Halloween crafts for children

The scariest night of the year is coming and in OKAA we are going to show you how to have a good time with the little ones of the house thanks to these Halloween crafts for children, very easy and funny. You will love them!


1.- Bats in the fireplace:

If you have a fireplace in your house, this first craft will be your favorite, because you are going to simulate a lot of bats coming from the fireplace. First of all, you need black balloons and you only have to inflate the balloons, draw on them some eyes and put them in the fireplace. If you also put a spider web will be amazing!

2.- Terrifying garland:

For the second craft, you will need black cardboard, white cardboard, a string and a marker pen. It is about a garland with ghosts and bats to decorate the house. You simply will have to cut the cardboards with the bats and ghosts shapes, draw them eyes and mouth and stick them in the string.

3.- Spooky mummies:

The next craft is about making some mummies with soda cans. It is very simple and children will enjoy making it. For this craft you will need some soda cans, so don’t forget not to throw them away! Next, you will have to wrap the cans with a bandage and stick some eyes in it.

4.- Witch brooms:

We continue with more crafts. For this one, you will need some pencils, scissors, some lollipops, scotch tape, and a brown paper. In the first place, you have to link the lollipop with the pencil and then wrap it in the brown paper previously cut in strips.

5.- Simple ornaments with cardboards:

For this craft you only need the toilet paper roll, cardboards, colours and glue. Now we let it to your imagination because according to how you cut and stick the cardboards to the paper rolls you will be able to make ghosts, bats, witches…

6.- Tangerine pumpkins:

In this craft you will obtain some pumpkins in an easy way. With a black marker pen you have to draw the pumpkin eyes and mouth in the tangerines. They already have the orange colour!

7.- Spooky straws:

For this craft you need some straws, black cardboard and scissors. You will have to make whatever shape you want (for example, a witch hat) on the cardboard and then cut a circle to let the straw pass.

8.- More mummies:

This craft is very fast and simple to do. You need black cardboard, toy eyes and a wool roll. Then you have to cut the cardboard into doll shape, stick the eyes in it and wrap it in the wool roll.

9.- Terrifying balloons:

Balloons couldn’t be missed on this craft! You need white, orange or black balloons whether you want to make ghosts, pumpkins or bats. You can also make them all! You need a black marker pen too, and with it you have to draw funny faces in the balloons.

10.- Monstrous bags:

With this craft you will turn simple paper bags into some funny monsters. You only need black paper bags (or the colours you want), toy eyes, some clothespins and a white cardboard. You have to stick the eyes on the bags and then cut the cardboard with tooth shape to stick it in the bags. Finally, clothespins will be used to close the bags simulating some ears. The funny thing about this craft is that children will be able to put their sweets inside!

We hope that you like these easy Halloween crafts to do with your children and have a good time with them.

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