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The good weather is coming, does your child have the right footwear for this season? In OKAA we bring out our latest line of sandals for kids to take their first steps with the most updated models in the fashion world.

Sandals have become the favorite footwear of many mothers and fathers because they are comfortable, flexible and prevent feet from sweating and getting hot. The sandals for children from the OKAA collection offer all the advantages that a children's shoe should have.

We know the needs of the little ones and, therefore, we have created a special collection for them in order to meet any expectation.



These models offer multiple advantages, being one of the most used children's footwear in summer.

When the heat arrives, there is footwear that is not suitable for high temperatures because it makes your child's feet sweat more easily, is uncomfortable and even causes slipping.

OKAA's baby sandals for first steps are breathable, with non-slip soles so they can run and play safely and, most importantly, they are flexible. Flexibility in a slipper is fundamental for the correct development of the foot of the little ones. For this reason, OKAA models adapt perfectly to any age, with a wide variety of sizes available for you to choose the right one.

On the other hand, our entire collection stands out for the wide variety of models, designs and finishes of sandals for children. We have the latest novelties of the 2020 summer season, with unique styles that you will fall in love with.

From a classic peep-toe style sandal to the most daring designs so that your little one will look perfect in any occasion.



The sandals for first steps pepito style are a model with which you will hit for sure, a closet background that combines perfectly with any style. They will be ideal for a walk or for an outdoor event.




On the other hand, if you are looking for a sandal for the beach or pool, it is best to choose one made of washable leather. They do not spoil, hold your little one's feet perfectly and are very durable. In our collection, you will find several models that can get wet without any problem, with unique details such as butterflies, anchors or classic styles in all colors.

In OKAA we always think about the little ones, that's why we have included in our collection of sandals models with adhesive tape closure. This way, your little one will be able to put on his shoes by himself without needing help, encouraging his individualism. Although, if you prefer the classic buckle closure, we also have sandals for little ones with this type of closure.

Are you looking for children's shoes for weddings, baptisms or communions? In Okaa we also have mary jane shoes for kids andkids avarca sandals for when babies begin to take their first steps.

In our online collection of baby sandals for first steps you can find a great variety, for every occasion, for both boys and girls. Discover your favorite, you will love them!