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With the arrival of good weather, all parents are concerned about choosing the right footwear for their children. That's why at OKAA we bring you this wide collection of kids water shoes and flip-flops with unique and innovative designs.


Find the beach footwear you are looking for so that your child can have fun while playing and running without risks and with a shoe that protects his or her feet at all times.


This type of children's footwear is essential for the summer months and it is very important to choose the right one so they can play as much as they want with a shoe that grips your little one's foot well and follows their rhythm. In our OKAA online store, you can find a wide range of perfect and comfortable shoes for these occasions, such as kids sandals, versatile and ideal for any summer look.


Thanks to our kids flip-flops made with quality rubber you can be sure that, thanks to their high resistance, they will not break when in contact with water and will be prepared to prevent slipping.







At OKAA we offer you a wide variety of children's water shoes with different models, designs and colors so you can choose the one your child likes the most. Depending on the use to be given, you can choose between one model or another.


For example, if your little one is going to do some sport, the best option is the neoprene shoes or opt for sports flip flops, thanks to its more secure closure, perfectly holds the foot and prevents sprains, allowing maximum flexibility when walking on the beach, pool or slippery terrain.


For a cool swim, you can opt for a pair of rubber clogs, with different closures, designs and colors, since this material is very resistant to water and very light.


In OKAA we have thought of all moments and all styles, so we also have more elegant designs, ideal for a walk in summer without spending heat on your feet. If you are looking for something for the day to day and that your little go perfect at all times, no doubt, you will fall in love with our ballerina style models. If you want a more formal look, take a look at our collection of kid's avarcas sandals, modern and cool for any occasion.






As you can see, we have a wide and varied collection of beach and pool footwear to suit every moment and situation. All models are made in Spain with high quality materials, water resistant, comfortable and have non-slip soles to avoid risks.


We work every day to bring to our website unique, varied and colorful designs to become the accessory that every boy or girl does not want to take off. In addition to their bright colors, they have unique qualities that favor the proper development of the feet of your little one, being light and flexible.


Within our wide variety of styles, we have models with fun prints, with their favorite cartoon characters or elegant designs in pastel colors. Our children's flip-flops will become the star accessory of the spring-summer season.





Since our inception, we have always focused on the care of your child's feet, for us it is the most important thing. During their first stages of life, choosing the right footwear is fundamental for their correct development.


When choosing water shoes for kids, many factors must be taken into account, especially the type of activity that will be developed. It is not the same to choose flip-flops for going to the swimming pool, as it is to choose flip flops for practicing water sports or going for a walk.


In each situation, the foot faces different terrains and it is very important to know which is the most suitable model before starting the purchase. In this section, you will find everything you are looking for for different ages and sizes. Summer is just around the corner, so do not wait any longer to get our kids flip flops and clogs, your little one will love them!