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Respectful Footwear for Babies

Discover our collection of Respectful Footwear for Babies. Shoes, sneakers, booties, sandals... Ideal for your first steps. All our models of respectful shoes are made taking into account high quality standards and totally safe materials. In addition, they follow a completely manual preparation, taking into account the strictly necessary characteristics that footwear of this type must meet:

They adapt to the shape of the foot
Flexible, thin sole with zero drop (no heel lift)
They lack any anatomical shape that alters the footprint
The part where the fingers go (toe box) is wide so as not to affect their mobility
With all these requirements, we present you our most respectful models from our own OKAA Flex brand and the Blandito By Crio's brand.

Benefits of respectful children's footwear

This footwear allows the child to receive more stimuli and enrich their nervous system. It also promotes the strengthening and stability of the feet when walking. Without forgetting that footwear that is so flexible and soft prevents possible chafing and blisters. All this also contributes to better development of the child's foot, which is constantly growing.

What Respectful Footwear to choose?

The first and most important thing is to check and be sure that the respectful footwear chosen really meets the requirements to be so.

Especially at an early age, ask the pediatrician about the development of your feet and if it is advisable to start wearing these shoes.

For your first steps, a flexible sole of no more than 3 mm is best. That we are able to fold the shoe completely with one hand without great effort. And that it does not have any anatomical element in the insole or raised sole in any of its points. From here, the rest of the choice will depend on the parents' taste.

At Okaaspain we have boot-type models, with elastics and laces; or with adhesive strips. Also sports models, lower and different shades. Other more collegiate models that are ideal for starting kindergarten or school. And also Mary Janes and models more suitable for dressing elegant and comfortable. Choose the one you like the most and above all the best one for their first steps!