How to clean your velvet shoes

Celebrations, special events or the return to work after the vacations, are a great occasion to put on our velvet ballet pumps. But when we go for it… We discover that they are not as shiny as we would like!

In our post we are going to give you a series of tips to clean your velvet shoes. Take note, you will need:

  • A soft bristle brush. A toothbrush would also work
  • Detergent
  • A glass or a small pitcher of water

Steps to clean your velvet shoes

The first step will be the most logical, start brushing with our soft bristle brush with caution and without pressing the shoe, focusing on the stains. It is important to always brush in the direction of the velvet weave.

The next step is to take an empty  liter bottle of water and fill it with warm water and then mix it with a tablespoon of detergent. Once the suds have been generated, rub gently over the stains, in favor of the velvet, again without pressing too hard.

Then wipe the shoe with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth and let it dry. If after drying, the stain has not disappeared, repeat the process.

For stains that are a little more difficult to remove, such as grease, use instant talcum powder. If you don’t have them on hand, when you get home, clean them with a little water and alcohol.

As a final tip, to prevent dirt or stains, it is best that every time you take off your shoes, brush them to remove dust and keep them in a shoe bag, this way you will avoid their deterioration and prevent them from getting dust or moisture.

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Mini me trends for parents and children

Do you know what are the mini me trends? In this week’s blog post of OkaaSpain, we are going to explain it to you.

Every year it is more and more trend that parents and children dress to match, and in Okaa, we do not want to stay behind, because both children and parents, what makes them more excited is to go to match between them.

Boots and ankle boots

Boots in autumn and winter are an essential classic. In Okaa we have our beautiful girl’s ankle boots with elastic and heel in glitter melange, they have a particularly innovative, elegant and very fine design.

In Okaa we have them available in three colors and in a range of sizes from 25 to 41.

Desert boots with laces in suede leather

Another essential of this season that can never be missing in our closet, the lace-up suede leather shoes.

Super comfortable for the day to day, a classic in the world of mini me trends for parents and children to go to match. For this model we have a range of sizes from 20 to 44.

Wellies for the rainy months

If the wellies in our collection have taught us anything, it is that on rainy days, you can also be fashionable and mothers and daughters can go together.

With our classic wellies with buckle, you will feel with a renewed and updated look but without your wellies have not lost their lifelong essence.

They stand out for their comfort, flexibility and lightness for rainy days throughout the year.

For the spring-summer season, canvas sneakers.

Finally, a basic of our collection, our canvas sneakers with laces and a classic print, ideal to combine with all the clothes in the good weather season for boys, girls and moms.

Sizes available up to size 41 for moms, in 4 different colors.

How to clean your australian boots

If you want to clean your australian boots or, simply, keep them as the first day, against external agents such as rain or dirt, in today’s post, we give you the best tips to keep them in perfect condition.

1- Brush the outer surface

For the cleaning process to be successful, the first thing you should do is to brush the entire outer surface of your boots with a suitable brush. In this way, we will be removing any dirt, debris or dust that may have been adhered to the outside of our boots.

2- Use a damp cloth

The next step after brushing the boots is to slightly dampen a clean cloth or rag with water. It is very important that the cloth is well wrung out before passing it over the boots, since an excess of water or moisture or placing them under a stream of cold water from the tap could damage them.

Once wrung out, pass the damp cloth with circular movements on the outside of the boots very gently and without pressing too much because it will not be enough, and as we said before, it can be counterproductive.

3- Water and liquid soap

At this point, you have two options to continue cleaning your safari boots. On the one hand, you can buy a specific cleaner for this type of footwear, or, on the other hand, you can make a homemade cleaner with water, a little liquid soap and a splash of ammonia.

Although both options are valid, our recommendation is to moisten a soft bristle brush in the cleaning product purchased and rub gently over the boots with circular movements, again without exerting too much pressure.

In this step, it is important that you do not leave any gaps in the boot without cleaning so that no contrasts are visible when you finish.

4. Fill in the inside of the boots

As important as the previous ones, this step is essential to keep the shape of your australian boots intact. Stuff newspaper balls, for example, inside your boots to avoid deformation during drying.

Let them dry in a dry place, sheltered from possible humidity and where the boots are not exposed to direct sunlight, until they are completely dry. When you check that they are completely dry, gently brush them again.

5. Use a Protective Spray

After the previous steps, to protect your boots for new uses, it is best to use a protective spray on the outside of the boots, thus preventing them from getting dirty so easily when you wear them.

After applying it, you just have to wait for your boots to dry and they will be impeccable and ready to use.

As a last tip, we recommend you never put your boots in the washing machine or dryer, as you could damage them while they are being washed.

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How to clean your desert boots

The desert boots are a very versatile and comfortable footwear for day to day and weekends.

However, this type of shoes needs care to stay as the first day despite the strength and quality of the materials of the footwear we have in Okaa. Therefore, in our post we are going to give you the best tips to clean your desert boots made in Spain from OkaaSpain.

Buy the right cleaning utensils to clean your safari boots

To keep your desert boots in perfect condition, the first thing you should do is to buy a special cleaning brush, containing white bristles on one side, and fat bristles on the other. Take advantage of this brush to clean your footwear frequently, this way you will prevent the suede from accumulating dust and dirt.

Clean accumulated stains

If you have some kind of grease stain on your footwear, don’t be in a hurry, simply apply some talcum powder on the stain, let it sit and brush it off to return your boots to their natural state.

However, there are waterproofing sprays that prevent this type of unforeseen events in our footwear.

For other types of stains, in this case it is best to dissolve a few drops of ammonia or even dishwashing detergent with a little water and then rub with a cloth or sponge on the stained area.

After use, let them breathe

After using your desert boots, it’s best to let them breathe. If they have gotten wet, simply put newspaper inside to absorb the moisture and let them dry.

Store them properly

Once you get home and take off your boots, the best option would be to store them in a cotton cloth bag, this way they will be safe from any other external factor such as dust.

We hope our tips on how to clean your desert boots have helped you a lot. In our blog you can also find how to clean furry boots and how to clean children’s white sneakers.

What shoes to choose for Christmas?

Christmas is about to arrive and that brings renewed illusions, wish lists and good resolutions and, of course, start thinking about the looks and shoes that we will choose for these dates. That is why, in today’s post of OkaaSpain, we bring you the best tips to choose shoes for the little ones this Christmas.

And, if we talk about children’s footwear, we must take into account several factors such as age, comfort, time of year and temperatures and, above all, the quality of footwear to ensure the children’s feet throughout the summer without discomfort or chafing.

The arrival of Christmas means the arrival of winter, so we must ensure that we choose the footwear that will ensure warm feet and the greatest possible comfort.

In our children’s footwear store, you will find all the shoes that best meet the needs of this season and children.

Boots for boys and girls, a safe bet

If we are looking for convenience, warmth and comfort, it is impossible not to think of boots, booties and ankle boots for boys and girls from Okaa.

These OkaaSpain models are perfect to keep the foot warm, comfortable and safe all day long.

In addition, their versatility allows us to combine them with both more formal looks and more casual day-to-day looks.

For rainy days, rain boots from OkaaSpain

Leaving aside the days and nights of celebrations, for the rainiest days of Christmas, in OkaaSpain we have beautiful models of rain boots for girls and boys, from more traditional models in neutral colors, models with sheepskin for the days with the lowest temperatures to models with animal drawings and exclusive designs.

Desert Boots for children, always the right choice

OkaaSpain’s desert boots are always a safe alternative. We have a wide variety of models and finishes in suede, leather, patent leather…

They are very comfortable for the day and stand out for their flexibility. Undoubtedly, a great option when choosing shoes for Christmas.

Blucher shoes for special days

The children’s blucher shoe is a very stylish and elegant shoe perfect for special days of celebration. A comfortable and elegant shoe for children to play without sacrificing style.

Our models have finishes that follow the latest fashion trends with velvet, linen, patent leather or leather. In addition, they have non-slip soles.

If you had any doubts about which shoes to choose for Christmas, in this post you have the best tips for every occasion, we hope you enjoy it!

Halloween crafts for children

The scariest night of the year is coming and in OKAA we are going to show you how to have a good time with the little ones of the house thanks to these Halloween crafts for children, very easy and funny. You will love them!


1.- Bats in the fireplace:

If you have a fireplace in your house, this first craft will be your favorite, because you are going to simulate a lot of bats coming from the fireplace. First of all, you need black balloons and you only have to inflate the balloons, draw on them some eyes and put them in the fireplace. If you also put a spider web will be amazing!

2.- Terrifying garland:

For the second craft, you will need black cardboard, white cardboard, a string and a marker pen. It is about a garland with ghosts and bats to decorate the house. You simply will have to cut the cardboards with the bats and ghosts shapes, draw them eyes and mouth and stick them in the string.

3.- Spooky mummies:

The next craft is about making some mummies with soda cans. It is very simple and children will enjoy making it. For this craft you will need some soda cans, so don’t forget not to throw them away! Next, you will have to wrap the cans with a bandage and stick some eyes in it.

4.- Witch brooms:

We continue with more crafts. For this one, you will need some pencils, scissors, some lollipops, scotch tape, and a brown paper. In the first place, you have to link the lollipop with the pencil and then wrap it in the brown paper previously cut in strips.

5.- Simple ornaments with cardboards:

For this craft you only need the toilet paper roll, cardboards, colours and glue. Now we let it to your imagination because according to how you cut and stick the cardboards to the paper rolls you will be able to make ghosts, bats, witches…

6.- Tangerine pumpkins:

In this craft you will obtain some pumpkins in an easy way. With a black marker pen you have to draw the pumpkin eyes and mouth in the tangerines. They already have the orange colour!

7.- Spooky straws:

For this craft you need some straws, black cardboard and scissors. You will have to make whatever shape you want (for example, a witch hat) on the cardboard and then cut a circle to let the straw pass.

8.- More mummies:

This craft is very fast and simple to do. You need black cardboard, toy eyes and a wool roll. Then you have to cut the cardboard into doll shape, stick the eyes in it and wrap it in the wool roll.

9.- Terrifying balloons:

Balloons couldn’t be missed on this craft! You need white, orange or black balloons whether you want to make ghosts, pumpkins or bats. You can also make them all! You need a black marker pen too, and with it you have to draw funny faces in the balloons.

10.- Monstrous bags:

With this craft you will turn simple paper bags into some funny monsters. You only need black paper bags (or the colours you want), toy eyes, some clothespins and a white cardboard. You have to stick the eyes on the bags and then cut the cardboard with tooth shape to stick it in the bags. Finally, clothespins will be used to close the bags simulating some ears. The funny thing about this craft is that children will be able to put their sweets inside!

We hope that you like these easy Halloween crafts to do with your children and have a good time with them.

Reasons to wear quality shoes

When we go to buy a shoe, the first thing we look at or what usually catches our attention is its aesthetics. Generally, other aspects, such as the material, the sole or any other detail other than its physique or style, take second place at that first glance. In those moments, we don’t realise that these characteristics of the shoes are equally or more important than how beautiful or ugly they may be. The reason is very simple: the health of our own feet depends on these aspects.

Feet support all the weight of the body and bear great pressure throughout the day, even more so in certain cases, such as certain professions or daily activities that require special footwear to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of work. For this, and many other reasons, that is why we must take care of them and choose a comfortable, quality shoe. At OKAA, we show you the different reasons to wear quality shoes.

Regulating foot moisture

It should be borne in mind that feet spend the whole day in a damp and poorly ventilated environment. It is therefore important to reduce this humidity as much as possible. Leather, for example, is a breathable material that absorbs moisture, although good quality leather may also be suitable.

To reduce the humidity of our shoes, it is important to always store them either with their corresponding wooden bolts, or by inserting newspaper inside them. Both options will allow us to regulate the humidity that is generated inside, and avoid infections or allergic reactions by limiting the appearance of mites and bacteria.

Avoid foot odour

Some synthetic materials prevent the shoe from transpiring, causing the proliferation of bacteria and fungus and therefore bad odour. Therefore, it is important, as we have mentioned, to wear shoes that have good breathability, and this can only be provided by quality shoes. In fact, whatever the time of year, if the footwear is breathable, it will manage to maintain the right temperature of the foot. Generally, in winter, sweat is the cause of cold feet, and in summer it causes odour and can even complicate some skin conditions, such as athlete’s foot.

Synthetic materials, plastics and rubber should be avoided. Technical materials, on the other hand, can help to draw the water vapour generated by perspiration outwards, preventing water from the outside from entering the shoe.

Avoid discomfort and problems

A narrow or low-quality shoe can cause toe deformities, rubbing and pressure. For this reason, we must protect our feet by using shoes with quality workmanship and materials. In addition, to avoid this type of discomfort and problems, it is very important that we know how to choose the right size for us.

Quality footwear is a great saving

How many times have we heard the cliché «cheap is expensive». Well, in the case of footwear, it is exactly the same and it is a phrase that is totally applicable to this area. Just because of the durability, it is worth spending a little more money on our footwear, since quality shoes last much longer than bad ones. But also, the cheapest shoes are the ones that will eventually generate all the problems that we have been talking about in this post.

At OKAA we have a wide range of shoes of all kinds, and for all tastes, so that, whatever type of person you are, you can find the ideal shoe here, both for you and for your children or people around you. And of course, all our products have a high level of quality, design, comfort and durability, so that you can enjoy your footwear as much as possible.


Autumn is just around the corner and that means it’s time to change your wardrobe and put away your summer shoes. Today at OKAA we bring you the latest trends in children’s shoes for autumn 2022 that are going to take the world by storm.

When we talk about children’s footwear, we must take size into account, as, from one year to the next, the shoe will probably not fit them.

It is necessary that, every season, they wear a children’s shoe suitable for their age, which is comfortable and of quality to last all autumn without suffering damage or chafing.

At OKAA we are launching our autumn 2022 collection of children’s shoes with the latest trends and novelties in the world of children’s footwear.

We know that, at this time of the year, the cold and rainy weather begins. That’s why we want to make sure that all children are as warm as possible with footwear that provides them with safety and comfort.

In the autumn 2022 collection you can find a wide variety of models, colours and styles to go perfect in their day to day. We have the latest trends in children’s shoes for autumn 2022 with boots, moccasins, ankle boots, blucher and much more!


We love to be fashionable and in our online children’s shoe shop you will find all the fall 2022 trends that you can’t miss, check them all out!


Moccasins for boys are a classic that never goes out of fashion and, this autumn, they are back with a bang, becoming one of the trendiest children’s shoes of the season.

They are a comfortable, elegant and versatile shoe. Ideal for special occasions such as family dinners or to go to school if they wear a uniform.

On our website you can find a whole section of moccasins for children in different styles, colours and sizes to choose the most suitable for your little one.


Mountain style boots for kids were already fashionable a few years ago and, this autumn, they are once again becoming a trend.

They are perfect to keep their feet protected from the rain and cold during these months. In addition, their design is ideal to combine with any type of garment, from a more casual look to a more formal style.

The mountain boots for boys are designed to accompany your little one throughout the day, providing the comfort and safety he needs at every step.

In our online shop you can find these children’s shoes in different colors, made in Spain with split leather and a wide variety of sizes for both boys and girls, so don’t miss out!


Metallic finishes are becoming more and more popular among adults and, as we know that children always want to imitate their parents, we bring you shoes with metallic finishes for children.

Silver and gold sparkles are a safe bet for this autumn. With a festive and different air, on our website you can find boots for boys with metallic finishes that will give a special touch to any outfit. They will go perfectly with our boots and can be combined with any type of garment.

Moreover, as they are made with high quality materials, they are comfortable, resistant and durable. Check out some of our models like our blucher-style ankle boots, you will fall in love with them!


In OKAA we also bring the latest trends in shoes for babies with an exclusive section designed for their first steps.

Here you can find baby booties with bows, a traditional and classic shoe that is a hit in the winter months.

The baby booties provide stability and firmness, with an elegant, comfortable and soft design, ideal for everyday wear. The bow detail is certainly the standout feature, creating an adorable ensemble.

These are some of the fall 2022 boys’ shoes trends that you can’t miss in your wardrobe. You can find everything you need in our OKAA children’s shoe shop where we guarantee the best quality at a unique price.


Choosing the right children’s footwear is a task that is not easy for many parents. It is an element of vital importance in the development of children, since, depending on their comfort and the protection they provide, they could help us to avoid podiatric problems in the future. That is why, once we have found the perfect children’s footwear, we must take care of it as much as possible so that we do not have to constantly go through the process of choosing.

The daily use of children’s shoes, as well as other external factors, such as temperature and environment, can affect our shoes. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you several tips to take care of children’s shoes, and in this way, try to extend their useful life as much as possible, always with the aim that our little ones can enjoy for longer the comfort that gives them their favorite footwear.

Change shoes daily

There are two reasons for following this first piece of advice. First of all, we will avoid excessive wear at the beginning of the shoe’s life, and the shoes, being able to rest, will be able to recover their shape and adapt to the child’s foot little by little. In addition, it also helps us to improve the health of the child’s feet, since, by alternating the footwear, the child will not become accustomed to a single shoe shape.

Maintaining the shape of the shoes

Something that happens quite commonly is that shoes lose their original shape, both in their appearance and in some of their characteristics. We can avoid these deformations if, at the time of storage, we use a last that adapts well to the shape of the shoe, and allows it to maintain its original shape while we have it stored. If we do not have a last pair that can be adapted to our children’s shoes, we can try using some kind of padding to help maintain the structure, such as newspaper balls.

Storing footwear correctly

In addition to applying our previous advice, there are other guidelines that we must follow when storing our children’s shoes. We should never store them one on top of the other or piled up, since the weight of the shoes, as well as the dust that some of them may have, will only spoil the rest. Therefore, it is also important that when we are going to store the children’s shoes, they are clean. We must not leave any trace of dirt or dust, and that these elements remain there until the next use, because it could be much more complicated to clean them some time later.

To store children’s shoes in our shoe rack, it is highly recommended to use boxes, especially if we are not going to use them for a long time. If we do not have these boxes, or they take up a lot of space, we can use something easier to get, and less bulky, such as a cloth bag.

Avoiding moisture in our shoes

There are several factors that can cause children’s shoes to acquire humidity, such as sweat after a long day of use, or the outside environment, for example, on a rainy day. Therefore, we must dry the shoes before storing them, and for this purpose, we can use anti-humidity sachets or a cloth we have at home. We can also apply one of the previous tips and put paper inside to absorb the humidity, but we must remember to change the paper afterwards to be able to store it.

Symmetry of our shoelaces

This is one of the most peculiar tips, but one that few people know about. When we buy new shoes, we can see that one end of the lace is longer than the other, which is caused by the way the shoes are stored after manufacturing. Therefore, we have to take the laces out and put them back in so that we make sure they are symmetrical. This symmetry will ensure that the pressure of the laces is evenly distributed, and thus prevent the shoe from deforming.

Using the shoehorn

When we put on our shoes without using this element, the only thing we get is to deform the heel part, since we make force on it when we try to put the foot in. If we use the shoehorn, we will avoid this problem, and in addition, we will get our children used to using it, thus removing a negative habit that they could have in their adult life, since this problem does not only occur with children’s shoes. In addition, it will also be important to use the right shoe size. For this, we have a size guide to know how to measure the foot.

As we have seen, knowing how to take care of children’s shoes is extremely important to ensure that our shoes last much longer. However, it is also very important to choose the right shoe, and for this reason, in OkaaSpain we have a wide range of children’s shoes online, made with the best materials, to make it as durable as possible.


Comfort and functionality are two factors to take into account when choosing the right footwear for each moment, especially if we are talking about children’s footwear. Choosing the wrong shoes can cause problems in the short and long term. That is why, in this article we will show you how to choose comfortable shoes for every occasion.

Children’s shoes are one of the most important items of clothing for all children, as they are crucial for the correct development of their feet. Choosing a comfortable shoe is crucial to avoid chafing, foot pain and discomfort.


Children’s footwear should be according to each moment and stage of the children. They should not only be purchased for aesthetics, but also for different factors such as quality, materials and comfort.

Choosing the right children’s shoes will help keep their feet healthy and prevent ailments such as back pain. Therefore, we will give you the best tips for choosing comfortable shoes.

Ideally, when choosing one type of shoe or another, you should take into account what it is going to be used for. It is not the same a shoe for the day to day that one for sports or to go to play in the park.

If you are going to buy a shoe thinking of using it on the beach, it must follow certain characteristics such as waterproofing or flexibility that, perhaps, other types of footwear do not have.

Another of the most important factors when choosing a comfortable shoe is knowing how to select the right size.

In children, during their early years, the foot develops rapidly and changes every day. That is why one of the biggest mistakes many parents make when choosing shoes is buying the wrong size.

If you buy a shoe that is too small, it will be very uncomfortable for the child and can also cause problems in their growth. The ideal is to know how to measure the foot  before making any purchase. It is advisable to measure both feet so as not to make a mistake with the size.

Choosing quality materials will help a lot in terms of comfort. Sometimes, some materials can be uncomfortable, since they generate a lot of sweat or heat and, consequently, the foot can slip.

Ideally, choose leather footwear, one of the most durable materials, easy to maintain and best suited to movement.


Children’s shoes are intended to accompany all children in their activities, allowing them mobility without causing harm. Therefore, the shoe should be as light and flexible as possible, adaptable to movement and able to bend forward without problems.

The rear part should be closed and well fitted to the heel. In the case of open shoes such as sandals, it is recommended that they have a back strap. In this way, the foot will be held in place.

On the other hand, the sole should be soft but not excessively so as to improve shock absorption and achieve greater stability.

Finally, as regards the design of the footwear, it is important to check that the seams are well finished and that there are no defects that could dig into the foot.

In conclusion, it is important to note that each shoe is made to fulfill a function or use and is a very important part of getting a good comfortable shoe. Aesthetics in children’s footwear is of secondary importance, since comfort and convenience are fundamental for a good quality of life.

In OKAA we are specialized in children’s footwear, providing the best quality with a unique manufacturing footwear. On our website you can find a wide range of options with updated collections designed for each stage of your child, don’t miss it and choose the best shoes!