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How to clean patent leather shoes in an easy way

If you want to know how to clean patent leather shoes quickly and easily, at OKAA we are going to give you the best tips to get a spectacular shine. With this guide you will make them last a lifetime with the same condition as the first day by following some simple tips for cleaning and treating this material.

Patent leather is a beautiful, shiny and elegant material that combines with any type of garment. In addition, at OKAA we always offer the best children’s shoes, with quality shoes that stand out for their comfort and the most up-to-date models.

Dust, stains or scratches are some of the reasons why patent leather shoes are not as shiny as they should be. Naturally, their unmistakable shine may not be the same at the beginning of the day as it is at the end of a long day. Here’s how to treat them when you get home so you can wear them the next day looking their best.

What you need to clean patent leather shoes

In order to clean patent leather shoes properly, you’ll need certain tools, just like you need to clean other types of shoes. The tools you need are as follows:

  • Old toothbrush. We need a brush that allows us to remove dust from the surface of the shoe. You can opt for an old toothbrush of medium hardness or soft, which will allow you to access areas with seams or reliefs.
  • Cotton cloths. For stains, you can opt for a slightly damp cotton cloth. It will be the first step to make your shoes look clean.
  • Neutral soap. To clean them in depth once we have removed the dust and mud.

Steps for cleaning patent leather shoes

To keep your patent leather shoes in tip-top condition, you should follow this cleaning routine. This way, you’ll be able to keep their shine for a long time:

1. Remove surface dust from the material. Use a soft brush to remove the surface dust that can be found on the shoe after a busy day.

2. Use a damp cotton cloth for thorough cleaning. Remove any mud that may have become encrusted using a damp cloth. Rub the surface of the shoe carefully so as not to scratch it.

3. Use normal soap and another cotton cloth to clean them. After removing the most superficial dirt, such as dust and mud, proceed to wash the shoes with soap using another cotton cloth. Rub the shoes without exerting too much pressure and in circles to remove all the dirt.

4. Remove the soap completely. If necessary, use a third cotton cloth dampened with water to remove the soap completely.

5. Dry the footwear completely. Using a clean cotton cloth, dry the entire surface of the shoe so that no water marks remain. Do not let it air dry or stains will appear. It is not necessary to rub too hard. A light rubbing will allow the shine to start to shine through, but it will take one more step for the patent leather to shine through as it should.

6. Shine the patent leather with a specific product. You can find this product in supermarkets and shoe shops. Use a clean cloth to apply it to the surface of the shoe. It is important that no traces of the product remain and that you apply it evenly over the entire shoe.

Tips to preserve patent leather shoes for a lifetime

Patent leather shoes stand out for their elegance, however, they are more delicate than other types of materials. Because of this, they should always be cleaned whenever our children wear them and the place where they are kept is also very important for them to last a lifetime.

Avoid using them on very rainy days. If you have been caught in the rain or you can’t avoid wearing them because they are the perfect complement to your outfit that day, try to dry them immediately. Likewise, avoid storing them in damp places, as patent leather and dampness are not a good combination.

You must prevent them from rubbing against other shoes, as it is a very delicate material. For this, we recommend that you use plastic bags to protect them when storing them, and in this way you will avoid possible chafing.

Buy patent leather shoes online

At OKAA we have available the best collection of patent leather shoes online, where you can choose from different colours and models that stand out for their quality and elegance. We have available boots for kids, sandals for girls, mary jane shoes

Besides, after reading all the advice we have given you in this article, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time and dress your children for special occasions with the best shoes on the market.

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