Choosing the right children’s footwear is a task that is not easy for many parents. It is an element of vital importance in the development of children, since, depending on their comfort and the protection they provide, they could help us to avoid podiatric problems in the future. That is why, once we have found the perfect children’s footwear, we must take care of it as much as possible so that we do not have to constantly go through the process of choosing.

The daily use of children’s shoes, as well as other external factors, such as temperature and environment, can affect our shoes. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you several tips to take care of children’s shoes, and in this way, try to extend their useful life as much as possible, always with the aim that our little ones can enjoy for longer the comfort that gives them their favorite footwear.

Change shoes daily

There are two reasons for following this first piece of advice. First of all, we will avoid excessive wear at the beginning of the shoe’s life, and the shoes, being able to rest, will be able to recover their shape and adapt to the child’s foot little by little. In addition, it also helps us to improve the health of the child’s feet, since, by alternating the footwear, the child will not become accustomed to a single shoe shape.

Maintaining the shape of the shoes

Something that happens quite commonly is that shoes lose their original shape, both in their appearance and in some of their characteristics. We can avoid these deformations if, at the time of storage, we use a last that adapts well to the shape of the shoe, and allows it to maintain its original shape while we have it stored. If we do not have a last pair that can be adapted to our children’s shoes, we can try using some kind of padding to help maintain the structure, such as newspaper balls.

Storing footwear correctly

In addition to applying our previous advice, there are other guidelines that we must follow when storing our children’s shoes. We should never store them one on top of the other or piled up, since the weight of the shoes, as well as the dust that some of them may have, will only spoil the rest. Therefore, it is also important that when we are going to store the children’s shoes, they are clean. We must not leave any trace of dirt or dust, and that these elements remain there until the next use, because it could be much more complicated to clean them some time later.

To store children’s shoes in our shoe rack, it is highly recommended to use boxes, especially if we are not going to use them for a long time. If we do not have these boxes, or they take up a lot of space, we can use something easier to get, and less bulky, such as a cloth bag.

Avoiding moisture in our shoes

There are several factors that can cause children’s shoes to acquire humidity, such as sweat after a long day of use, or the outside environment, for example, on a rainy day. Therefore, we must dry the shoes before storing them, and for this purpose, we can use anti-humidity sachets or a cloth we have at home. We can also apply one of the previous tips and put paper inside to absorb the humidity, but we must remember to change the paper afterwards to be able to store it.

Symmetry of our shoelaces

This is one of the most peculiar tips, but one that few people know about. When we buy new shoes, we can see that one end of the lace is longer than the other, which is caused by the way the shoes are stored after manufacturing. Therefore, we have to take the laces out and put them back in so that we make sure they are symmetrical. This symmetry will ensure that the pressure of the laces is evenly distributed, and thus prevent the shoe from deforming.

Using the shoehorn

When we put on our shoes without using this element, the only thing we get is to deform the heel part, since we make force on it when we try to put the foot in. If we use the shoehorn, we will avoid this problem, and in addition, we will get our children used to using it, thus removing a negative habit that they could have in their adult life, since this problem does not only occur with children’s shoes. In addition, it will also be important to use the right shoe size. For this, we have a size guide to know how to measure the foot.

As we have seen, knowing how to take care of children’s shoes is extremely important to ensure that our shoes last much longer. However, it is also very important to choose the right shoe, and for this reason, in OkaaSpain we have a wide range of children’s shoes online, made with the best materials, to make it as durable as possible.

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