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Condor tights and socks for girls are essential garments in all stages of their lives. For this reason, the Condor brand has been working, for more than 120 years, to create functional garments with its line of accessories for girls that stand out for their high quality.


Thanks to their materials, they allow total flexibility while protecting from the cold or chafing so that your daughter can continue to enjoy her adventures despite the weather and can play and run without feeling pain.


At OKAA we offer you the best accessories so that you can combine them with our children's footwear. Therefore, we have a wide collection in our online store, so that your little one can choose the one she likes.


In this way, your daughter will be able to be fashionable and warm in winter, but she will also be able to wear unique garments such as Condor socks in summer, which will become an essential closet basic!





At OKAA you will discover a whole collection of Condor tights and socks for girls ready to wear in summer with cotton garments, as well as in winter with models that protect your little girl's feet from the cold. Create modern and fashionable styles using fun combinations with our children's footwear.


In our online store we have an infinity of models and different colors so you can choose your favorite and combine it with the ideal shoes. Discover unique and original prints, with bows, tassels, plain, ribbed... surely you will not be able to choose just one pair! Same thing occurs with our girl boots. Take a look to them!


Take care of your daughter's feet with quality garments that stand out for their comfort and versatility. Choose from our wide variety of classic colors such as white, gray, pink or pastel colors but, if you prefer, you can choose a more daring model with diamond prints or details that make unique the Condor tights and socks for girls that we have in the collection.







Condor tights and socks for girls are made of high quality cotton so that they do not appear balls and are very durable. So your daughter can play with total peace of mind without fear of tearing them.


They are perfect for any occasion and time of the year. In summer, Condor socks are ideal and cool. We have different models, from ankle socks for high temperatures, to high socks perfect for spring. With unique details, following the latest trends, so that your daughter will be fashionable.


In winter or autumn, tights become a must-have, especially for going to school if they are in uniform, in this case try combining them with school shoes for girls and you will get a cute outfit. They are a great accessory to wear with dresses or skirts and go beautiful every day.


Choose between plain tights and socks for girls, openwork, bolder or more classic colors. An endless number of combinations for your daughter to be fashionable at an affordable price and with quality materials.


In the collection available in OKAA, you can create fun, classic or elegant combinations to suit the situation and personal taste of your daughter but, without a doubt, you will fall in love with all the Condor tights and socks for girls that we have in this section.