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Discover the new collection of kids’ ceremony shoes, the most elegant and formal children's shoes to wear on special occasions.

Ceremony shoes for little ones is a type of children's footwear that should not be missing in any closet. These shoes are ideal for weddings, baptisms or first communion and, at OKAA, you can find a wide variety of models and unique designs.

We know that children prefer to wear a more casual footwear, so in our new collection you can find models as comfortable and flexible as a casual shoe. In addition, we follow the latest trends in the world of children's footwear so we have blucher shoes with laces, moccasins, boat shoes and much more, in different colors and models.



Choosing a shoe with these characteristics can be a very difficult task. This type of children's footwear must have the best features to withstand a whole day of fun without causing discomfort to their feet.

At OKAA, we offer you the best collection of ceremonial shoes for children, made in Spain with the best quality materials. In this way, we offer resistant, comfortable, safe footwear with non-slip soles, so children can play and have fun without fear of chafing or falling!

These models are the perfect footwear to look elegant in special situations and, in this collection, you will be able to choose the perfect shoe for each one of them without giving up comfort and convenience.




These models are unusual footwear for everyday wear. They are usually used for black tie events, matching a suit, corduroy pants and shirt and a more elegant look than usual.

Therefore, it is important to choose the shoe for each of these moments and that your child looks amazing with a unique style.

Ceremonial shoes for little ones are often used for weddings, baptisms or first communion, really special events that are not usually attended on a daily basis. That is why this shoe becomes so special.

When it comes to his first communion, the child's look must be unforgettable, since he is the protagonist in a memorable day. If your little one is about to make the communion, you will love our line.

These models are suitable for all types of feet, as we have a wide variety of sizes, so you will not have problems in choosing the ideal for your child.

On the day of the first Communion every detail counts and, of course, the shoes should not go unnoticed and be at the height of the moment. Our collection of children's ceremony shoes 2022 has been carefully selected in order to meet all the requirements.

At OKAA, not only do we have the perfect first communion shoes, but you can also choose any other shoes for weddings or baptisms that will give the touch that every party look needs.

Find the perfect shoes among a wide range of colors, from black, brown, blue or burgundy, among others. All shoes are made of leather, designed so that children can be comfortable all day, playing, jumping and running without discomfort. For the guests we also have kids’ moccasins or t-bar shoes.



Don't miss out! Discover our entire collection for little ones and get now the perfect shoes without having to leave home.

Thanks to our size guide you will have no problem in choosing the most suitable shoe. In addition, if you have any doubts you can contact us and we will solve them quickly.

In OKAA we always choose the best shoe with a quality-price ratio unmatched in the market. Your child can look dazzling on that special day such as a wedding, communion or black tie events to attend.

The children's ceremony shoes will hold the rhythm of the whole party without bothering their feet, you will fall in love with them!