Comfort and functionality are two factors to take into account when choosing the right footwear for each moment, especially if we are talking about children’s footwear. Choosing the wrong shoes can cause problems in the short and long term. That is why, in this article we will show you how to choose comfortable shoes for every occasion.

Children’s shoes are one of the most important items of clothing for all children, as they are crucial for the correct development of their feet. Choosing a comfortable shoe is crucial to avoid chafing, foot pain and discomfort.


Children’s footwear should be according to each moment and stage of the children. They should not only be purchased for aesthetics, but also for different factors such as quality, materials and comfort.

Choosing the right children’s shoes will help keep their feet healthy and prevent ailments such as back pain. Therefore, we will give you the best tips for choosing comfortable shoes.

Ideally, when choosing one type of shoe or another, you should take into account what it is going to be used for. It is not the same a shoe for the day to day that one for sports or to go to play in the park.

If you are going to buy a shoe thinking of using it on the beach, it must follow certain characteristics such as waterproofing or flexibility that, perhaps, other types of footwear do not have.

Another of the most important factors when choosing a comfortable shoe is knowing how to select the right size.

In children, during their early years, the foot develops rapidly and changes every day. That is why one of the biggest mistakes many parents make when choosing shoes is buying the wrong size.

If you buy a shoe that is too small, it will be very uncomfortable for the child and can also cause problems in their growth. The ideal is to know how to measure the foot  before making any purchase. It is advisable to measure both feet so as not to make a mistake with the size.

Choosing quality materials will help a lot in terms of comfort. Sometimes, some materials can be uncomfortable, since they generate a lot of sweat or heat and, consequently, the foot can slip.

Ideally, choose leather footwear, one of the most durable materials, easy to maintain and best suited to movement.


Children’s shoes are intended to accompany all children in their activities, allowing them mobility without causing harm. Therefore, the shoe should be as light and flexible as possible, adaptable to movement and able to bend forward without problems.

The rear part should be closed and well fitted to the heel. In the case of open shoes such as sandals, it is recommended that they have a back strap. In this way, the foot will be held in place.

On the other hand, the sole should be soft but not excessively so as to improve shock absorption and achieve greater stability.

Finally, as regards the design of the footwear, it is important to check that the seams are well finished and that there are no defects that could dig into the foot.

In conclusion, it is important to note that each shoe is made to fulfill a function or use and is a very important part of getting a good comfortable shoe. Aesthetics in children’s footwear is of secondary importance, since comfort and convenience are fundamental for a good quality of life.

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