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Winter is coming and there is no better children's footwear for this season than boots for boys. This shoe is perfect for the rainy and cold seasons where the foot should be well protected and warm.


In OKAA, we have available a wide variety of models for children of great quality at an incredible price so you can choose between the ones you like and create, for your little one, the ideal look.


This option has become an essential footwear for day to day, even can be used for a special event. Therefore, every child should have a pair in his closet.





In this section you will find different types of boots for boys, in different styles, models and colors to choose the one you need.  All of them stand out for their characteristics, made in Spain with the best materials on the market, they are resistant, comfortable and follow the latest fashion trends of this season.


They have a great versatility. With this type of children's footwear your child can be comfortable at all times and combine with any garment, so they can use them to go to school, to the park or anywhere. Our collection is so beautiful that surely they will never want to take them off!


Made with the best materials, our models are resistant and durable. They will be able to play and have fun with them as much as they want without getting chafed. In addition, they all have non-slip soles to avoid the risk of falling.


Our shoes keep their feet protected in winter from the cold and rain. We have a wide variety of models that perfectly resist water and prevent it from getting inside. Above all, those made of nappa leather or leather are perfect. For this kind of occasions we also have rain boots for boys and desert boots for boys.



We also have children's boots and ankle boots with sheepskin inside for colder days. For spring, this children's footwear is also often used, so we have models that are somewhat cooler made of split leather.

In OKAA you will find a wide variety of models and colors, with classic or more modern designs, with unique details such as bangs, metallic finishes and glitter, increasingly fashionable trends.


Find your perfect shoes and combine them as you like. We even have sport boots so they can do sports without problems, very comfortable and flexible that adapt to the movement of the foot so they do not get hurt.


They also have different types of closures, from buckle to adhesive tape. They even have no closure to make it easier to put them on and take them off. Regardless of this, they all hold their little feet perfectly and we have a wide variety of sizes for any age.


The models in our collection can even be used for events such as baptisms and communions, since we have very elegant and sophisticated models that will look great with chino pants or dress pants.


Don't think it twice! Discover the entire collection of boots for boys in this section, of great quality and at a great price, it will be very difficult for you to choose just one pair.