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Your daughter is starting school, make him comfortable with our school shoes for kids!


The start of kindergarten or school for children is a very important step, and there is nothing better to do it than our shoes specially designed for them. They start a new stage and they must do it safely and comfortably.


Therefore, in OKAA, we present our new line of children's footwear, very recurrent in those centers where they need to be uniformed. In this way, we have designed and created shoes tailored to each child so that all of them can go with comfortable footwear and enjoy while playing or doing activities.


We have to take into account that, at school, is where they will spend most of their time and, many times, shoes can cause discomfort in their feet. For this reason, OKAA brings an updated line with the most outstanding models on the market and the best rated.


We always care about the comfort of all children, having in our online store children's shoes only those of quality. All school shoes are made with high quality materials and in relation to its price is unbeatable.




As we said before, we care about the welfare of your child, so the composition of each of our children's shoes is unique. All of them are focused on the comfort of children, so that they do not feel discomfort throughout the day and can enjoy school without suffering chafing or damage.


In OKAA you can find the kids footwear for school that best suits the needs of your child, either when in uniform or in any activity that your little one wants to do. We have different models for the rainy or hot months, durable and flexible that allow the proper development of your foot, breathable and do not let water pass. Similarly, we have a more sporty line for the days when your child has to do some physical activity, hiking or any time that requires a sneaker.


The kids school shoes that you can find in this section stand out for their innovative design, comfort and, let's not forget that they are beautiful!


Combine our models with any uniform. Our children's shoes are a classic in every school or kindergarten, with neutral colors and elegance. In addition, you can choose the type of closure you want, all of them will hold your child's foot perfectly but, for the little ones, we always recommend tape closure or no closure. This way, he will be able to put them on by himself without help and they will encourage his independence. Take a look also to our kids sneakers and kids rain boots


Don't hesitate any longer! On our website you will find the best kids school shoes for the little ones at prices you can't resist. Discover the entire collection and choose the model that best matches your child's school. Both you and he will love them and he will start his new stage on the right foot.