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Espadrilles for girls are always a trend, a type of children's footwear that never goes out of fashion and is a classic that is reborn year after year. The Espadrilles for girls are a traditional model, which is handcrafted and is part of the shoe culture of our country.


In OKAASPAIN we present a wide collection of girls' espadrilles, where you can find the widest and most varied offer of girls' espadrilles on the market made in Spain. All our lines have different styles and colors ranging from size 16 to 41.


Within our collection you can find espadrilles like mercedita espadrilles, Valencian style espadrilles, traditional espadrilles, sandal style espadrilles and many more models, to choose the one that best represents the personality of your daughter. You can even choose them with a little esparto wedge, which could be her first high heels!


In this collection of shoes for girls you can find beautiful espadrilles for girls, with different designs and perfectly combinable with any outfit. Your daughter will be able to use them both for everyday wear and for special occasions with specific models of espadrilles for weddings, espadrilles for communion or espadrilles for ceremonies and special events. In addition, the collection of espadrilles for girls stands out for its comfort and freshness, making it an essential children's footwear for the spring and summer seasons. Our products have an optimal design to ensure the proper growth and development of the feet of the little ones of the house.


The secret of the success of this type of footwear? Espadrilles are a very common footwear in the hottest months, the braid of the esparto grass allows us to create a comfortable, fresh, flexible and durable footwear for the hottest months of the year.


The different models offered by OKAA allow each girl to have her own style, being able to choose her ideal espadrilles. For the summer, we also have abarca sandals and girl sandals.





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Discover in this section our variety of espadrille style shoes, where you can find valencianas, abarca sandals, merceditas and traditional or wedge espadrilles. Find the dream espadrille for your little girl to feel comfortable and special.