Reasons to wear quality shoes

When we go to buy a shoe, the first thing we look at or what usually catches our attention is its aesthetics. Generally, other aspects, such as the material, the sole or any other detail other than its physique or style, take second place at that first glance. In those moments, we don’t realise that these characteristics of the shoes are equally or more important than how beautiful or ugly they may be. The reason is very simple: the health of our own feet depends on these aspects.

Feet support all the weight of the body and bear great pressure throughout the day, even more so in certain cases, such as certain professions or daily activities that require special footwear to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of work. For this, and many other reasons, that is why we must take care of them and choose a comfortable, quality shoe. At OKAA, we show you the different reasons to wear quality shoes.

Regulating foot moisture

It should be borne in mind that feet spend the whole day in a damp and poorly ventilated environment. It is therefore important to reduce this humidity as much as possible. Leather, for example, is a breathable material that absorbs moisture, although good quality leather may also be suitable.

To reduce the humidity of our shoes, it is important to always store them either with their corresponding wooden bolts, or by inserting newspaper inside them. Both options will allow us to regulate the humidity that is generated inside, and avoid infections or allergic reactions by limiting the appearance of mites and bacteria.

Avoid foot odour

Some synthetic materials prevent the shoe from transpiring, causing the proliferation of bacteria and fungus and therefore bad odour. Therefore, it is important, as we have mentioned, to wear shoes that have good breathability, and this can only be provided by quality shoes. In fact, whatever the time of year, if the footwear is breathable, it will manage to maintain the right temperature of the foot. Generally, in winter, sweat is the cause of cold feet, and in summer it causes odour and can even complicate some skin conditions, such as athlete’s foot.

Synthetic materials, plastics and rubber should be avoided. Technical materials, on the other hand, can help to draw the water vapour generated by perspiration outwards, preventing water from the outside from entering the shoe.

Avoid discomfort and problems

A narrow or low-quality shoe can cause toe deformities, rubbing and pressure. For this reason, we must protect our feet by using shoes with quality workmanship and materials. In addition, to avoid this type of discomfort and problems, it is very important that we know how to choose the right size for us.

Quality footwear is a great saving

How many times have we heard the cliché «cheap is expensive». Well, in the case of footwear, it is exactly the same and it is a phrase that is totally applicable to this area. Just because of the durability, it is worth spending a little more money on our footwear, since quality shoes last much longer than bad ones. But also, the cheapest shoes are the ones that will eventually generate all the problems that we have been talking about in this post.

At OKAA we have a wide range of shoes of all kinds, and for all tastes, so that, whatever type of person you are, you can find the ideal shoe here, both for you and for your children or people around you. And of course, all our products have a high level of quality, design, comfort and durability, so that you can enjoy your footwear as much as possible.

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