for children, it is very important to take into account that they are comfortable and that they like to wear them. Therefore, choosing a shoe that allows your little one to move and have fun without problems is the key so that their feet do not suffer. In OkaaSpain we have the perfect solution, our boat shoes for children guarantee maximum comfort throughout the day.


    For your safety, we inform you that the materials with which the models of our collection are made are of high quality and are manufactured entirely in Spain. All of them have rubber soles to prevent slipping, which makes them a safe shoe for rainy seasons.


    It is no news to tell you that this children's footwear has long since become a trend. That's why at OKAA we go hand in hand with the latest designs and have a wide range of finishes, colors and designs to give your child the perfect look.


    The boy boat shoes are completely versatile and combine with all kinds of clothes. Your little one can use them to go to a family meal, the park or school, but can also be used for special occasions such as communions or baptisms. For these occasions, if you prefer to go a little more formal, you can visit our collection of moccasins for children and see that they are also cute.






    OKAA offers you unique models, made with different closures such as boat shoes for boys with velcro closure and materials such as leather, split leather, canvas, cotton and much more! Surely in our online children's footwear store you will find the perfect one for your child.


    The range of models made of leather are perfect for keeping their feet dry at all times. Similarly, the canvas or cotton ones look great with spring-summer looks, as they perspire perfectly and keep them cool.


    We have a wide range of colors, from classic brown or black to more innovative colors such as pastel shades, which will give an adorable touch to the foot of your little one.


    Another advantage is that they are very flexible, they adapt completely to the movement and shape of the foot to play and run without problems.


    In OKAA we offer quality footwear at an unbeatable price, so we put at your fingertips a variety of designs for you to choose the one you like your little one. You can also show him our moccasins for boys or t-bar shoes


    In addition, we have thought of everything and we have designed each shoe for the optimal development and growth of your children's feet, so that in the future they do not present problems.


    Don't think twice! Take a look at our section and fall in love with our beautiful boat shoes for boys. Find your perfect shoe in this section and create the complete look with a touch of elegance without forgetting comfort.





  • T-strap Shoes

    Boy t bar shoes are a type of children's footwear widely used for their functionality and great comfort. A classic and timeless shoe that looks perfect with any outfit and occasion. At OKAA, we offer you a wide variety of models made 100% in Spain with high quality materials, discover them in this section!


    The children's shoes in our collection are available in different materials and finishes so you can choose the one that best suits the tastes of your little one and needs of the moment. Choosing a children's footwear is not easy, especially for young children.


    The feet of the little ones are very sensitive and need ones that adapt to their movements, provide comfort and flexibility so they can run and play without damage.


    In our OKAA collection, we will do our best to help you find the perfect design, so you will discover in our collection different materials: leather, split leather, canvas, cotton, among many other models.


    All our models are made with high quality materials and their closures can be buckle, button or tape. This way, you will be able to choose a closure that fits their age, offering the perfect fastening, guaranteeing that they can't take off their shoes and that they won't lose them!







    In OKAA we work so that all our children's footwear is made with quality materials that favour the correct development of the little ones' feet without causing them damage in the future. Therefore, we offer updated models, following the latest market trends.


    All our footwear is designed to offer a unique comfort, together with the flexibility and lightness that this children's shoe provides. These characteristics are essential in any shoe.


    During their first steps and in the first years of growth, quality footwear is essential to protect their feet. Therefore, we stand out as a unique online children's footwear store that, in addition to quality, we also guarantee unbeatable prices that will leave you fascinated!


    Protect your little one's feet. A simple but elegant footwear that will combine great with both winter and summer clothes, so it is a very versatile and functional shoe.


    The boy t bar shoes  adapt to any style and, most importantly, in addition to being adorable, your child will not want to take them off!


    They are so light that they will not cause them any discomfort and their non-slip sole avoids risks and adapts to the movement of the foot to follow their rhythm all day long. In this section you can find the best models at a good price without sacrificing quality and comfort.







    Our products combine with everything and can be used all year round. Therefore, in our section you will find a multitude of models, colors, materials and, all of them, beautiful! You can also consult our models of communion shoes for boys or English shoes.


    We are sure you will not be able to resist, our catalog has a special assortment for you, with unique models in the market. We follow the latest fashion trends to bring to our online children's footwear store some original and fun shoes for children.


    The best option for autumn-winter are the leather classics, a shoe that will be perfect combined with socks to keep the foot warm during the coldest months of the year. These shoes are usually worn during these months, but for spring they would also look great without socks...


    Discover our entire collection of boy t bar shoes in this section, will you be able to choose just one pair?






  • Beach

    In a few months the good weather arrives and you have to prepare your children with footwear suitable for the high temperatures. That's why OKAA offers a new line of children's beach and pool shoes ideal for the summer.

    When the heat arrives, both children and adults want to spend the day in cool places like the beach or the swimming pool. Wearing the right children's shoes in these circumstances is very important because, otherwise, the little ones' feet could suffer negative consequences.

    At OKAA, children's safety is what matters most to us, which is why all our shoes are waterproof and slip-resistant.

    Our line of boy flip flops and water shoes offers your child maximum protection and comfort. With it, he can play, swim and run without any risk and he can use them, on any occasion. 



     Okaa knows the needs of the little ones, so it has created a wide range of beach and water shoes for boys, where you can choose the style, color and model that best suits the tastes of your child.

    Depending on the use that will be given to the shoes, it is advisable to choose one model or another.

    We have lycra sneakers made of neoprene material and nautical tennis-type clogs, in different colors, transparent or fabric, with a resistant closure, ideal for running or water sports.

    This type of footwear has a secure closure that prevents them from opening, they hold the foot very well and prevent sprains and slips. For bathing, we recommend rubber flip-flops for children, since they are made of a very water-resistant material.


    In the collection we have prints with the latest trends in the fashion world, with unique designs.

    Among them, we highlight the new clog-type children's clogs, a model of last season, ideal for summer. This style can be combined with any style and look, can be used for the beach and the pool and combined with jeans or shorts. It will be perfect!

    If you prefer a more classic style, we have models with buckle and solid colors or the typical ones that become an essential basic in footwear for beach and pool for children during the summer seasons.

    All our shoes are designed to maximize their use. They are easy to combine, comfortable and can be used day after day, so your child's feet will be cool and safe!

    None of our beach or pool shoes hurt the foot, they allow its correct development and, besides, they are divine! Our models have an anatomical and non-slip insole, they are also very light, flexible and easy to wash.

    At OKAA, we offer high quality children's clogs and beach or pool shoes for kids, made in Spain with the best materials on the market, taking into account the specific needs of your child, with original designs and even with designs of their favorite animated characters.

    And for the time after the pool or beach, we also have boy sandals and espadrilles for boys.

    Discover the entire collection, and the wide variety of sizes we have, of our children's beach and pool shoes in our online store section - you won't be able to resist choosing just one pair!

    Choose the perfect flip flops for your child!

  • Safari Boots

    The perfect footwear exists and they are the desert boots for boys, a shoe that has come to stay.  They have undoubtedly become another essential classic that cannot be missing in your child's closet, not to mention in our collection of children's shoes. For years, this type of footwear has become a trend, and no wonder! It's a versatile and elegant shoe for any occasion, and your child won't want to be without them!


    At OKAA, we bring you a new, completely updated collection of different models of boy desert boots with bold colors, classics and unique and original designs. We are sure you won't be able to choose just one.


    This shoe is the perfect accessory as it gives a modern touch to any outfit and they are also the ideal alternative to the classic English boots. They combine perfectly with any garment, whether with jeans, corduroy pants or Bermuda shorts. They are very versatile and can be worn all year round, even in the warmer months.


    At OKAA, we offer a wide range of baby booties for kids that will please every mom and dad because your child will never want to take them off.





    In OKAA we have a long experience working with children's footwear and we know perfectly the needs of children at all stages of their development.


    We offer in all our products an economical footwear without sacrificing quality. All models are manufactured with resistant and durable materials that will keep up with your child's pace wherever they go. Our boy desert boots protect their feet and allow them to move around while they play and have fun thanks to their flexibility and lightness.


    All our children's shoes have non-slip soles to prevent slipping, so they can be all day with them without suffering any damage or chafing as they adapt perfectly to the foot.


    In the new collection of our online store you can choose from different materials that we have and that best suits the time you need.  Whatever you choose, in OKAA we always use the best quality.


    So you can find models of desert boots very resistant made with split leather that keep the foot warm during the colder months of the year. Or if you are looking for a cooler shoe, we have patent leather, which will combine great with spring looks.


    In both cases, combine them with our Condor socks and tights for boys that you can also find on the web and create a modern and comfortable style.


    The most remarkable thing about these shoes is that they are timeless, so if you are looking for a model for events and celebrations that is comfortable and that your child can wear for long hours, you will definitely get it right.


    As we are sure you will love them, in OKAA we offer you a great collection of desert boots for boys that you will fall in love with.






    We know how difficult and important it is to find the perfect footwear. That's why at OKAA we're going to make it a little easier for you. Knowing all our footwear features and seeing the prices, you just have to choose the one you like the most.


    OKAA's desert boots for boys can be combined with all kinds of colors and garments. In addition, they are easy to put on and take off and have everything a child's footwear needs.


    Our models have different fastenings, from tape to laces or bows. In addition, we have a wide variety of colors from classic blacks, grays or browns that are undoubtedly the wildcard color of any outfit, to colors in pastel shades or blue, yellow, red ... If you also love to follow this bold line and your little one wear their feet full of colors, check out the rain boots for boys, they are ideal!


    All the shoes in our collection stand out for following the latest trends in the world of children's fashion with unique details such as bangs, elegant or more casual models, fun and adorable designs, we have everything you can imagine!


    Find the baby shoes you need at any time and enjoy a walk down the street, a special event, a birthday or a family meal with a super comfortable shoe. Let nothing stop your child's energy!










  • Sandals

    OKAASPAIN offers you several lines of children's footwear for the heat and high temperatures. Among them, we highlight the boy sandals of our new collection, with completely updated models, following the latest fashion trends of this year.


    When the good weather arrives, it is convenient to wear the right shoes. The children's models we offer at OKAA are the perfect choice and we'll show you why, you'll fall in love with them!




    During the summer months, little ones' feet tend to sweat a lot, due to the high temperatures. To this, you must add their weak tread, so, it is necessary to use footwear made with quality materials with which they can run, play and walk avoiding sprains.


     OKAA's line offers everything a child's footwear needs. They are made with the best quality materials on the market, they are breathable, ergonomic, flexible and beautiful!


     All our models have something special. We have classic designs, closet basics that every child should have, but you can also choose more daring ones, with unique designs.


     At OKAA, we are concerned about the safety of your child and, therefore, our sandals for boys in the collection meet all the requirements for the proper development of their feet. In addition, their soles, created with non-slip materials, prevent possible falls while they have fun. Made with resistant materials to withstand the restless spirit of your child.




    Our latest line has been manufactured with the aim of making them practical all summer long. They can be taken to the beach, to the pool or to the park. They are the ideal children's shoes for everyday wear.


     During the summer, your child goes out more, especially at times when the heat is more present. That's why our products are comfortable and cool so that your child's feet don't sweat while playing outdoors in hot weather.


     We have leather boy sandals as well as others made of different materials such as rubber or canvas, choose the perfect model!


     In our collection you can find all kinds of models. We highlight our sports models, with a more resistant closure, with which you can run without the risk of unbuckling them. We also have espadrilles for boys.


     If you are looking for an elegant, comfortable and breathable children's shoe for a special event, we have dress models ideal for celebrations or boy moccasinsfor such special event.


    Choose among all our models the one that best suits your needs, although we guarantee you will fall in love with all of them! Discover our Nobuck leather sandals, nautical sandals, menorquina style, peep-toes and much more.


    The new collection for children has a wide range of sizes, for all ages, so we also have large sizes in several options. In this section, we have different closures so that your child will not have problems to put them on or take them off, with buckle or hook-and-loop closures.

    It's the perfect collection to choose shoes for your child that will allow them to enjoy the summer without being hot. Plus, they go perfectly with any look.


     At OKAA we make sure that all our boy sandals meet the expectations and the tireless activity of your child.





  • Home shoes

    If you are looking for the perfect children's shoes for your child to enjoy playing at home, OKAA brings you the solution. We offer you a new line of boy slippers, following the latest fashion trends and made with the best quality materials.


    Our models for children are comfortable, warm and perfect for running without slipping. Your child will be able to play as much as he wants with a flexible children's shoe that adapts perfectly to his foot.


    We have a wide variety of models, colors and styles for your child to be fashionable, even at home! We are committed to innovative designs that meet all expectations and can be practical.







    In this section, you will discover different models of slippers for boys with a wide variety of sizes, from 18 to 42. Even a dad could buy the same pair of slippers!


    If you don't know which one to choose, we are going to give you some tips to help you choose the perfect slipper.


    In winter, the most important thing is to keep your feet warm, so we recommend our closed slippers made of wool or cotton. This way, the slipper can't slip off, you won't get cold and you'll be very comfortable in them. In addition, they are easy to put on to encourage their autonomy.


    This type of slippers is available in different models and colors. For the little ones, we have incredible drawings with which they will go adorable walking with their little feet and, for the older ones, we have slippers in classic tones or with quadrille prints.


    Undoubtedly, these autumn-winter slippers, not only stand out for being warm, but they are also very soft, comfortable and flexible, allowing them to walk without any damage. For this season, to go outside also check our ankle boots for boys and rain boots


    But it doesn't end there, we also have them for spring-summer! Our collection is very large and, at OKAA, we think about all the seasons of the year.


    In summer, the foot tends to sweat more easily and wearing shoes at home can be a little uncomfortable. That's why, for hot weather, we recommend sandal-style slippers.


    These slippers stand out for their design, no doubt, are like sandals to go out on the street, modern and elegant but, without forgetting the important thing, your comfort.


    The sandal style slippers are ideal for when the heat arrives. Its openings allow the foot to transfer and not sweat while having fun running around the house. In addition, its non-slip sole will prevent risks and falls.


    Undoubtedly, this model is very new in recent years and has become a trend, your child will love it!


    Whether for winter or summer, the possibilities for choosing the perfect children's model are endless. At OKAA, you will find the entire collection online, discover the fun patterns or go for pastel colors, a color that, without a doubt, triumphs every year.


    We have all kinds of slippers that will make your child feel comfortable and prevent them from going barefoot while playing. Discover the new collection of children's shoes, we are sure you will fall in love!





  • Communion shoes

    Communion is a very special moment for many children and, therefore, you have to have everything ready on their big day.  It is an event that only happens once in a lifetime and, therefore, the look must be perfect.


    You should not only think about the ceremony dress for your child, but also about the ideal shoes. That's why at OKAA we offer a wide collection of boy communion shoes.


    When you are looking for this type of footwear for children, the most common thing is to look for a design according to the occasion, a formal and beautiful style but, at the same time, that are practical for your child. OKAA offers you a wide variety of models, in different colors and with high-end materials, so you can choose the one you like the most.


    Our entire range of products stands out for its original designs, resistance, durability and quality of materials. In our latest collection you can check our wide variety, being able to choose between different materials and tones.


    In addition, we know the needs of the little ones and, therefore, we want them to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. All of our boy communion shoes have quality soles that adapt perfectly to each foot to enjoy running and having fun, being also very resistant.




    Spring is coming and with it the beginning of celebrations and communions. Get ahead of the others and start looking not only for the dress but also for the children's ceremony shoes, take a look and find the shoe that best suits what you are looking for!

    Discover in our online store all the catalog that OKAA offers for your child to go perfect on the day of his communion. We offer products at a good price without sacrificing quality. Our entire range adapts to what you are looking for, following the latest fashion trends so that your child looks perfect on a day he will never forget.




    Enter our website and discover our wide range of products, in addition to communion shoes for children we have many more products, find on our website school boy shoes, oxford shoes and many more styles.


  • English/Oxford shoes.

    The Oxford shoe for boys is a very elegant and stylish children's shoe. In recent years, this style of shoe has become very popular and is already a timeless classic that never goes out of style.


    Whether for special events or for everyday elegance, boy english shoes have become a trend because of the advantages they offer, and they will become your child's favorite shoe!





    These shoes are elegant and comfortable. They are a very practical type of children's shoes, as they can be worn at any time of the year and in any situation.


    They are perfect for ceremonies or parties where your child needs to be dressed up without feeling uncomfortable and can continue playing and running around without any problem. In addition, they are easy to combine, so they can be worn with jeans or with more formal pants, depending on the occasion.


    Another advantage of boys oxford shoes is their flexibility and ability to adapt to the shape of the foot. Boy english shoes allow the correct development of your child's foot to keep up with every step they take.




    OKAA offers you the largest new collection of children's shoes on the market. With a wide variety of colors, materials of the best quality and styles for your child to go perfect in any occasion.


    All our shoes have been created with the best quality materials on the market and with unique features that will make the shoe become your child's favorite footwear.


    Our collection has a wide variety of styles, where you can find english shoes, welsh, espadrille and many more. In addition, we offer finishes that follow the latest trends in the fashion world with velvet, patent leather, leather or linen, so choose the perfect one to make your child feel like a prince! Check also our boy communion shoes or desert boots


    At OKAA, we take into account the needs of all children. That's why our shoes are carefully manufactured to ensure the optimal development and growth of children's feet and their comfort. In addition, they all have anti-slip soles to avoid any risk so that they can continue to enjoy running without any worries.


    Do you need special footwear for weddings, communions or baptisms? English shoes will be the perfect solution. Although, they can also be used on a daily basis thanks to our designs. They are a practical and useful shoe.


    Both in winter and summer, the blucher shoe is a closet basic that every child should have. In summer, you can go with a fresh footwear, in pastel and summery tones and, in winter, we have materials that withstand rain and cold so that the foot does not get wet.


    In our online collection for children, you can find sizes ranging from 17 to 41 in some models to choose the ideal size. From toddler to teen sizes, your child will be able to wear our stylish shoes.


    Discover the entire online collection of English shoes for boys on this page and choose the model that best suits your child's personal style. At OKAA you will find shoes at the best price with unbeatable quality, so there are no more excuses to enjoy stylish and affordable shoes!



  • Sneakers

    When we think of comfortable, everyday footwear, the sneakers for boys always come to mind. This type of children's footwear is an essential basic that provides stability and style.


    In OKAA you can find a wide variety of original, cheerful and most importantly super functional models. Our online store offers everything you are looking for, a useful footwear for the day to day that protects the foot of your little one while playing, running and having fun.


    These children's shoes are very practical so they can be used every day, that's why we have different models to suit the use at all times and their age, you can't resist our collection!


    We guarantee that all our shoes are made with high quality materials that will protect your little one's feet and will resist all their adventures. In addition, we have created updated and innovative designs that make them unique and fashionable.


    OKAA's sneakers for boys provide greater balance, thanks to their non-slip rubber soles they prevent falls and are very flexible so they can walk safely and calmly.






    In this section you can find a wide variety of sneakers for boys Unleash the style of your little one and create unique outfits with the latest trends in the children's footwear market.


    We have perfect models to practice their favorite sports, resistant and comfortable. And besides, who said that you can't dress formally with sneakers? Let yourself be surprised by our nautical or wasabi models in canvas or split leather finishes. You will hit the nail on the head: comfort and style united in a shoe they won't want to take off.


    They look as good in casual outfits as they do to go to school, to the park or for a walk. They are also a great alternative for a Saturday family meal, a birthday or a more special event. Choose the model that best suits the moment and your needs. Combine them with pants, tracksuits or shorts, they look great with any garment!






    When the good weather approaches, we always think about which sneakers are the most suitable for children? At OKAA, we offer you the perfect solution, children's shoes and sneakers made with quality materials that will keep your little one's feet cool all summer long.


    Our extensive collection offers children's shoes that are ideal for the heat, such as those made of canvas or linen. These types of materials are essential to ensure that the foot breathes properly and they feel comfortable all day long.


    We have models made of canvas or linen that will become indispensable. In this section you can find models in espadrilles or slipper style, we are sure you will love them. Also if you prefer espadrilles as such, take a look at the collection of espadrilles for boys, you will not know which one to choose!


    Keep in mind that regardless of the shoes you choose, all of them have non-slip soles that help prevent falls and slips. In addition, we have a large number of sizes to suit the age of all children and different closures for you to choose the one that can be more comfortable.


    For example, the sneakers without laces and with elastic rubber are very comfortable so that your child can put them on and take them off easily and without help.


    For the winter, we have models made of materials that protect the feet from the cold and rain, such as boot style with split leather or velvet. Some of them can be found with sheepskin inside. And If your child loves puddles, do not hesitate to visit the collection of rain boots for boys to enjoy like never before.


    As you can see in this collection, we have sneakers and sneakers for kids for any occasion, with unique prices without sacrificing quality. Find what you are looking for at the click of a button at OKAA!




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You may have noticed how your child has grown from a baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye.


But not only has their body changed, but also their physical activity is more energetic and unrestrained, and their decision-making capacity is more than evident.


That's why at Okaa we have created shoes for children with them in mind, allowing them to walk, run and jump in the same way. They feel free to practice any kind of sport or game, and at the same time they feel like big kids and not like babies.


As parents, you will be totally satisfied for having decided to buy a quality boy shoes because it ensures the benefit and protection of your child's feet regardless of the selected style.


A shoe for every day


Your child's activity increases with age and therefore the effort involved in carrying it out will lead to sweating of the feet.


To avoid perspiration problems, and therefore the appearance of fungus, we have elaborated our children's shoes with high quality, natural and totally breathable materials, offering the total guarantee of the health of your child's feet.


In our catalog you will find a wide variety of styles of children's shoes (from size 22 to size 41) adapted to every moment, with very original designs that will surely be to your liking: boots of different styles, pepitos, moccasins, boat shoes, sandals, English and school shoes, house slippers, sneakers, sneakers and beach shoes.


Boots, booties and booties


At this stage of your child's growth, it is advisable to start thinking about protecting more than just the foot. Falls and playing with other children can put ankles and shins at risk.


That is why we have prepared a wide range of boots taking into account several parameters: the size of the shank (low, short and medium shank), the types of fabrics (leather, patent leather, patent leather, split leather), the designs (English, casual, schoolboy, sport, walabi, sneaker, bamba) and the fastening modes (adherent closure, laces, zipper, elastic) and a lot of fun colors that will combine great with any type of clothing.


In addition, you can find a wide range of rain boots for boys: glossy or matte, patterned or plain, with or without sheepskin, with adjustable collar or wide shaft... and each and every one of them to protect them from the cold, rain or snow.


Children's footwear for the most conceited of the house


To think that girls are the only ones who look at themselves in front of the mirror is to fall into a cliché.


They are as flirtatious as they are, although they don't show it in the same way, but in the end they opt for the most comfortable and the prettiest shoe.


And it's normal, they want to look good and they want girls to notice them.


That's why we have developed a collection of shoes for boys with modern, masculine designs that are also super comfortable.


Among them we can highlight the English shoe, the boat shoes, the moccasins or the linen or canvas ceremony shoes, as some of the most representative examples that both adults and children like the most.


For champions


We know that children do not stand still for a minute a day and that their energy is incombustible and that is why we do not stop worrying about their safety.


At Okaa, we have thought of the ideal footwear for the most athletic children, which is both durable and protects them as much as possible from unfortunate blows.


The sneakers for boys are made of natural materials that are totally breathable (to prevent fungus), with reinforcements at the toe (to avoid bumps on the toes), and with flexible and non-slip soles (to prevent slipping).


Don't think twice, all the boy’s shoes you need are at OkaaSpain, your online shoe store, what are you waiting for!