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You may have noticed how your child has grown from a baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye.


But not only has their body changed, but also their physical activity is more energetic and unrestrained, and their decision-making capacity is more than evident.


That's why at Okaa we have created shoes for children with them in mind, allowing them to walk, run and jump in the same way. They feel free to practice any kind of sport or game, and at the same time they feel like big kids and not like babies.


As parents, you will be totally satisfied for having decided to buy a quality boy shoes because it ensures the benefit and protection of your child's feet regardless of the selected style.


A shoe for every day


Your child's activity increases with age and therefore the effort involved in carrying it out will lead to sweating of the feet.


To avoid perspiration problems, and therefore the appearance of fungus, we have elaborated our children's shoes with high quality, natural and totally breathable materials, offering the total guarantee of the health of your child's feet.


In our catalog you will find a wide variety of styles of children's shoes (from size 22 to size 41) adapted to every moment, with very original designs that will surely be to your liking: boots of different styles, pepitos, moccasins, boat shoes, sandals, English and school shoes, house slippers, sneakers, sneakers and beach shoes.


Boots, booties and booties


At this stage of your child's growth, it is advisable to start thinking about protecting more than just the foot. Falls and playing with other children can put ankles and shins at risk.


That is why we have prepared a wide range of boots taking into account several parameters: the size of the shank (low, short and medium shank), the types of fabrics (leather, patent leather, patent leather, split leather), the designs (English, casual, schoolboy, sport, walabi, sneaker, bamba) and the fastening modes (adherent closure, laces, zipper, elastic) and a lot of fun colors that will combine great with any type of clothing.


In addition, you can find a wide range of rain boots for boys: glossy or matte, patterned or plain, with or without sheepskin, with adjustable collar or wide shaft... and each and every one of them to protect them from the cold, rain or snow.


Children's footwear for the most conceited of the house


To think that girls are the only ones who look at themselves in front of the mirror is to fall into a cliché.


They are as flirtatious as they are, although they don't show it in the same way, but in the end they opt for the most comfortable and the prettiest shoe.


And it's normal, they want to look good and they want girls to notice them.


That's why we have developed a collection of shoes for boys with modern, masculine designs that are also super comfortable.


Among them we can highlight the English shoe, the boat shoes, the moccasins or the linen or canvas ceremony shoes, as some of the most representative examples that both adults and children like the most.


For champions


We know that children do not stand still for a minute a day and that their energy is incombustible and that is why we do not stop worrying about their safety.


At Okaa, we have thought of the ideal footwear for the most athletic children, which is both durable and protects them as much as possible from unfortunate blows.


The sneakers for boys are made of natural materials that are totally breathable (to prevent fungus), with reinforcements at the toe (to avoid bumps on the toes), and with flexible and non-slip soles (to prevent slipping).


Don't think twice, all the boy’s shoes you need are at OkaaSpain, your online shoe store, what are you waiting for!