Summer has begun! And with it, the long holidays for all children, a perfect period to enjoy outdoor activities and lots of fun. That’s why we at OKAA would like to recommend the five most popular summer games for children so that they can make the most of their time in the best possible way.

Summer games are always a favorite with children, as they spend a lot of time outdoors without stopping. That is why it is also important to take care of children’s shoes, especially during hot weather.

Before starting to play, we have to make sure that children wear the right shoes at all times, as sweat, high temperatures and sometimes even the possibility of their feet getting wet can cause damage and annoying chafing.

At OKAA we have a wide range of summer footwear for children, resistant and of high quality, which will keep children’s feet safe all day long. We stand out for our comfort, always guaranteeing maximum comfort. Don’t miss our catalog by clicking here.

And having reminded ourselves of this point, let’s start with the five summer games for children!

Hide and seek:

Hide and seek is one of the most famous traditional games. Known by all generations, it has not lost its essence and popularity and, of course, it cannot be missing in this list of summer games.

It is perfect for playing outdoors and the best thing about hide and seek is that you don’t need any equipment to play, just a lot of imagination!

The aim of the game is to hide and not be discovered until the end of the game. It is advisable to play in open but controlled spaces, such as estates or housing estates to guarantee the safety of the little ones.

Without a doubt, hide and seek could not be missing from the list of the five summer games for children, as it will provide them with hours and hours of fun.

Water balloon wars:

Another summer classic, and one that can never be missed, is water balloon wars. This fun game is enjoyed by children and adults alike and is a great way to cool off in the hot weather.

In order to play, you need coloured water balloons and two buckets. In this way, two groups can be formed and the aim is to dunk the opponent as much as possible. The children will have a fun afternoon full of laughter, as well as cooling off.

All kinds of races

There are many ways in which children can run from one side of the garden: one leg, three legs (two children together with the middle leg tied), backwards, crabbing, fastest, slowest, middle, with a bucket of water, etc. Let the children take turns to mention the style of the race. As well as being a perfect summer game for kids, it’s a great way for kids to get physical exercise.


This game is best played with children who are a little more advanced in age. In addition we should always use a rubber ball, or foam rubber, so as not to hurt them. The aim is to hit your opponents with the ball while dodging being hit yourself. If you catch a ball that has been thrown to you, the thrower is out, or is taken to «jail», from which only his own teammates can rescue him. This is a fast-paced game with agreed common sense rules (i.e. no aiming for the head).


When we take the children to the beach, sand is an excellent element for creative play in childhood. With sand and a little water, your children can build castles, bridges, tunnels and anything else they invent.  Although it’s not completely necessary to be at the beach to play, they can also do it in the sandbox at the playground or in any artificial sandbox.

All these games (and many more) will make your children have a great summer. And so that they don’t lack anything, and can spend those hours of fun in total comfort, we recommend you from OKAA, that you look at our website, so that you can find the footwear that best suits your little one.

Summer footwear, which is the most suitable?

Summer is finally here! The favorite season of all children is beginning and it is time to change the closed shoes for sandals, flip flops or cool shoes to combat the high temperatures.

Children’s footwear in summer is very important as the heat can be very uncomfortable, as well as the increase in outdoor activities and we must be prepared so that the feet of the youngest members of the family do not suffer the consequences.

At OKAA we have been working for years with the most innovative and updated children’s footwear on the market with the aim of keeping up with the pace of all children with a comfortable,flexible shoes that allows the correct development of their feet.

That’s why today, we are going to show you the best options for children’s shoes for the summer in order to make the change of wardrobe easier and quicker.


Children’s footwear for summer are very important. The holidays are starting and you have to be prepared for the beach, camping or outdoor activities.

With the high temperatures, feet tend to sweat, causing a lot of discomfort and damage. When choosing children’s shoes for summer, it is essential to take the following aspects into account:

  • Children’s summer footwear should be made of breathable fabrics. Regardless of whether open shoes such as sandals or closed shoes such as trainers are used, it is advisable to avoid plastics or any other synthetic material, as these do not absorb sweat and cause a higher concentration of heat in the foot.
  • Check your shoe size. Footwear should not be too loose or too tight, as children are most active during the summer season. Wearing the wrong size shoe can cause growth problems or lead to injuries or falls.
  • Use comfortable footwear. At OKAA we stand out for the comfort of our summer shoes, using the best materials to guarantee maximum comfort and durability in all our footwear. This way, they will keep up with your children all day long.
  • Non-slip soles. One of the most important things in any children’s footwear is the sole, both in summer and winter. The sole should be neither flat nor too thick or with a heel, nor too thin, as this does not allow for proper cushioning. Ideally, the sole of children’s shoes should be one and a half centimetres thick, so that the foot is in a natural position when walking. They should also be non-slip to avoid slipping while playing.
  • Choose the right footwear for every moment. Flip-flops or flip-flops are highly recommended for summer, but only if they are going to be at the beach, in the swimming pool or for water activities. It is not advisable to wear them more often as the main material is plastic and they can cause chafing and fungus if worn all day long. For day-to-day use, playing in the park or going for a walk, it is best to use canvas shoes or sandals.


In our online children’s footwear shop you can find a wide variety of shoes and slippers for this season with the best features.

See all our collections, choose the size that best suits the needs of your son or daughter and enjoy a summer full of adventures without worrying about their feet. All our shoes are designed to accompany children at every stage of their lives, ensuring maximum comfort and unique quality.

The most recommended children’s shoes for summer are usually:


Sandals for kids are an essential basic in every wardrobe. A footwear that never goes out of fashion, comfortable and fresh that always comes back in trend every summer.

Children’s sandals can be used almost every day as they adapt perfectly to their feet, with an adhesive fastening, ring or loop, so they will be safe. It is a very versatile footwear because, depending on the model you choose, it can be a casual shoe or a more formal one for special events.

In our online children’s footwear shop you will find a wide variety of sandals for children that will be a total success this summer. Being an open shoe, they allow the correct ventilation of the foot, avoiding sweat and discomfort.


As we have already mentioned, clogs and flip-flops tend to be very popular in summer. However, this children’s footwear is not designed for day-to-day use, but for the beach, the swimming pool or any other time where water plays a major role.

Clogs and flip-flops for children prevent slips and dangerous falls, as well as protecting the foot from hot sand, pebbles or any other element that may be annoying for them.

This way, they can run and play on the beach without injuries or falls. In addition, all our clogs and flip-flops have a flexible, non-slip sole.


Canvas is one of the most recommended materials for the summer. It is a very cool and breathable material that will be ideal to combat the high temperatures and heat.

In this category, we offer different models of canvas trainers for children, such as the classic canvas sneakers, or you can also choose sandals and trainers made of this fabric.

Canvas trainers are a summer classic, perfect for any time of the day as they are cool and light. They can be combined with anything from shorts to dresses and skirts, and in our online shop you can find almost any colour.

Their flexible, non-slip soles are ideal for playing in the park, going for a walk or camping. They are very durable and you can choose them with hook-and-loop fasteners to make it easy for children to put them on and take them off.

As you can see, there are many different options for children’s shoes for the summer and at OKAA we have them all, so don’t wait any longer! It’s time to go for quality footwear at the best price.

Discover all the categories in our online shop and renew your wardrobe with comfortable, light and flexible summer footwear.


Children’s trainers are essential children’s footwear that should never be missing from the wardrobe. However, white trainers are very hard to keep clean.

White trainers are comfortable, versatile and can be worn at any time, whether for school, play or a stroll. They go with all kinds of clothes and outfits, making them an essential for every child. In recent years, white trainers for children have even become a trend.

This type of children’s footwear has the tendency to get dirty easily, however, cleaning them is very simple and quick.

That’s why, today at OKAA, we’re going to show you how to clean children’s white trainers so that they look as good as new.


When you buy children’s white trainers, keeping them sparkling clean and shiny can be a tricky task, especially for kids who are always playing and having fun.

However, there are some very useful tips that you’ll learn today to make cleaning white trainers quick and easy. Here are the five most used and effective tips for cleaning children’s white trainers:

1.     Baking soda and detergent:

To clean white trainers and prevent them from staining more easily, prevention is very important. For this, baking soda and detergent are the best combination.

How to apply it?

It is very simple, you only need to mix 1.5 parts of baking soda and detergent. Once you have made the mixture, rub it all over the white trainer with a toothbrush.

After this, you should rinse the entire shoe and put it in the washing machine, removing the laces and the inner sole.

2.     Vinegar and baking soda:

Another way to whiten children’s trainers and make them look as good as new is to use 125 ml of white vinegar, along with 60 g of baking soda.

This trick is one of the best known natural whiteners made with two ingredients that we have at home without the need to buy anything extra.

As in the previous trick, you should rub the mixture all over the child’s slipper with a toothbrush. After this step, wait about half an hour for the product to take effect and then rinse the shoe.

3.     Toothpaste:

Toothpaste also helps to keep the child’s slipper white for much longer. Add some white gel toothpaste to a brush with water and scrub the dirty area. After that, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and you’re done.

4.     Micellar water

What do you know! Micellar water not only cleans make-up, it also cleans shoes.

Moisten a cotton wool pad with this product and rub your child’s white trainers thoroughly – you’ll be amazed at the results!

6.     Magic eraser

This last option does depend on buying this magic eraser in any supermarket. There are countless brands and it is usually a sponge that is moistened and rubbed on the slipper.

This will remove any stains from children’s trainers very quickly. A special product for children’s shoes is highly recommended. 


At OKAA, we specialize in children’s footwear with a wide selection of products including white trainers.

White trainers for children have always been an indisputable choice. A children’s footwear par excellence that will never go out of fashion, synonymous with quality, comfort and modernity.

On our website you will find the most up-to-date models on the market, for all ages, made in Spain and with a unique quality.

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The best tips for buying children’s shoes

When it comes to buying children’s shoes, we don’t just have to look at brands or the models that we think are the prettiest, but it is much more important to look at some aspects that will really make the difference between buying the ideal shoe for your child, or buying one that may cause him or her discomfort.

At OKAA, we are going to help you with this problem, and in this article, we are going to try to give you the best tips for buying shoes for children. In addition, we also offer you the possibility of entering our extensive catalog, where you will have a wide variety of shoes to choose from for your child.

Children’s shoes that fit firmly on the feet

The most suitable model is to choose a shoe that fits children’s feet naturally and stays firmly on the foot. For this, younger children can benefit from shoes with laces or straps for more secure walking and playing.

Models that do not provide comfort and walking security for the child, such as sandals, clogs and slippers without elastic, are not recommended. This type of footwear requires extra work for the child for which he/she is not used to.

Buying the right size shoes

The size of the shoe is a very important factor so that it is comfortable for the child and does not restrict his or her movements. Therefore, when buying, especially online, it is important to consult the size chart offered by each brand.

If you are buying a shoe as a gift, it is advisable to ask the parents for the correct size or to make sure in the shop that an exchange is possible.

Shoes that are not too tight

Shoes should be wide and long enough to allow proper movement of the toes. Round toe and closed toe shoes are more advisable as they provide greater comfort for little feet and are also firmer.

It is important to remember that children’s feet grow fast, so a shoe that is a little looser in the front ensures longer wear, as well as giving the child comfort that they would not otherwise have.

Look at the materials of the shoe

As children play, run and consequently sweat, the choice of footwear should take into account the material used. Especially in summer, it is best to choose shoes that allow the feet to perspire, but are not slippery. Among the materials that can meet these needs are cork or rubber and cotton slippers.

With these tips we have given you, you will surely find it much easier to choose the right shoe for your child. For this reason, we recommend that you enter the catalog we offer at OKAA, where you will be able to choose from many different options, so that you can find the footwear you really want.

How to clean patent leather shoes | OkaaSpain

How to clean patent leather shoes in an easy way

If you want to know how to clean patent leather shoes quickly and easily, at OKAA we are going to give you the best tips to get a spectacular shine. With this guide you will make them last a lifetime with the same condition as the first day by following some simple tips for cleaning and treating this material.

Patent leather is a beautiful, shiny and elegant material that combines with any type of garment. In addition, at OKAA we always offer the best children’s shoes, with quality shoes that stand out for their comfort and the most up-to-date models.

Dust, stains or scratches are some of the reasons why patent leather shoes are not as shiny as they should be. Naturally, their unmistakable shine may not be the same at the beginning of the day as it is at the end of a long day. Here’s how to treat them when you get home so you can wear them the next day looking their best.

What you need to clean patent leather shoes

In order to clean patent leather shoes properly, you’ll need certain tools, just like you need to clean other types of shoes. The tools you need are as follows:

  • Old toothbrush. We need a brush that allows us to remove dust from the surface of the shoe. You can opt for an old toothbrush of medium hardness or soft, which will allow you to access areas with seams or reliefs.
  • Cotton cloths. For stains, you can opt for a slightly damp cotton cloth. It will be the first step to make your shoes look clean.
  • Neutral soap. To clean them in depth once we have removed the dust and mud.

Steps for cleaning patent leather shoes

To keep your patent leather shoes in tip-top condition, you should follow this cleaning routine. This way, you’ll be able to keep their shine for a long time:

1. Remove surface dust from the material. Use a soft brush to remove the surface dust that can be found on the shoe after a busy day.

2. Use a damp cotton cloth for thorough cleaning. Remove any mud that may have become encrusted using a damp cloth. Rub the surface of the shoe carefully so as not to scratch it.

3. Use normal soap and another cotton cloth to clean them. After removing the most superficial dirt, such as dust and mud, proceed to wash the shoes with soap using another cotton cloth. Rub the shoes without exerting too much pressure and in circles to remove all the dirt.

4. Remove the soap completely. If necessary, use a third cotton cloth dampened with water to remove the soap completely.

5. Dry the footwear completely. Using a clean cotton cloth, dry the entire surface of the shoe so that no water marks remain. Do not let it air dry or stains will appear. It is not necessary to rub too hard. A light rubbing will allow the shine to start to shine through, but it will take one more step for the patent leather to shine through as it should.

6. Shine the patent leather with a specific product. You can find this product in supermarkets and shoe shops. Use a clean cloth to apply it to the surface of the shoe. It is important that no traces of the product remain and that you apply it evenly over the entire shoe.

Tips to preserve patent leather shoes for a lifetime

Patent leather shoes stand out for their elegance, however, they are more delicate than other types of materials. Because of this, they should always be cleaned whenever our children wear them and the place where they are kept is also very important for them to last a lifetime.

Avoid using them on very rainy days. If you have been caught in the rain or you can’t avoid wearing them because they are the perfect complement to your outfit that day, try to dry them immediately. Likewise, avoid storing them in damp places, as patent leather and dampness are not a good combination.

You must prevent them from rubbing against other shoes, as it is a very delicate material. For this, we recommend that you use plastic bags to protect them when storing them, and in this way you will avoid possible chafing.

Buy patent leather shoes online

At OKAA we have available the best collection of patent leather shoes online, where you can choose from different colours and models that stand out for their quality and elegance. We have available boots for kids, sandals for girls, mary jane shoes

Besides, after reading all the advice we have given you in this article, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time and dress your children for special occasions with the best shoes on the market.

Spring 2022 Children’s shoes trends

The good weather is here and our children’s desire to go outside is increasing. However, in order for children to be comfortable and follow the current trends, it is necessary to change their wardrobe, and of course, this includes the arrival of new shoes.

Children’s shoes spring 2022

However, at OKAA we know that it is very difficult to know which shoes are going to be trendy this spring, and that is why we are going to help you to find out. In this article we are going to show you the most modern models that best suit your children, so that they can be fashionable this spring.

From casual to elegant shoes, in this article we are going to show you the most popular and outstanding models for the spring 2022 season. Among our collection you will be able to choose children’s footwear with the best materials on the market, as well as unique and beautiful designs.

Moccasins for boy

Moccasins for boys are light and elegant footwear, perfect for spring. They are also very practical footwear, as they can be worn with any type of garment as they combine with almost any type of clothing, such as jean or shorts.

Moccasins for boys come in different colours, but the ones that stand out the most for spring are the bright shades of blue, red or yellow, and the pastel shades, which are very popular colours.

Sandals for boy

Another trend in children’s shoes for spring 2022 is sandals. Sandals for boys are the perfect footwear during the spring and summer months, an essential basic in the wardrobe that will combine with any garment and will look great.

This spring, split leather sandals will be a big hit, in light colours and, just like moccasins, pastel tones will be a hit.

Ballerinas for girls

For girls, without a doubt, you can’t miss a pair of ballerinas. Ballerinas for girls are a casual shoe but, depending on the clothes with which they are combined, they can be very elegant. They are also comfortable and keep up with children all day long without hurting them. At OKAA we have a wide collection of ballerinas for girls, with which you can dress your daughter this spring season 2022. The best idea for this type of footwear is to always try to go for bright colours, and if possible, that they are made of leather and have some decorative details, such as a bow.

Other shoe trends for spring 2022

Another of the trends that stylists point out that we are going to have this spring 2022 is children’s shoes with round toes, bold colours and prints. As almost every season, striped prints, navy blue, romantic style, are very trendy but, especially for this summer, green and coral are the ones that will stand out the most.

The truth is that, in OKAA, we have different proposals for all tastes and styles. From children’s shoes in a single colour, to spring prints and fun patterns. However, although we always want our kids to look perfect, the most important thing when choosing children’s shoes is the quality and comfort of the models.

Discover in our online shop the best trends in children’s shoes this spring 2022 and change your wardrobe with unique and beautiful shoes, perfect for going to the park, playing, walking and even for the most special events.