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The slippers for children are a very important type of children's shoes for their proper development and now, when the house has become their playground.


However, when choosing which are the best for small, do not even ask yourself many questions. Many parents do not give this type of footwear the importance it has and it is very important for the correct development of a child's foot in the early stages of growth.


Our models are ideal for all children. With them, they will look beautiful at any time, they will love them and, most importantly, they can play with them on without bothering them.


All our kids slippers for little ones are soft and flexible, so they will offer total freedom of movement of the foot. Thanks to their flexibility, the little ones will be able to move their toes with ease. In this way, they protect their feet without interfering with their development and growth.


In addition, they have a non-slip sole that prevents slipping. They are ideal for playing safely on any type of floor.


When we talk about slippers for children it is very important to take into account the support. Therefore, in our collection we have slippers where the ankle area fits perfectly to the width of each foot, in this way, it is protected and isolated and prevents the slipper from slipping off or getting lost.





Our online collection stands out for several reasons:


First of all, OKAA takes into account the comfort of the little ones, so all our footwear is made with the best quality materials, meeting the needs of the smallest feet.


Another of the things for which we emphasize is the versatility in all of our slippers. We make shoes that can be practical and can be used at any time. That's why our designs are great for both indoors and outdoors.


The kids slippers from the OKAA collection can be used to go out for a walk if your son or daughter still uses a stroller. He or she will be comfortable and in beautiful footwear.


We have plenty of different models ranging from the most traditional designs to original prints and fun drawings for all boys and girls up to size 34.


Okaa stands out for its excellent value for money, since, apart from offering top quality footwear, it is quite economical.




Our online collection also has different footwear for all seasons. In summer, the ideal is to choose cotton models, in this way, the foot of your son or daughter will perspire properly. For the summer we also have kids sandals.


For winter, we always recommend wool. OKAA have slippers for children made of soft and comfortable wool that will keep your child's feet warm as ourkids desert boots.


Discover on this page all the soft footwear your little one needs to stay safe and protected while running around the house. Find the right shoe for every need.


In the shape of a little boot or sock, or if you prefer, in the shape of an espadrille, all our kids slippers for little ones are made with soft, quality materials for their comfort. You'll love them!