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3x2 promotion in children's footwear 2023

3x2 promotion - GIRL COMMUNION SHOES 2023

3x2 promotion - BOY COMMUNION SHOES 2023

3x2 promotion - Girl boots 2023

3x2 promotion - SANDALS FOR GIRLS 2023

3x2 promotion - BOY MOCCASINS 2023

3x2 promotion - GIRL BALLERINAS 2023

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3x2 promotion - SNEAKERS FOR BOY 2023

3x2 promotion in children's footwear

In OkaaSpain we love to palliate the cold of the winter months with our sales. That is why, this year, after finishing them, we extend them with a 3x2 offer, to continue falling in love with the winter children's footwear collections and prepare the arrival of spring with much more optimism.

In OkaaSpain, we make a very firm and solid bet on quality footwear, breathable, with natural materials and whose manufacture is developed entirely in Spain. These are determining factors when it comes to taking care of the health and development of our children's feet.

At this age, the little ones of the house grow very fast, and with them the size of their feet, and when you go to try last year's model, they no longer fit, but we do not want this to be a problem this year, so we have decided to include the promotion of 3x2, for all footwear and to advance your spring footwear purchases and make the last of the winter.

Don't give up on quality and style

From OkaaSpain, we want to offer you the possibility to preserve the style and quality of your footwear, and that of the little ones, with our 3x2 promotion that comes after the sales.

This way, you can renew your closet and enjoy our unique collections without having to worry about the price or giving up quality and style.

Take a look at our collection of children's shoes, you can take three pairs and pay only two.

Don't miss this opportunity, because winter is a fantastic opportunity to make your children aware of the importance of wearing well protected feet and shoes made with quality materials.

Footwear for spring 2023

Moccasins, sandals o ballerinas will be back in trend this spring 2023, as they are a type of footwear that is always present and never goes out of fashion due to their adaptability and lightness, facilitating the movement of children's feet.

Bright colors will stand out, very typical of this season, in blue, yellow or pastel shades.

Communion shoes

The time of communions and ceremonies is approaching, and what better than to take advantage of this 3x2 promotion on children's shoes to buy all the communion shoes for this beautiful time.

How does the OkaaSpain 3x2 work?

So simple, choose three products and pay only 2. The promotion will be applied automatically when you go to pay, where the product that we will give you will be the one with the lowest value.

- Is it necessary that the products belong to the same category?

No, it will not be necessary. You can make your combinations as you wish, choosing products from different categories. We will still give you the third product for free.

- If I buy two products in one order and hours later I buy another product, does the promotion apply?

No, this promotion only applies when you buy three products in one order.

- Can I take advantage of the 3x2 more than once?

Of course! You can make as many purchases as you need and the promotion will be applied to you as long as you comply with its conditions, regardless of the number of orders you have previously placed.