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Moccasins for men is a type of footwear that never goes out of fashion, a must-have for both adults and children. At OKAA we offer you a wide variety of moccasins for dads so you can combine them with your son's shoe and create an amazing look.


Moccasins are a very versatile, elegant and comfortable shoe that is perfect for occasions where you have to go more formal. The models we offer in this collection follow the most updated models in the market with exclusive, unique and sophisticated designs.


If you are thinking of a shoe that is perfect for both winter-autumn and spring, this shoe allows you to create elegant outfits to go to formal lunches or dinners, go to the office or to special events and celebrations.


In our online store you will find very varied sizes ranging from 24 to 45 so you will not have any problem and find the size you need.






They are a widely used footwear for the great advantages it brings to the foot. First of all, it is a comfortable and flexible shoe. It adapts to the movement to support your pace of life without causing any problems such as chafing.


In addition, in our collection we have shoes both for winter, with water resistant materials that protect the foot from the cold and low temperatures as our moccasins in leather or split leather. This type of material is perfect for the cold season, resistant and warm.


For spring and summer, we also offer models that keep the foot protected but allowing it to perspire, like our nautical moccasins or our men's espadrilles or desert boots for men


On our website you will find everything you can imagine. Moccasins for men are great to go combined with those of your son to go combined in celebrations and create a unique relationship and bond between fathers and sons.


 The models in our online store are 100% made in Spain, with high quality materials at an affordable price so you can choose the pair you like and combine it as you like. In addition, we have very varied models, with bangs, bows or in fun colors to give a unique touch to any look.


You will love our moccasins in neutral colors like black, brown or gray, which are always a good option to combine with suit pants or jeans and thus give an elegant touch to the outfit but, if you want to go for something more daring, we also have them in blue, green, yellow or red colors, among many other shades. The colored moccasins are becoming a trend to give a touch of joy and fun to an outfit without losing elegance and are a very original option especially for the summer months.


Opt for an economical footwear without sacrificing quality with OKAA. With just one click you can choose the pair that best matches your personality and buy them for your child.


Dressing like your child has become a trend. More and more parents are choosing to match their children's outfits, and we are not surprised! A child wearing moccasins always looks adorable. Dads can create a unique relationship with their kids by wearing the same shoes.


Don't miss anything from our collection and discover all the advantages that OKAA men's moccasins offer with unique designs and styles, following this year's most current fashion trends.