How to clean your australian boots

If you want to clean your australian boots or, simply, keep them as the first day, against external agents such as rain or dirt, in today’s post, we give you the best tips to keep them in perfect condition.

1- Brush the outer surface

For the cleaning process to be successful, the first thing you should do is to brush the entire outer surface of your boots with a suitable brush. In this way, we will be removing any dirt, debris or dust that may have been adhered to the outside of our boots.

2- Use a damp cloth

The next step after brushing the boots is to slightly dampen a clean cloth or rag with water. It is very important that the cloth is well wrung out before passing it over the boots, since an excess of water or moisture or placing them under a stream of cold water from the tap could damage them.

Once wrung out, pass the damp cloth with circular movements on the outside of the boots very gently and without pressing too much because it will not be enough, and as we said before, it can be counterproductive.

3- Water and liquid soap

At this point, you have two options to continue cleaning your safari boots. On the one hand, you can buy a specific cleaner for this type of footwear, or, on the other hand, you can make a homemade cleaner with water, a little liquid soap and a splash of ammonia.

Although both options are valid, our recommendation is to moisten a soft bristle brush in the cleaning product purchased and rub gently over the boots with circular movements, again without exerting too much pressure.

In this step, it is important that you do not leave any gaps in the boot without cleaning so that no contrasts are visible when you finish.

4. Fill in the inside of the boots

As important as the previous ones, this step is essential to keep the shape of your australian boots intact. Stuff newspaper balls, for example, inside your boots to avoid deformation during drying.

Let them dry in a dry place, sheltered from possible humidity and where the boots are not exposed to direct sunlight, until they are completely dry. When you check that they are completely dry, gently brush them again.

5. Use a Protective Spray

After the previous steps, to protect your boots for new uses, it is best to use a protective spray on the outside of the boots, thus preventing them from getting dirty so easily when you wear them.

After applying it, you just have to wait for your boots to dry and they will be impeccable and ready to use.

As a last tip, we recommend you never put your boots in the washing machine or dryer, as you could damage them while they are being washed.

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