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We know that choosing children's shoes for babies is not a simple task, but it is a very important decision, since at that age the foot is more delicate than ever and needs a series of characteristics that allow its correct development.


The baby trainers are a very good option if you are looking for comfortable footwear for day-to-day use. This type of children's shoe has the features that your baby's foot needs. That is why we are expanding this wonderful OKAA collection, you will fall in love with it!





It's time to go out and enjoy the outdoors, and what better option than a shoe that perfectly supports your little one's feet and withstands all the jogging. The new OKAA baby sneakers collection presents innovative and original models that combine with any look and can be used both in winter and summer.


Our online shoe store always stands out for the quality of the materials of all its products and, with this collection we were not going to be less. This type of footwear stands out for its great resistance to the pace of the little ones and its durability. If you need some shoes for some more special occasions, you can take a look for our baby t-bar shoes.


In addition, it is very important the practicality that children's shoes must have. Baby shoes are ideal for any time of the year. In summer, we have breathable shoes so that your little one's feet don't sweat or get hot. In the case of the coldest winter months, we have perfect models that resist water and prevent it from soaking into the shoe.


At OKAA we recommend the use of our sneakers for the little ones in nurseries or playgrounds. Since it is the perfect footwear to use with more dynamic activities, they are resistant and hold the foot in such a way to avoid sprains or chafing.


Likewise, baby shoes provide maximum safety, as they have non-slip soles and also maximum comfort with very soft soles for their delicate feet.







In this section you will find all the models completely updated, following the trends of the fashion world so that your little one is always perfect. You will fall in love!


Choose the model that you like, you can choose original prints with fun drawings that will look adorable on the little feet of your baby. But, if you prefer to opt for a more classic model, we also have a range in light tones that are perfect for everyday wear.


For a completely fashionable look, combine any of our models with the beautiful Condor tights and socks for babies and see how perfect they will look and everyone will ask you for them.


In our store we have a wide variety of sizes to fit your son or daughter's feet without any problem. In the same way, our hook-and-loop fasteners make them easy to put on and take off, as well as the fake laces as an ornament, they will hold the foot and you won't have to worry about stepping on an unbuttoned lace.


Haven't we convinced you yet? Our prices will! And the price-quality of our sneakers and baby shoes is unique and unmatched and will make you want to get them all. So do not hesitate and bet on a shoe that has it all: comfortable, practical, useful and quality. Bet on OKAA and we assure you that you will repeat.