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Have you ever wondered what is the classic footwear for babies that never goes out of fashion? Undoubtedly, in OKAA we have it clear, the baby t-bar shoes is a trend that has been with us for years and we don't think it will ever go away.


These are one of the most classic shoes we can find. All children begin to take their first steps with this type of footwear and we are not surprised, they are so cute!


Every baby should have a pair of peep-toes from our OKAA online collection in their closet. It is a basic for the day to day, a shoe that allows, both to go to the park to play and to an event or ceremony more arranged as baptisms or communions.


In short, they are the most versatile children's footwear that we can find and stands out for many qualities.






Do you still don't understand why this type of footwear is so popular? We are going to explain it to you in detail!


The design of baby t-bar shoes is ideal for the first stages of your little one's development. Our collection has a great quality, without forgetting the good price. They are ideal for the little ones due to their last and finish, as they provide the best possible comfort and an unbeatable support.


It should be noted that these shoes are not only perfect for babies, but also for their parents. They combine at all times with any outfit, they are easy to clean and their durability is incredible.


In OKAA, we do not forget any key factor that helps the development of the foot of the little ones, so our entire collection of baby t-bar shoes provide comfort, support and quality.


With this type of children's footwear, your baby will be able to enjoy every moment without being uncomfortable. In addition, we provide different types of fasteners: buckle, strap, button or directly without fastener, all of them perfectly hold the foot of your child preventing it from slipping off.





We are sure you will have a hard time deciding on the ideal models, you will want them all! Our collection is very wide and each one shows unique, original and fun designs.


Looking for children's shoes that are perfect for celebrations? We recommend our patent leather baby t-bar shoes. This model is elegant, a renewed basic with which your little one will look beautiful, without forgetting comfort.


Do you prefer a shoe for everyday wear? If what you are looking for is a shoe to go to the park, for a walk or anywhere else, our models for babies with openwork, bamba style, canvas or espadrille style are ideal to enjoy the good weather with a children's shoe that follows the latest trends. In addition, we also have trainers for babies and espadrilles to go cooler.


Our wide collection of baby shoes allows you to choose from a variety of beautiful designs, original prints such as anchors, animals, flowers, all the details you can imagine in the shoe.


Choose the color of baby t-bar shoes that best matches the season, pastel shades, dark tones or velvet, find your ideal children's shoe in our OKAA online store!