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The arrival of winter is always accompanied by cold and rain, so it is the perfect time for the little ones to change their usual footwear for the girl rain boots that we have in Okaa, a footwear adapted to low temperatures, so that their feet are always protected. Our models follow the latest market trends, with unique designs and modern prints.


These beautiful booties will become the perfect complement this winter, find the one you like in the new collection of our online children's footwear store.

The wellies for girls are a children's footwear that allows them to play, run and have fun in the streets, stepping in puddles, without the risk of moisture entering and can cause any kind of cold. In our online store, you can find a wide variety of wellies for girls with unique and original designs and models, with fun or classic prints for the day to day.




When it comes to choosing rain boots for girls you may find it difficult, because our entire collection has adorable models that will look great with any outfit. We offer a multitude of possibilities so you can choose the one that best suits your little girl's tastes. We have more traditional boots in neutral colors or booties style, elegant and sophisticated for more special occasions, even to combine them with dresses or skirts. This type of footwear for girls combines great with our entire collection of tights and condor socks for girls that you can find on the web.


If you prefer, we have other models with bright colors, fun prints or unique details for the little ones of the house. All the booties in our OKAA online store are waterproof, durable and comfortable - they won't want to take them off! We also have girl boots for the days without rain!


Protect your little feet all day long from the cold and rain, with quality children's footwear. We know you will fall in love with our collection, especially the models with sheepskin, ideal for days with lower temperatures or even when it snows. Whatever you choose, with any of them, your little one can run and walk on mud, water or snow without getting wet.


Let nothing stop her from discovering the world! The rain boots for girls are very versatile and useful for everyday life at any age. Moreover, in this section, you will find a wide variety of sizes for you to choose the one you need.


Girls' wellies are beautiful, waterproof and very comfortable, the perfect characteristics for this type of footwear. Choose from our models bold colors, classic or pastel shades that will be adorable. Your little one will love them without any doubt.




If you are hesitating between one model or another, we help you choose the most suitable. When choosing rain boots for girls we should not only look at the aesthetics, but we must also take into account other factors.


The main one is that girls’ rain boots must be completely waterproof, that's why our entire collection is made 100% in Spain using only high quality materials that resist moisture and keep the foot dry all day long. In addition, they are very resistant boots that will last for a very long time and will hold their pace perfectly. They also have non-slip soles, providing a greater degree of safety, especially on days when it can freeze and slip.


On the other hand, they must be comfortable so that they do not bother them and they can perform any activity without limitations or chafing. That is why our collection is a flexible children's footwear that adapts perfectly to the foot and its movement.


Our entire collection has been designed taking into account all these essential factors, and at the same time we have paid special care and detail in the aesthetic part. That is why in Okaa we have a wide variety of styles and models, because all girls have different personalities and tastes, our booties have a special touch for each of them.


What are you waiting for? It's time to equip your little girl with the best for her feet. Enter our online store and discover our wide collection of rain boots for girls, so that neither the cold nor the water will stop your daughter from having fun and jumping in the puddles!