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Zapatos de niño

  • Espadrilles

    Espadrilles for boys or esparto slippers are a type of children's footwear that never goes out of fashion. An ideal classic for children of any age.


    This shoe offers multiple advantages for your child's feet, as it protects them from moisture and they can be comfortable in any situation. From OKAA we present a line of children's espadrilles that are perfect for the spring-summer season. For this same season, in OKAA we also have sandals for boysand, for the winter, a very cool collection of desert boots.


     Made with high quality materials of natural fibers of cotton, canvas or esparto grass, with hemp soles or similar material, the esparto grass slippers for children become a very versatile children's shoe. We have a complete line with different colors and closure modes to choose the one you like the most.





    Our online collection of children's espadrilles are designed for all kinds of events, from special celebrations to everyday wear, so your child can enjoy playing while looking great in any situation!


     From going to the beach or the pool to going out to eat or for communions, kids' esparto shoes are always a safe bet. They are ideal for casual looks, but also to combine them with more formal outfits.


     Find on our website the espadrilles for your child, a shoe that is reborn year after year and is always trendy.




  • Avarcas from Menorca

  • Rain boots

    Winter is coming and, with it, the rainy, cold and windy season. Keeping the foot protected from low temperatures is very important to avoid colds. That's why, at OKAA, we offer you a wide range of boy rain boots in different models, colors and styles. You'll fall in love with them!


    OKAA's katiuskas for kids provide safety and protection so that your little one can play, run and splash in puddles, keeping his feet dry and warm. This children's footwear is a closet staple, indispensable at any age, very versatile, durable and useful.


    Prepare your child for winter with a unique collection. A shoe that, in addition to protecting, is beautiful and looks great with any outfit, from jeans to more formal or sporty pants.





    Not sure which shoes to choose? We'll make it easy for you! Our models are the best option for rainy days. They have all the necessary features to have quality footwear at a good price. Our collection is available in different models, designs and colors, following the current trends in the world of footwear. In addition, we also have boy boots and ankle boots boy.


    The entire collection is manufactured 100% in Spain, with materials that stand out for their durability, strength and flexibility. In this way, the foot of your little one will be protected but also, they can enjoy without feeling discomfort.


    We have all kinds of models of katiuskas for children, with fun and original designs, adorable drawings or basic boots that combine everything and are perfect for older children. Your child will not want to take them off!

    What's more, all OKAA kids' wellies are waterproof. With them, they can play in puddles without any risk, as they also have non-slip soles to prevent slipping and falling.


    It is very important that they are light and comfortable, because they do not damage the feet of the little ones with chafing. Our wide catalog will give you the opportunity to choose the perfect footwear with the best features and at an unbeatable price. Don't renounce to a unique quality and an economic shoe.


    They have different finishes and colors: green, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, pink... Everything you can imagine! We also have more neutral colors, such as black or brown, more discreet colors for everyday wear.


    If you are looking for a shoe for rainy days, in this section you will find everything you need, they are ideal both for going to school and to enjoy a walk, go to the park or for excursions. Combine them with everything you want, create the perfect look!


    In addition, in OKAA, we think in all children, so we have a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20 to 40, so you will have no problem choosing the perfect size to suit the foot of your little one.


    Don't think twice! Buy boy rain boots online with OKAA. Enjoy this winter more than ever without worrying about their little feet.





  • Ankle Boots

  • Boots and ankle boots

  • School shoes

    Whether it's for school or for everyday wear, any time is the perfect time to choose school shoes for children, as they will be able to wear them on any occasion in total comfort.


     At OKAA, we bring you this new line of children's shoes for boys completely updated, with new and more modern models from the world of footwear.


    This type of footwear is essentially for those schools or kindergartens where they must wear uniforms, so it is very important to choose the right footwear. Throughout a school year, children spend many hours learning and playing at school, so it is necessary to choose comfortable and flexible footwear.




    In OKAA, we always offer to all parents, the most current lines of footwear to choose from a variety of models that best suits the needs of your child.


    In this case, school shoes for boys must be comfortable and flexible, which adapt perfectly to the movement of the foot without chafing or hurting them. Our collection is made with high quality materials and has extraordinary characteristics that allow the correct development of your child's foot.


    In this section, you will be able to find all kinds of children's shoes according to your child's needs. Our models stand out for being varied and modern, without forgetting the elegance that this type of footwear must transmit.


    The line of this footwear that we put at your disposal in OKAA is ideal for both winter and summer. Depending on the model, you can choose different fastenings: without laces, with laces or with adhesive tape to favor the independence of the child to be able to fasten them alone without help.

    Both the shoe and boot models are beautiful and your child will look great every day at school and will be able to play without the risk of slipping thanks to our non-slip soles, which will allow them to run and play without risk.


    In addition, within our collection you will also find sport models for gym classes. This type of children's footwear is very comfortable for sports activities and allows the foot to perspire, so that they do not get hot while wearing them. Besides, we also have boy sneakers for the weekends.


    And when it rains? Although all our models are water resistant and do not let the drops pass to their feet, we also have boy rain boots for the rainy seasons.


     Discover in this section the perfect complement to go to school. Choose the model that best suits the needs of your child. Choose from different colors that you can combine depending on the uniform he wears to create the perfect look. Don't think twice! Our school shoes for boys are the best choice for their incredible features and value for money.




  • Tights and socks for...

    Tights and Socks for Toddler Boys by Condor.

  • Moccasins

  • Boat Shoes

  • T-strap Shoes

  • Beach

  • Safari Boots

  • Sandals

    OKAASPAIN offers you several lines of children's footwear for the heat and high temperatures. Among them, we highlight the boy sandals of our new collection, with completely updated models, following the latest fashion trends of this year.


    When the good weather arrives, it is convenient to wear the right shoes. The children's models we offer at OKAA are the perfect choice and we'll show you why, you'll fall in love with them!




    During the summer months, little ones' feet tend to sweat a lot, due to the high temperatures. To this, you must add their weak tread, so, it is necessary to use footwear made with quality materials with which they can run, play and walk avoiding sprains.


     OKAA's line offers everything a child's footwear needs. They are made with the best quality materials on the market, they are breathable, ergonomic, flexible and beautiful!


     All our models have something special. We have classic designs, closet basics that every child should have, but you can also choose more daring ones, with unique designs.


     At OKAA, we are concerned about the safety of your child and, therefore, our sandals for boys in the collection meet all the requirements for the proper development of their feet. In addition, their soles, created with non-slip materials, prevent possible falls while they have fun. Made with resistant materials to withstand the restless spirit of your child.




    Our latest line has been manufactured with the aim of making them practical all summer long. They can be taken to the beach, to the pool or to the park. They are the ideal children's shoes for everyday wear.


     During the summer, your child goes out more, especially at times when the heat is more present. That's why our products are comfortable and cool so that your child's feet don't sweat while playing outdoors in hot weather.


     We have leather boy sandals as well as others made of different materials such as rubber or canvas, choose the perfect model!


     In our collection you can find all kinds of models. We highlight our sports models, with a more resistant closure, with which you can run without the risk of unbuckling them. We also have espadrilles for boys.


     If you are looking for an elegant, comfortable and breathable children's shoe for a special event, we have dress models ideal for celebrations or boy moccasinsfor such special event.


    Choose among all our models the one that best suits your needs, although we guarantee you will fall in love with all of them! Discover our Nobuck leather sandals, nautical sandals, menorquina style, peep-toes and much more.


    The new collection for children has a wide range of sizes, for all ages, so we also have large sizes in several options. In this section, we have different closures so that your child will not have problems to put them on or take them off, with buckle or hook-and-loop closures.

    It's the perfect collection to choose shoes for your child that will allow them to enjoy the summer without being hot. Plus, they go perfectly with any look.


     At OKAA we make sure that all our boy sandals meet the expectations and the tireless activity of your child.





  • Home shoes

  • Communion shoes

    Communion shoes for kids.

  • English/Oxford shoes.

  • Sneakers

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