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If you are looking for the best children's shoes, in OKAA you will find the most updated and trendy models with our new collection of children's shoes.


We release new models with everything you need to face the cold of these months. From sneakers, booties and boots to slippers for boys and girls, with a wide variety of sizes and models to choose from.


Discover our new collection of shoes for boys and girls of the best quality and at a unique price, with seasonal colors, models resistant to rain and the latest trends in the world of children's fashion.




Within this autumn-winter 2022 collection, you can find everything you are looking for. If you need an elegant and modern children's footwear for Christmas dinners, you will love our boots and ankle boots in metallic finish or split leather.


This style is one of the most current and trendy in recent months, which combines perfectly with all kinds of garments. For girls, split leather boots look great with a dress or a skirt and, for boys, they will be perfect at all times with our neutral brown or black leather ankle boots.


For the little ones of the house, we also have models designed for them. In our new collection of children's shoes, you have boots without laces, with adherent closure so that they can take them off and put them on without help and it is easier for them.


In addition, it stands out for the wide variety of colors available, elegant or casual models for the day to day. Choose your favorite style and get the perfect look with just one click.


Looking for children's shoes for everyday wear? In OKAA we stand out for the quality of our footwear, offering a comfortable, versatile and flexible shoe with which they can play and have fun without risks.


Within the casual models of children's shoes you can find our range of sneakers or mules that are perfect for going to school or to play in the park.


The entire new collection of children's footwear is made up of boots, ankle boots, sneakers, blucher shoes, moccasins and much more, with non-slip soles. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the movement of the foot, favoring its development and allowing them to stand all day with them without discomfort.


The new Autumn-Winter 2022 children's footwear collection includes the widest range of shoes and a wide variety of sizes, colors and metallic prints, with glitter or fun patterns. Are you going to miss it?




Choosing the right footwear during the winter months is very important, as the rain and cold can cause colds in the little ones at home. Both indoors and outdoors, they must have the right footwear for every situation and moment.


In OKAA we think of everything and, therefore, within the new collection of children's footwear, you can also find shoes to be at home for boys, girls and babies. Comfortable, soft and warm footwear to spend time at home so they can continue playing without problems.


You'll fall in love with our furry booties with a hook-and-loop fastener with the funniest and most adorable animal designs, or our slipper-style slippers for boys and girls.




The ballet flats and Mary Jane shoes for girls are a timeless shoe that can be used both in winter and summer, but it is clear that in winter they will need the perfect complement to be able to use them, such as our condor children's socks and tights.


This garment is indispensable and Condor is one of the best Spanish brands leader in the sector. In our website you can also choose elegant socks and tights, soft, warm and elastic for all boys and girls.




If you want to have in your closet the latest news and trends in children's footwear at the best price, you will love our online store. In just one click you could have the best variety of sneakers, boots, booties, blucher and much more for boys and girls.


Our footwear is made with the best materials on the market, creating sturdy and durable footwear. In addition, the latest collection brings you updated and beautiful styles for everyday wear or special events. Everything you are looking for and need in the same place and without leaving home.


Don't wait any longer! Discover our new collection of children's footwear and create the most fashionable outfits this winter, protecting the feet of the little ones of the house.