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  • For mom ( from 35-41...

    Being a mother is not an easy task. Every day of motherhood can be a real challenge, but the joys, the effort, the benefits and all that she brings, is something that nothing else can give you. However, to compensate for all the difficulties that may arise, OKAA wants to take care of you and make you feel like a great mother. For this, we propose you different options of shoes for mothers included in our catalog.

    It's time to get the best shoes for women and combine them with the little ones of the house! We are sure you will fall in love with our collection. We have the most fashionable footwear for moms in the market, among which you can find: espadrilles for women, ballerinas, beach and pool shoes, boots and ankle boots, Women home shoes and much more!



    Espadrilles are the exact shoe you need to add a chic touch to a classic look, making a difference and defending your own style. They are trendy, and they are here to stay. Espadrilles manage to combine craftsmanship with modernity and tradition in a single model. This has made them one of the most popular types of footwear for different types of events. The existing designs of espadrilles for women are very varied, which means that you can find different alternatives for every occasion.

    In addition, espadrilles can fit in very different looks, and different seasons, so it really is a type of footwear that we can afford to wear throughout the year.


    It's clear why we love women's ballerinas so much. When you look down, you can see the little girl inside you, the one who went hand in hand with her mother to buy new shoes, and it's an image that, now, you repeat with your little one. Therefore, you can make a nod to your childhood and put on some new ballerinas, and why not say it, take advantage of the comfort and variety of colors, textures and models, as they give us endless possibilities to combine them.

    Boots and ankle boots

    Women's boots and ankle boots are worn in comfortable and easily combinable styles. The wide variety of styles that we have can give you a modern touch to your looks, but always without leaving aside the comfort that you are looking for. It is also a type of footwear that can accompany you throughout the year, both with short ankle boots and cooler in summer, such as flat boots, with platform or heels that can not miss in your closet with the arrival of cold weather.



    Sandals are an ideal complement for many moments throughout your life. Although they are generally more associated with summer and high temperatures, a woman's sandal can complement a nice outfit at any time of the year.

    Within our catalog you will be able to find women's sandals flip flop type to go to the beach or to be able to walk on hot days. But there are also sandals with some platform, for when you have to go out for a drink, or just have been with your friends. You can also dress like the little one of the house with unique sandals, updated.


    Women's moccasins are shoes that fit perfectly throughout the year for its design and style. You will also see that it is a very versatile type of shoe that you can wear in any season and occasion. Also, nowadays, you can fit this type of flat shoes to all kinds of outfits, such as ruffled skirts.

    All these types of shoes, and many more, are available in our online catalog, where you can check which shoe suits you best, or which one fits your style. In OKAA we are available for any questions about footwear that you want to ask us, and we remind you that all our models are manufactured with high quality materials and guarantee at all times the comfort, strength and durability.




  • For dad (up to 45 Euro...

    Being a father is a unique and unrepeatable experience that will change your life. Although it is true that it also entails its share of sacrifice and effort, the reward has a much greater weight. Therefore, in OKAA we want you to realize what a great father you are, and for that, we do our bit by offering our wide range of footwear for men, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

    Among our men's shoes you can choose from a wide variety of options, models and colors and combine them with your son's shoes to always go together. Discover in this section the best shoes for men and surprise yourself with comfortable, quality shoes at the best price.

    Blucher shoes

    The footwear for men that can never be missing in your closet, no doubt, is the blucher shoe.

    A blucher is a very versatile shoe, which can be worn with formal clothes, with a suit, or even in more formal or "casual" models such as colored chinos or even jeans. Mainly, they stand out for their great comfort, so they can be shoes that are used on a daily basis. And as we have said, you can wear them in all kinds of events or situations.

    The blucher shoe for men has become a true hallmark of elegance and sophistication, being a basic shoe, to have in the closet of all dads. Therefore, in our catalog, we show you all the most updated models on the market, made with the best materials and manufactured in Spain for you to look a unique footwear.

    Men's Moccasins

    Comfort and urban style are dressed with men's moccasins; a recurrent and very sophisticated footwear, suitable for any occasion. Moccasins are the best battle buddies and your outfits will be enhanced by their presence and are the perfect complement to harmonize your moments of casual wear or when you have a more formal agenda. Their versatility and noble look have turned them into the accessory that has been worn by many generations (we also have moccasins for your kids) and they still continue to be worn, both with luxurious and informal styles.


    Espadrilles for men always appear as a spring or summer staple. Their lightweight design and fine fabrics allow the foot not only to be wrapped in maximum comfort, but also to breathe, something that is undoubtedly essential for the hottest days of the year.

    This footwear is as practical for summer as flip-flops. For an afternoon stroll or an evening out, these shoes will complete your wardrobe in the best way. They are also the perfect footwear to create a casual but modern look, combining elegance with comfort. In OKAA we have espadrilles made with the best materials and manufactured in Spain, they have non-slip soles and you can find them in different styles such as canvas, camping type, with laces or elastic.

    Men’s slippers

    Comfort is a basic feature in any type of shoe, and even more so in a shoe that we are going to wear at home. For this reason,slippers for men have become essential footwear to rest our feet at home. Slippers for men are a comfortable and safe footwear, and is an indispensable complement to our home attire. This type of footwear helps you to protect your foot and make it rest in your moments of respite.

    All these types of shoes and many more, you can find them on our website, where you will have a huge variety of models to choose the one that best suits you. In OKAA we are available for any questions you want to ask us about footwear for men, and of course, we hope you find that shoe that makes you feel like the great father you are.


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Do you want comfortable shoes to match your son or daughter? Discover now our unique collection of OKAA shoes for men and women.

And age doesn't matter! What is important is to take care of your feet at any age and guarantee comfortable footwear that can withstand the daily rhythm of work, home and play with the little ones. In OKAA we understand these needs, that's why we offer you this great collection created for all tastes and in different styles, colors and models.

All our models are designed to withstand long working days, the frenetic pace of your children and much more. We design comfortable and flexible footwear that will also be ideal combined with those of your son or daughter.

In OKAA we want you to be able to have in your shoe rack an economical footwear without sacrificing quality, that's why we bring you this collection perfect for you. Choose the style you like and we will make sure your feet are comfortable at all times.

In this section you will find a wide range of high quality shoes for men and women with a wide variety of sizes, colors and unique models. We put all the love in each design to protect you and adapt to your movements correctly. Say goodbye to annoying chafing, let nothing stop you from discovering the world with your son or daughter!


Check out our entire collection of shoes for moms and dads.

Do you want a casual shoe for the day to day, or a sandal to enjoy the summer walking on the beach? In OKAA we have everything you are looking for whatever the moment. You can find from casual shoes that combine great with all kinds of clothes, to elegant models ideal for a special event such as a wedding, communion or ceremony.

We want to be your favorite online shoe store, where you can discover endless possibilities to create the perfect outfit with an ideal shoe in any situation. Therefore, we thought it was ideal that you could combine our shoes with those of your little one, always following the latest trends in the world of fashion.

In addition, we bring you a careful selection of models chosen for their finishes, materials and unique features. Made 100% in Spain, very resistant, durable and stylish. In this section you will find what you are looking for in different sizes with a youthful touch and perfect for any occasion.

Do you want some sneakers to play with your son or daughter at the park? You'll love our sneakers for women section. Do you prefer wellies for cold and rainy weather? We also have shoes for summer, winter and any time of the year!

All our designs are fashionable, with the most modern and stylish prints that will create the perfect office look. Espadrilles for men and sandals for women for the warm weather or boots for the cold, everything on our website!


Our collections are designed to create unique outfits, combined looks that look great with any garment for both you and your son or daughter. Do not miss the opportunity to choose quality footwear at an affordable price. Choose the model and style that best matches your personality and create the perfect outfit for everyday wear or for special occasions.

In short, at OKAA we have the shoes for women and men that you need to take care of your feet, and all this without leaving home, just a click away. What are you waiting for to get your favorite model?