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Discover our collection of slippers for babies with the latest designs and updated models. In this section you will find the slippers of house for babies with the best quality-price ratio.


This is a very important type of footwear for the day to day of all children at an early age and it is necessary that they have specific characteristics to protect the foot of the little ones.


In OKAA we offer the best models made with top quality materials to protect the feet of all children and promote their rest.




When we talk about slippers for babies or baby trainers to go out a lot of attention is paid to always choose the best. In this particular case for babies should also pay the same attention, since it is a daily footwear.


In this section you will find the best slippers for babies designed for your foot can rest after a day without stopping. They are flexible, comfortable and adapt perfectly to the movement of children's feet.


When we decide, it is important to take into account the slippers at home, since they spend a lot of time at home and their feet must rest after a day full of activities.


Therefore, the comfort of baby slippers should be taken into account. At OKAA we offer a wide variety of house slippers, both for summer and winter with the aim of maximizing the rest of all children.


When choosing this type of footwear it is very important to take into account some characteristics since we are talking about feet that are not yet fully developed.








When we think of slippers at home we always look for a comfortable and soft footwear, however, must have the sole with some hardness so that the tread can be cushioned.


It is necessary to think that, although they are at home, children do not stop and the sole must be resistant and, above all, non-slip to avoid any type of risk. Children during their first steps have to explore and discover the world, so our slippers for babies have all of them with non-slip soles to prevent falls.


Sometimes, when a child is just starting to walk and falls because of the shoes, it usually takes longer to learn to walk. In OKAA we want to be part of their life at all stages, always providing the best footwear with baby slippers designed for each child.


Our models have a pleasant feel and you can choose the model and design that you like. We have modern and fun designs that you will love. Don't forget to take a look at ourbaby sandals.


Do not hesitate! Discover the best collection of slippers for babies in our online shoe store in different colors and styles